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My passion for music began at an early age when I learned to play the guitar and formed a band. This hobby led me to develop my own skills in music production in a self-taught manner but also by taking part in a music production & sound technology course. Now, I have a fully formed 360° approach to developing music.

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I've collaborated with leading artists from a variety of different genres to help bring their visions to life. My passion for all genres of music allows for nimble creativity for the creation of rap beats, soulful ballads, radio-ready pop hits, indie tracks, and much more.

A critical step in the audio process, that is oftentimes overlooked. My primary tool is Logic Pro X but have the capabilities to leverage on other DAW's such as Ableton and Pro Tools, enabling me to develop top-quality sound, ready to be heard on any system.

I have extensive experience in the development of scores for film, ads, and videogames, developing custom soundtracks for award-winning projects.

I am passionate about bringing visual scenes to life through sound design, incorporating and editing sounds to help tell a story and make any visual experience as real and authentic as possible.

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  1. Review by Sam D.
    by Sam D.

    Luar was easy to work with, friendly, positive, and most importantly got my tracks sounding pro, but also the way I wanted it!

  2. Review by Eka Laki

    I really loved working with Luar.

    He was very patient with me :) He is very professional and fun to work with. He listened to what I had to say and made sure to make changes accordingly.

    I definitely recommend his work. And I am already planning to produce the second song with him :)

  3. Review by Maria
    by Maria

    A pleasure to work with. Very flexible, talented and helpful with any specific direction you are wanting on your song!

  4. Review by Nuno Freitas

    Always a pleasure to work with Luar. I'm lucky to have worked with him in the past and I'm looking forward to what we can come up with together in the future.

  5. Review by Nuno Freitas

    Luar is the real deal. Super cool guy, professional at all times, and extremely easy to work with. From one Portuguese to another: Perfeito!

  6. Review by Rita Onofre

    Luar is one of the most creative and skilled producer I ever had the pleasure to work with. You'll be in very good hands

  7. Review by Sara Cruz

    Working with Luar has honestly been game changing for me and my music. He's truly passionate about what he does, and it shows. Immensely talented. Super flexible, friendly and committed. His production is conscious and just brilliant. He will listen to you, understand what you want, and focus 100%. Communication is a breeze. Results are amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team! I know I am!

  8. Review by Kevin Meggs
    by Kevin Meggs

    Luar was excellent to work with! He was very understanding and patient while I was trying to express the type of music I had in mind for my short film. Really friendly, nice and professional. He created an amazing soundtrack that perfectly captured the mood of my film. Strongly recommend!

  9. Review by Pedro Silva
    by Pedro Silva

    When I chose to work with Luar, I knew one thing: I have solved the uncertainty all of us feel when working on our projects.

    I could not know for sure what output I wanted, but I knew Luar would help me reach an amazing sound. Whether is mixing instruments, vocals, or mastering.

    It's good to know, with no doubt, who's the guy to reach when I need some extra hand in music production: Luar! Creative, versatile, and hardworking. Highly recommend.

  10. Review by Sean Treacy
    by Sean Treacy

    Luar has now composed two of my short films, and I can confidently say that these films would not be half of what they are if it weren’t for Luar’s incredible ability with music. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard the song he composed for my last short film ‘HORIZONS’, a project on which he also always was willing to help out in any small way, despite his work already being done. I could not ever have asked for anything better than what Luar has delivered. He has brought my visions to life and I cannot wait to work with him again in the future!

  11. Review by Daniel F.

    One of the best artists I have met and collaborated with.
    Versatile, dynamic, extremely productive and generally a very creative and respectable artist.
    Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Luar should immediately do so with no second thoughts.
    Would give a 6 star rating if possible, this man is absolutely amazing.

  12. Review by Hugo
    by Hugo

    Even if you're not looking for a beat, Luar is the best with mix and mastering. Incredible job for a super fair price.

Luar, LEFT. & Sara Cruz - Rest

I was the Producer, Writer & Mixing Engineer in this production

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  • Surma, Russa & Luar - Skrape / Whales, Russa & Luar - W.O.NJan 13, 2021


    Two songs born as a result of an artistic residence at Serra - Espaço Cultural. The outcome brings forward two genre-bending tracks that fuse together Hip-Hop & Indie, as a result of pure experimentation, chemistry and lots of fun between the artists involved.


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    "ULTRALIGHT" is a collaborative project by Dan Ghost and Luar. It features heavy influences from the R&B and Soul spectrum while also leaning into alternative Hip-Hop. Released in 2019 alongside two singles "BLOOM" & "GROOVE".

  • LUAR, LEFT. & SARA CRUZ - RESTJan 13, 2021

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    "Rest" happens in the midst of confusion, when 3 artists, living in different places during quarantine, come together to convey a feeling that felt hard to phrase, acceptance can be complex and have numerous shapes, but there is a wonderful amount of bravery in it.