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Session Flutes - Kim Fleuchaus


I'm a Chicago-based flute player with 25+ years experience, a gorgeous professional sound and a wide variety of ethnic flutes on hand to find the perfect voice for your project. Have a listen and give me a shout!

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Online Mixing&Mastering - Moretime's Studio

Hello, Im a recording and mixing engineer from Berlin, Germany. I record single artist like singers and rappers and mix a lot through all genres. Last year I had some lil success in the German Charts with 2 recorded songs on 2 albums, one on #6 and one on #22, this year promises some more nice results in this direction.

 - Affair Studios

Producer, recording and mixing engineer. Drummer since 1988 and a passionate music lover. Every band, musician has something special that makes him different from others. I'm just trying to reinforce that special character to connect with the world of sensations and feelings.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - A.M.E Sound

With a broad interest in work related to Audio, I have been sharpening my skills to be able to help my clients with all their audio needs. From recording, mixing and mastering to troubleshooting their electronic components I am a one stop shop.

Producer/Engineer, Rapper, SCP - Psych

Welcome to the official PSYCH MUSIC #soundbetter Page. My name is Psych and I am here to benefit * Any #ARTIST * that wants to take their Music and Albums to have a professional mainstream quality and sound. I believe in building relationships with clients, therefore I work with all of mine and engineer their sound until theyre fully satisfied.

Songwriter, Topline, Singer - Kyla Millette

Songwriter and/or female singer for hire. Been writing and recording music for 8 years. Experience in pop, dance, edm, techno, deep house, r&B. Can create melodies as well as topline songwriting.

Lead and Harmony Vocalist - Megan Leigh


Megan Leigh performs strong harmony and lead vocals live and in the recording studio. Lead and harmony vocals in touring indie folk duo. Versatile style ranging from folk, singer-songwriter and acoustic to indie, rock and pop.

Session Drummer - Elena Bonomo

Live drum tracks recorded by NYC Broadway and session drummer, Elena Bonomo. Originated the drum book for Pulitzer winning musical, A Strange Loop. Original drummer on the 1st National Tour of the musical, Waitress. Over 25 recordings with various artists including Larry Owens, Annie Golden, The Novel Ideas and more.

Mixing Engineer, Audio Editor - Tim

As a mixing engineer, my goal is to make the story of your song continue in the mix. Because I've worked with multiple artists, mixed several genres and am a musician myself, I know how to make everyone's personal story pop-out in the mix in a unique way.

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