Session/Studio Flutist - TheRealFlutist


Session/Studio Flutist

I am a session/studio flutist available for hire to record in my studio and submit to you solo flute, improvisation or site reading of your charts to your written music, session work and or live performances.

Amazing Singer and Lyricist - Charlotte


Amazing Singer and Lyricist

I'm Charlotte, multi-genre pro singer and writer, +10 years of experiences. I've been working for musicians and producers from all over the world always granting the best customer experience and the fastest delivery, capturing customers' desires, collecting more than hundreds of positive reviews.

Songwriter, Session Guitarist - Ben



San Diego

Songwriter, Session Guitarist

If you have lyrics or a melody that you would like to be made into a complete song, or you need a totally fresh song for an event or person in your life, I can help you with that! I do session work as well!

Instrumental Rock Music - B.


Instrumental Rock Music

Podcasts, vlogs, and short films, B.Naids instrumental rock tunes have been featured in art projects of all genres and topics.

Ultra Fast Work Unmatchable Wo - EYE


Ultra Fast Work Unmatchable Wo

My name is KING FK, and I'm the Founder/Owner of EYE records. Im professional music producer songwriter and singer/rapper


recording studio - Acisum


recording studio

I am a professional musician. with skills (plying instruments guitar, keyboards drums and singing, mastering, sound engineering) educated of the music,and completed a degree. I have a unimpeachable knowledge of digitalized music and using all the latest tools(s/w) in my studio


AudioEngineer/SingerSongwriter - Atoussa



Experienced in several audio related projects such as voice-overs music composition and production, writing lyrics, singing, as well as access to high-quality microphones and well-equipped studios which guarantees a satisfactory sound for your projects. I have experienced the pressure of deadlines hence I take time management very seriously.

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