Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Chabezo

Music Producer / Score Compose - Frische Luft Musik

Werbe- und Filmmusik, Musikproduktion und Co-Writing. Frische Luft ist immer gut.

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'Music Producer',  - Vinod Kumar

Vinod Kumar is an Indian film composer and mix engineer, who loves to work on many different genres, such as Pop, EDM, Hip Hop,RnB, Lounge and Film Scores.

Songwriter / Producer  - Nicolas Kluzek

I’ve written, produced, mixed, and mastered over 110 professional records and I have 15 Million streams on Spotify and Apple Music under my belt as a songwriter/producer. I also offer coaching and feedback sessions to help others see traction in their careers.

Producing, Flute, EWI, Pan - Erin Laetz

I'm rising up against all odds, and will always continue to create and represent good music for any and every occasion. Let's talk!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - RockaBilly Rhino

I will mix and master your song to a professional standard

Session Pianist - Lester Le Roux

Piano performance university music graduate with more than 15 years experience in the music industry. Experience in classical and contemporary music styles.

Music producer,Hitmaker - Mohsine

Award nominated Multi-Genre Recording Artist & Certified Songwriter whose songs was aired on TV, Radio & Commercials. I worked with big artists as Armin van Buuren, John P,Ty Dolla $ign, KnifeParty, Becca, Leny, Mahdi, Kendra Black.

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Singer-Songwriter - Cizz Travis (Chanan)

Listen to my music and or follow me on social media @CizzTravis2020, before you request my services, to be able to feel out the styles and sounds that I have to offer you.

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