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Derek L.
4 tracks to master (Completed)
Hi, I would like to send you 4 tracks to master. How much will it cost?
Camry R.
Camry R.
I have the words but no music.
I am looking for a producer of r&b to produce my whole project. If you can listen to me sing the song, would you be able to put the music? I w...
Greg L.
Need 6 songs mixed and mastered
I need six songs mixed and mastered for an EP that I'm currently working on. Everything is recorded, edited, tuned, ect. Genre is Pop-Rock. Wo...
Marc A.
Marc A.
Should've been an Album
I need 8 songs mixed. Im working with a low budget but I'm serious about my craft. The next project i have is a cover over some of the top h...
Jake S.
Jake S.
i need some one to write me lyrics
I have an idea on what i want the song to be about but im having trouble writing the lyrics if anyone is intrested contact me
Conny K.
Mix/remix for a song
Hi i have a song i would like to have mixed. Maybe some extra improvement With instruments. Is this possible? What are your rates? kind ...
In the Dark
4 songs mixing. Indie/alternative
We need 4 songs mixing for an EP release. The genre is indie/alternative rock, a bit like early Radiohead, and we want a British sound. Re...
Florian K.
Vocals for Progressive House (EDM) track needed (male)
I'm looking for a skilled talented male vocal artist to sing on my most recent production. The voice I'm going for should be either into t...
Ben S.
Need Lyrics for a song
I would like someone to write lyrics to my song. I already have the guitar and bass part. Not good at writing lyrics.
Marco Piazzolla
Marco Piazzolla
Need female singer for lyrics with soul, blues, pop influences
I need female singer for adjust some lyrics and recording it. The tune is a Pop American tune like John Mayer with some bluesy stuff. Listen t...
Mastering NL
Mastering NL
Looking for Female Vocalist
I am looking for a female Vocalist on my new song. I am signed with labels such as Armada, Cr2 Records, EGO Music Virgin Records an many more...
Peter C.
Peter C.
We Never Met
I need 14 songs mastered, all songs are mixed, .... style : new wave influenced electronic pop, female singer
David M.
I need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered
Hi there i need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered. I have recorded a few on my own without the original producer who helped me to put together the ...
Phillip A.
Bragg and Jimmy
Need a 45 minute project 11 songs mastered. Its a hip hop project. Need a quote.
John D.
Need 1 Song Produced
The songs are written and I need someone who can produce a full backing track in the style of Oscar Issac's "Never Had". I will then record th...
Sue H.
Sue H.
Cambridge Ave
Need Male Vocalist For Pop Song
I need a male vocalist to sing a pop song in the style of Justin Timberlake. The song is to be sung in a male/female duet, but I am looking a...
Andre R.
Los Angeles
Behind The Orange Curtain ,
I need 6 songs mixed and mastered its a Real Raw Gritty style of Rap with some R&B style melodys on the tap throught a couple tracks .. Travis...
Need 1 song produced
I am looking to have 1 rock song produced in the style of "The Pretty Reckless" by a rock producer. Song is written by myself. I have a roug...
Uri K.
Uri K.
French lyrics needed
Hey guys, I have an original song of my composition and I want French lyrics for it. Who's in?
Kristina L.
Kristina L.
Toxic Jazz Instrumental arrangement
I need instrumental to be created for a show. Cant find instrumentals online and dont have available musicians nearby. The style and guideline...
Antonio T.
Antonio T.
Need vocals for a new Progressive House track
I need a female vocalist for a new progressive house track (linked below). They have to write the vocals and sing them. The vocals should soun...
Ian H.
After vocals for a house track!
Hi I am after vocals for a house track! id be looking for just dry / wet vocals acappella song around 123 bpm, I usually build the mix aro...
Jillian W.
Room 11
I need 11 songs mixed for my project. I'm still debating going back and re-recording and adding more vocals part. Each session consist of voca...
Chris C.
Santa Cruz
Male Vocalist for Demo
I'm looking for a Male Vocalist to hire for session work.
Sondre L.
Need 1 song Mixed and Mastered
Hi! I need to get a project mixed and mastered. The project isn´t fully complete yet, but will soon. It is about 50 single tracks, but about 1...
Josh N.
Need Vocals for 1 song (Completed)
I am in need Male vocals on a Christian EDM song I produced. The lyrics are already created. It's a remix of a song by David Crowder called "L...
Ryan P.
Ryan P.
Need 5 songs mastered
I recorded and mixed the songs myself, not by professional. The songs are heavy metal.
Bullet G.
Bullet G.
tunchy mix song
e.g. I need 5 songs mixed. I finished recording all the parts and am happy with the recorded tracks. I'm now looking to hire a mixing engineer...
Ben Harmani
Ben Harmani
Daryl S.
Daryl S.
Need song Mixed and Mastered
I have a song with my artist and 2 featured guests. The vocals were all recorded in separate places and we have all the stems for the music tr...
Matt D.
Brisbane Australia
Beats + Producer
I need beats made to a song which we will be re-recording early in the new year. We have a prepro for you to work with. Genre is Pop - looking...
Tosta N.
Tosta N.
Need 6 songs mixed
I have 6 tracks to be mixed,all around 20 channels each, I need the tracks done asap
V B.
Need 1 Track Mastered
Hey wondering if you would like to mix and master a track for us? It's got a slower tempo and a hip-hoppy feel to it. We've worked very hard o...
Ryan V.
Ryan V.
I need help with lyrics
I have quite a few songs(30?) and I need good lyrics to finish them.
Kingsley B.
Im a producer in Canada . I have a very talented 15 year old singer I'm trying to develop but I'm having a hard time writing lyrics for her . ...
It's what you make it
I need a professional singer to sing a copyright protected song I have written, the beat is arranged and I have my girl singing a guide vocal ...
Марк К.
Марк К.
1.5k $
hello! i've just released an instrumental ep with beats in trap/electronic style. did mixing by my own, but i'm sure its not perfect )) each ...
Tone Deaf Beats
Tone Deaf Beats
Beat mixing
I have a beat that I would like to be mixed. I have the full beat with about 20 tracks. It has no vocals yet but I plan to add
Jiayre M.
Jiayre M.
2 song beats
2 song beats. Custom R&B beats, I got the lyrics but all I need is a beat to go with it, and make it complete.
1 Track needs Mastering
One 7-minute track requires mastering. I need it done cheaply and quickly and with good contact/response times - I don't want to be chasing ov...
Julius J.
Julius J.
need 10 songs mastered
Hi, I have 10 songs (1 album) finished and they're waiting for mastering now. RnB songs, recorded in Pro Tools. Every song has a length of ...
James D.
James D.
Deployment Video Track
I'm looking for someone to mix 6 techno/trap songs together for a US Navy F-18 fighter squadron deployment video. I don't want a lot of club s...
Ricco M.
Ricco. I need 4 tracks mastered.
I need four songs to be mastered for my gospel music album. I am in search for the best mastering engineer. Of these 4 songs one will be selec...
Mela M.
Mela M.
Los Angeles
1 song mixed
Im looking hire a master in mixing and audio engineer for my project, but i would like to see how one song will work out
Emmanuel c.
Need one song mixed hip hop
Looking for great hip hop mixing engineer, all parts are recorded already the song need mixing and mastering. I'm looking for a engineer I can...
Looking to produce a song
I'm looking for a producer to create a track for me. The song is written, and I am looking for someone who can produce a full backing track in...
Austyn N.
Austyn N.
need 4 sings tracked and mixed
I have 4 songs tracked and mixed. The genre is punk/pop punk. Influenced by blink-182 and such, but a lot of my own taste.
Antonio B.
Antonio B.
Route 66/Bezzy
I need 6-7 tracks mixed. I have recorded them and I am happy with the takes and references
Austin K.
I want the lyrics to sound like Austin Mahone's Style
I need you to write a pop song Austin Mahone. And as catchy as possible.Thanks!!!
Cornelious B.
Cornelious B.
3 songs mixed
Need three songs mixed

Recent Successes

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Repeat client.. Did a great job once again..

Eric is great to work with. He is super prompt in responding to emails, and gets the work done quickly. He worked pat...Completed by: Eric Greedy

His price was low and his mixing was good. It is easy to tell that Irving knows what he's doing. Thanks!Completed by: I R V I N G

Kain was an absolute delight to work with. He was professional, and was able to get the masters back to me very quic...Completed by: Kain Hatton

Thanks Edo! Working with you this 1st time is sure professional quality. I appreciate you for the Oomph to my tick. I...Completed by: Clubmastering

I am very demanding of myself, I like a very well done, it takes a lot of discipline against me but also against peop...Completed by: Mike Makowski

Had Graham master the tracks for my album. He was super professional, had great communication and was prompt on deliv...Completed by: Atreus Audio