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Filippo N.
Filippo N.

Need 2 songs mixed

I need 2 songs mixed , maybe possibly some little additional production too if needed, genra is techno, I'd need someone who's specialist in t...

Abdelilah N.

I need to record & mix a beat

I'm looking to mix a beat that I've produced and make it sound better, record it using autotune

Bvnks M.
Bvnks M.

Need five songs mixed and mastered

I recorded 5 songs , and I suppose I did a good job on them. with the help i think the tracks can turn platnium

Joey D.
Joey D.

1 Song

Need one song mixed. Done recording and mixing it wondering if its ready to be mastered. Theres 6 verses recordings and 8 hook recordings.

Andrea B.

I Need One Song Fully Writen

I need one song written for me with An A boogie wit da hood x Speaker Knocker R&B HIP HOP FLOW

Maffiose P.
Maffiose P.

I need the vocal tuned and edited.

Hi I have this song that I add as attachment. the recording needs the necessary work. This has to be a Club banger. So the hook must be ...

Demetri T.

1 songs mixed

got vocals guitar bass now need real drums and not programmed drums or a drum track off youtube tracked into the mix and then final mix

William F.

Need writing and recorded vocals for one song

I need a female singer and writer on a pop/house song. The vocal needs to be in the style like Dua Lipa in "Scared To Be Lonely - Martin Garri...

Tommy J.
Tommy J.

Anyone mix with Garage Band

I have a song tracked and would like to send it in track form to a better trained ear to be mixed

Antonia K.
Antonia K.

1 song Lead and back-up vocals, write a short rap in the same song.

I'm an independent songwriter, and would love vocals on a song i'm writing. 128 BPM Genre - Pop, melodic uplifting house, disco. Can you p...

Antoni B.

I need a male or female singer for my tropical house music

Hello ! I have finished my music and now I'm looking for an english singer (male or female). Music is tropical house style. You'll have to ...

Braelin K.
Braelin K.

Vocalist for one track!

Chainsmokers style drops, super fresh! I have lyric ideas ..

James O.
James O.

1 song produced

I would like 1 song produced in electro style. I have a basic sample that I've done myself for just part of the song

Yves R.

Singer -songwriter needed for EP

I need a talented singer-song to work on a song for me. I provide the vocal melody and you will write and sing the lyrics to flow with the ha...

Yoshi G.

1 song mixed

i have an instrumental song that i am going to be using along with multiple tracks of me singing in spanish those 2 tracks are just an example

Recent Successes
  • Excellent - did as asked. Recommended

    Job Completed by: Jamie Muscat
  • Thank you Denis.The tracks sound excellent.Looking forward to work on more projects.

    Job Completed by: Denis Emery @ Mastering.LT
  • fast & TOP Quality ...great intuition.!!!

    Job Completed by: drumasonic Daniel
  • Thank you for the patience and professionalism you exhibited while mixing and mastering my songs...Juan is a great mi...

    Job Completed by: JVH
  • I got a great mix from David. He knows how to make your song have a great sound and quality. You should try his servi...

    Job Completed by: David "Dtoolz" Young
  • Great experience. Mike took a complex song I gave him with some limited vocal performances on my part and made the s...

    Job Completed by: Mike San Music
  • Andrew works quickly and communicates well to finish your job. He sent over test masters quickly and even gave me a ...

  • Gave me a clean, powerful and professional mix/master in a short amount of time! Would definitely recommend Big Bass ...

    Job Completed by: Big Bass Studios
  • Tyler did a phenomenal job demoing the songs I sent him. Very professional, punctual, and easy to work with!

    Job Completed by: Tyler Shamy
  • Matty was recommended to me and it was the best thing getting in touch with him. He has rare qualities - an amazing m...

    Job Completed by: Matty Amendola
  • Brandon is a fantastic mixer who is highly experienced and passionate about what he does. It was clear to see that he...

    Job Completed by: High Point Audio
  • After Eric I won't look for another engineer. His mixes are beautiful and flawless. Not only are his skills excepti...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy