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Merten S.

Need a professional mastering

After half a year we are now finished with this track and need a professional mastering. It is a musical journey to the Orient, which can lead...

Eugene B.
Eugene B.

Beat making

Hello, I'm working on a 14 track mixtape and I'm looking for someone to make the beats for the project. I want to get started with my new sing...

Dominic T.

Need 2 songs to be mixed and master

I need some one to mix and master 2 tracks at an affordable price

Diego H.

Need 1 song produced

Hi im looking to produce 1 track full backing in the style of selena gomez's "Lose you to love me" Song is fully written. By the en of t...

Kristen M.

need to find a producer to work with

I have 12 songs that I need to record and I'm hoping to work with a producer. The genre will be Contemporary folk I believe though I am flexib...


Looking for remixes on two finished songs

Looking for a professional mixer to remix two already finished and released tracks. Someone who can take my songs and mix them in a fun, new a...

Rome W.

Need 2 songs mixed

I need 2 songs mixed it’s about 25 tracks mainly VST instruments.

Denis S.

Need lyrics for a melodic Rap song

I am working on a melodic Rap song. The hook is already done. I need just some lyrics for the verse, something about love (peep type lyrics).

Daniel A.

I need a sick beat for a song I am making

I need a sick beat for a song I am making that I am trying to make a music video.

Santos P.
Santos P.

Need songs for my album

I need to start with someone who is motivated to keep going with me. As a Latin singer, I have a lot of potential here and I would like to cre...

Claudia H.
Claudia H.

Looking for a producer

I have the vocals and the piano track for this song. Now I need the song to be tuned and produced with a catchy beat. EDM/Pop It should ...

Tibor F.

Need a vocalist.. male or female. Needs to be minimal but emotionally very mature.

Just 1 track for now, could be more. Need someone to just feel it and create something. If needed I can create lyrics, but I'm open to that as...

Dwayne m.

3 songs

I've finished recording 3 songs, with 6/7 tracks in each one containing instrumentation and vocals, i need mixing of vocals


Beats/Percussion & Mixing for 1 song

I have a song that needs killer beat work. It’s a blend of Trip-hop verses with Alt-rock chorus, dreamy vox, and cinematic effects. I’m into m...

Andrew F.

6 songs to be mixed and mastered

I'm about to record a new e.p for Christmas and i need the tracks mixed and mastered! there's 6 tracks and its Christmas songs so it's jazz/sw...

Recent Successes
  • Kate did a fantastic job comping this vocal for me with a quick turnaround. Really, really sped up my demo process an...

    Job Completed by: Kate L. Malone
  • SEB is an amazing writer and a great person to work with. Not to mention his voice and style matches up to what you h...

    Job Completed by: SÉB MONT
  • Thom is amazing to work with. Professional and ready to go from the start. From the start he had everything structure...

    Job Completed by: Thom Shepherd
  • Amazing vocalist, provided us with perfect vocals and great service.

    Job Completed by: Dustin Paul
  • After pouring through tons of drummers on this site and others, I chose Darrell. Trust these reviews and ratings - he...

    Job Completed by: Darrell Nutt
  • Jason is an excellent drummer! I was looking for a drummer to be able to play a style of blues close to a reference I...

    Job Completed by: Jason Slota
  • Had a great first experience. Love love my new beat. He captured what I wanted very well and made a beat around my mu...

    Job Completed by: GËKKØ
  • The best comes from Austin. When u get the track back your jaw will drop. Amazing

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • RAFA is super talented. I had a tight deadline, and he delivered right on time. Fresh sounds, and cool vibe. Love it!

    Job Completed by: RAFA
  • As always he is incredible.

    Job Completed by: Thomas Juth
  • Bill did wonders with my project and i have the most respect for him.He is timely and gets the job done with excellence.

    Job Completed by: Bill Zimmerman
  • Organized and extremely professional!

    Job Completed by: Stephen Sims