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Colin C.

I have made a new song with my vocals and I want you to create a beat/instrumental for it

I need someone who can create a nice beat/instrumental for my song. Deadline 2 weeks or less - Thanks, Colin

Imrul M.
Imrul M.

Need 1 song mixed and mastered (with some editing and tuning). Upcoming artist from Bangladesh

The project has finished recording the first single and need a professional and industry standard mix to stand out from the rest of the music ...

Devin m.

one song mixed and mastered

I have a demo, I have always mixed everything myself but I've always wondered what I would sound like if it was done by a professional such as...

Saieesh S.

Need a 10 song ep mixed

I finished recording a 10-song EP with mainly electronic elements with some live instrumentation throughout. It is not bound by genre but the ...

Marcel G.
Marcel G.

Mix and Master Audio Book

I am looking for someone to master a 15 chapter audio book. Each chapter is between 30 min to 1.5 hours. A few of the chapters have two voices...

Patrik D.

Need someone to make song with my lyrics, male vocalists

I need some rock/metal singer to create a song for me from lyrics that I wrote. I can't sing myself but I really like the lyrics and I would l...

davina k.

i need one song mixed

I finished one song its like 2000s pop type song. its like a west coast type beat and if you think i need to redo anything please let me know ...

Luke W.

Need 1 song produced

I’ve written a song for my voice and acoustic guitar that I want to turn into pop track. I haven’t done any recording. I’m going for an Ed She...

Jonathan B.

Female Vocalist for Recording for music theater project

My name is Jonathan I'm writing a music theater project and need to hire a vocalist to do some recording. It's the apex of the show starting w...

Stevie R.
Stevie R.

Need vocals for a song

I need a female vocalist for my pop rock song. I have produced the music backing track with sax and harmonica and a guide vocal. I might use a...

Maurice T.

Looking for Lead and Rhythm guitar player for 8-10 tracks

Progressive metal band from USA with several songs recorded in need of professional guitar player. Looking to finish tracking an album of mat...

Mitchell C.
Mitchell C.

Vocal tuning and editing for Youtube vocal cover

Hey would love to get a price for a single vocal track, edited and tuned for Youtube cover. It'll be on an ongoing basis - probably once or tw...

Michelle B.

Compose 15 minutes of deep sleep meditation music

Compose original meditation / deep sleep music, and include binaural beats or isochronic tones, e.g., 528 hz. Examples: 111Hz Deep Sleep...

Max H.
Max H.

Need Help with Music Production

HI, I am trying to finish my first LP and want guidance from pros. Want to essentially start from scratch in Pop/EDM in a Guetta, One Republ...


Need 1 song mastered and timed correctly

I need a song with her big audio levels perfect timing and perfect sound I do not need mixing because it is already mixed I have no deadline

Recent Successes
  • Always a pleasure working with Austin on some great tracks!

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Raena is an exceptional talent! What sets her apart though are her great musical instincts, and nailing the nuances o...

    Job Completed by: Raena
  • Audiostein is a top-notch producer, very easy to communicate. Would recommend.

    Job Completed by: Audiostein
  • Great voice, accommodating and talented. Highly recommended

    Job Completed by: Ethan Conway
  • Michael did a great performance for my song! I'm really happy of the result! Do not hesitate to hire Michael, he's a ...

    Job Completed by: Michael Kolk
  • These two first times I've come to Cory for guitar parts, he has delivered with professionalism and efficiency. Great...

    Job Completed by: Cory Clark
  • Hugo was excellent at identifying what needed to pop in the mix to bring my tune to life in a way I didn't know was p...

    Job Completed by: Hugo Nicolson
  • I just wrapped up an entire album with Austin Leeds and can't help but rave about the whole experience. Austin's wor...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Patrick put some luscious steel on my track in a super timely manner. Super easy to work with. Definitely will be col...

    Job Completed by: Patrick Lyons
  • Great and fast work. He responds quickly to any question or feedback and delivers professional results.

    Job Completed by: KUYANO
  • Another perfect guitar track! Everything sounds just perfect! And what else can I say!

    Job Completed by: João Miguel
  • This is the second song I’ve worked on with Daniel and wow! Rhodes, Organ, and Piano—all beautifully played and thoug...

    Job Completed by: Daniel Mandelman - Mr. 88