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Neville K.


I‘ve got a song with a hook on it and I need two more verses. I wanted to ask you how much you‘ll charge for those verses. Genre: R&B/Soul ...

Jean-Martin F.
Jean-Martin F.

Native German Speaking Female Singer

Hi I'm looking for a native German female Singer for just a refrain in a song. THX, Jean-Martin

Kareem A.
Kareem A.


Hello there , i am finishing out an Independent song in few days referenced with X song composed by me and the chord progression and the ...

Jonny C.

I need 1-3 tracks co produced

Hey, I'm looking for a diverse sound on my album and would like to have 1-3 tracks co-produced by you adding a bass line, melodies, and some...

Theotis Sswale
Theotis Sswale

I need my first E.P mixtape mixed & mastered

Im dropping my first mixtape which is a variety of different songs different vibes and its going to consist of 6 songs total I just need a pro...

Ricardo D.
Ricardo D.

Need Mix and master.

I’ve finished my album with 8 songs (psychedelic rock/ambience/synth pop) but i really need mix and master, it’s 40 minutes of album.

Sunshine H.
Sunshine H.

I need 1 song mixed

I have an r&b song with 1, female vocal and 2 male.rapper.. I just want to know how much would you charge For mixing and mastering 6 m...

Mert O.

Need A Female Singer To Write A Lyrics To Sing A Pop/Dance Track

Hey! I have a new Pop/Dance song that I'm working on right now and I'm looking for a singer to write lyrics to sing it! I only uploaded...

Richard S.
Richard S.

Need an EP mixed

I need help putting the final touches of mixing and mastering on my EP Ahead which I plan to release in the coming weeks, I am inspired by th...

Richard S.
Richard S.

Need help with finishing touches with mixing for EP

I am looking to release an EP called Ahead in the next coming weeks and am looking for someone to mix and master the four tracks that are on t...

Μιχαλης Β.

I need lyrics to my song

I will send a beat and i want you to write me lyrixs 6ix9ine type can you do that?

Przemek Z.

House hit song to finish

I am looking for someone who has an idea how to finish the production of a song to be played in radio stations and became a hit.

Austin R.
Austin R.

Ghost Producing

Looking for a producer located in Miami.

Ashton B.
Ashton B.

Acoustic song

Would like to collab with a writer to help me finish this track . Frank Ocean style for this acoustic track. Lauryn Hill is another insipiration

Tyler F.
Tyler F.

One Song Mixed

I currently put together a song and need it edited and mixed to sound radio quality. Im looking for a long term person who can fully understan...

Recent Successes
  • Anna is my go to keyboard player. Need I say more?

    Job Completed by: Anna Yarbrough
  • Excellent work and creativity. Prompt service. A very unique style. It will definitely make you come back. Thanks DAT!

    Job Completed by: DAT GARCIA
  • Jenny is AWESOME! Well worth every penny spent!

    Job Completed by: Jenny G
  • Very professional and awesome to work with. Her vocals were exactly what this song needed!! Def one to work with if y...

    Job Completed by: Summer Hazelwood
  • Very professional! Awesome to work with!

    Job Completed by: Christos Stylianides
  • Best person to work with on this site. Instant chemistry and was willing to give opinions not just robot work! Alread...

    Job Completed by: Jack & Meg LaFrantz
  • Efficient, thoughtful. Gave me solid help and communicated in a clear and concise manner

    Job Completed by: Zack James
  • Rosanna is everything you need when you're looking for a singer! Lovely voice, great musical tastes and she's a wonde...

    Job Completed by: Rosanna Ener
  • Unsatisfied with the overall experience, Hirotoshi was responsive and has a lovely studio but was unable to meet our ...

    Job Completed by: Hirotoshi Furuya
  • This is the second time I've worked with Nate. I have to say, he really delivers. Quick turnaround. Great tracks. ...

    Job Completed by: Nate Barnes
  • Elijah felt my song. He did a very good translation. It was a cool new song. New songs will do only with Elijah.

    Job Completed by: Elijah Newman
  • Always amazing !!!

    Job Completed by: Refugee