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John M.

Need 4 songs mixed

Hi, I am a beat maker from queens, doing a 4 song ep with a well known rapper/singer from Canada, shopping for reasonable rates and looking to...


1 song

Hi, I wrote my own lyrics for Pop, Hip-Hop song. I will need beat and melody. Let me know what your availability is to discuss this. Than...


i need to record a track

Hi, i just finished writing my first track and i ´m looking forward to record and master it, it´s a rap song and i already know the beat for i...

Crank C.
Crank C.

i need 5 song mixed

I need 4 songs mixed. i finished recording all the parts and am happy with the recorded tracks. I'm now looking to hire a mixing engineer chec...

Roma N.

need two songs instrumental music

i have two songs which i want its music to be re- recorded using same instruments. i don't want the voice/playback. just the music

Lionel G.
Lionel G.

Need a producer and mixing engineer to realize my project

I want to make a record, a project with an aesthetic and a well defined sound. In the immediate future, I would like to produce 3 titles for ...

Nicki S.
Nicki S.

Need 13 songs mixed

I need 13 songs mixed, of which 2 are instrumental/intro tracks. All parts have been recorded in a studio through pro tools and I have all com...

Kevin Y.
Kevin Y.

need 3 song mix

hello my name is kevin from indonesia. i already record my album in indonesia studio, and i need to mix it. my music is basically like swing ...


Big vocals on a track in progress.

Hoping to use little to no drums. Track is at a stand still and need vocals. Pricing for two verses, hook, and bridge, or hook alone pricing...


Hi I need 3 hiphop tracks Mixed

I have 3 hiphop/rap song I need mixed! See what your rates are and if you have any hiphop samples

Lahkina G.

Need one song mastered

I have an R&B single that is mixed and I'd like to have it mastered.

Christi C.
Christi C.

1 song recorded and mixed

I'm trying to find a place where i can sing and record a remake of an old song then have it reworked and mixed into a trance song. Its on my b...

Adam R.

1 song mixed and it's attached

I just finish 1 song and need it mixed . i am now looking to hire a mixing engineer. check out the rough mix for my song. the genre is afrobea...

Butch m.

14 mixed songs..need mastering and song order

I have 10 songs completed, 4 more to record. The 10 songs are mixed already, & i like the mixes.

Javel M.
Javel M.

Need Songwriter for Hip Hop Song for Female Rapper

I am looking to complete this song. I am looking for a songwriter. The song would be Hip Hop from a female rapper. I would like to release thi...

Recent Successes
  • Prompt, professional, and patient. Sefi is pleasure to work with. He listens to the customer and delivers accordingly...

    Job Completed by: Sefi Carmel
  • No word to qualify Maestro Mike Makowsky, Your are just wonderful. Thank you so much for the Great Mix you did with ...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • Candela was great to work with...professional and very talented. I'm looking forward to doing more vocals with her an...

    Job Completed by: Candela Cibrian [Della]
  • Alex did a great job and delivered the project on time. It sounds great! I finally got the sound I was looking for su...

    Job Completed by: Alex McKama
  • very professional and prompt. the work was really well done.

    Job Completed by: Dark Room Recordings
  • Andrew has a ear for music and sounds.. I am super picky with my art/music.. he made the track sound better than I co...

  • Really enjoyed working with Ollie! Readily available and very reliable in delivering what you need!

    Job Completed by: Ollie Girvan Sound
  • Good to work with and great communication.

    Job Completed by: Mac iomaire
  • Very Professional had no problems making adjustments to the mix. Mike delivered me a high quality mix that sounds bi...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • This is my pride to work with this man and I will always recommend him to people who wanna make their sound better an...

    Job Completed by: Mr. David Verity
  • Mike is one of the kindest and greatest guys I've been ever worked with. Perhaps it is not only worth mentioning his ...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • Meeting Chuck Sabo through Soundbetter is the best thing that happened to our music. The consummate professional: hel...

    Job Completed by: Chuck Sabo - PRO ATTITUDE!