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Øyvind B.
Øyvind B.
Propellerhead Reason mixer wanted
I have some songs done in Reason, which I am kind of satisified with but they lack proper mix / levels. So I am looking for someone who mixes ...
Enes k.
Anti social
I'm working on a project. I am a rapper from Chicago. I'm looking for a song writer
Adrienne O.
Adrienne O.
Los Angeles
Need 2 experimental electronic songs mixed/mastered
Hello. I am currently working on a 4 song electronic/experimental EP. I have already had 2 of the songs mixed and mastered by a brilliant engi...
Tim White
Tim White
New York
Need vocals tracked, compd, edited, & tuned
I need one song tracked and comp'd as well as all vocal edits and tuning. Im looking for someone in Toronto that can do this in the next week....
I am working on a project. I think I have taken each song as far as I can take them. I am wanting to know if you can enhance songs that I have...
Serge B.
Serge B.
Need vocals for 4 songs
Hi my name is Serge, I'm a composer and arranger. At the moment I'm planning to record some new tracks for my project and I need female lead v...
Wedding song
I need a beautiful song to sing to my new wife on our wedding day.
Gabriel D.
I need 3 songs mastered.
I need 3 songs mastered. And made sure they extremely legit. All the tracks are complete. Electro House. Future house are the styles of music.
Haidy H.
Haidy H.
Soca Is Me
I need 3 songs mixed and mastered, I have 2 songs that need production as I only have the lyrics and melody doe one, the other I had the ar...
Hayden C.
Hayden C.
7 song EP - looking for drum tracks
I hope you’re having a good day. I am tracking a 7 song EP in the near future and am looking for my best cost/quality option for the drum trac...
Chelsea R.
Need song lyrics in female voice
I need song lyrics written in a female point of view. The song lyrics must be written around the first 8 bars and harmony that are already wro...
Money bag gang
I'm lookin for a recording studio that me and my group can record our music peicefully with no disturbance for at least 8 plus hours in Bronx, NY
Derek L.
4 tracks to master (Completed)
Hi, I would like to send you 4 tracks to master. How much will it cost?
Camry R.
Camry R.
I have the words but no music.
I am looking for a producer of r&b to produce my whole project. If you can listen to me sing the song, would you be able to put the music? I w...
Greg L.
Need 6 songs mixed and mastered
I need six songs mixed and mastered for an EP that I'm currently working on. Everything is recorded, edited, tuned, ect. Genre is Pop-Rock. Wo...
Marc A.
Marc A.
Should've been an Album
I need 8 songs mixed. Im working with a low budget but I'm serious about my craft. The next project i have is a cover over some of the top h...
Jake S.
Jake S.
i need some one to write me lyrics
I have an idea on what i want the song to be about but im having trouble writing the lyrics if anyone is intrested contact me
Conny K.
Mix/remix for a song
Hi i have a song i would like to have mixed. Maybe some extra improvement With instruments. Is this possible? What are your rates? kind ...
In the Dark
4 songs mixing. Indie/alternative
We need 4 songs mixing for an EP release. The genre is indie/alternative rock, a bit like early Radiohead, and we want a British sound. Re...
Florian K.
Vocals for Progressive House (EDM) track needed (male)
I'm looking for a skilled talented male vocal artist to sing on my most recent production. The voice I'm going for should be either into t...
Ben S.
Need Lyrics for a song
I would like someone to write lyrics to my song. I already have the guitar and bass part. Not good at writing lyrics.
Marco Piazzolla
Marco Piazzolla
Need female singer for lyrics with soul, blues, pop influences
I need female singer for adjust some lyrics and recording it. The tune is a Pop American tune like John Mayer with some bluesy stuff. Listen t...
Mastering NL
Mastering NL
Looking for Female Vocalist
I am looking for a female Vocalist on my new song. I am signed with labels such as Armada, Cr2 Records, EGO Music Virgin Records an many more...
Peter C.
Peter C.
We Never Met
I need 14 songs mastered, all songs are mixed, .... style : new wave influenced electronic pop, female singer
David M.
I need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered
Hi there i need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered. I have recorded a few on my own without the original producer who helped me to put together the ...
Phillip A.
Bragg and Jimmy
Need a 45 minute project 11 songs mastered. Its a hip hop project. Need a quote.
John D.
Need 1 Song Produced
The songs are written and I need someone who can produce a full backing track in the style of Oscar Issac's "Never Had". I will then record th...
Sue H.
Sue H.
Cambridge Ave
Need Male Vocalist For Pop Song
I need a male vocalist to sing a pop song in the style of Justin Timberlake. The song is to be sung in a male/female duet, but I am looking a...
Andre R.
Los Angeles
Behind The Orange Curtain ,
I need 6 songs mixed and mastered its a Real Raw Gritty style of Rap with some R&B style melodys on the tap throught a couple tracks .. Travis...
Need 1 song produced
I am looking to have 1 rock song produced in the style of "The Pretty Reckless" by a rock producer. Song is written by myself. I have a roug...
Uri K.
Uri K.
French lyrics needed
Hey guys, I have an original song of my composition and I want French lyrics for it. Who's in?
Kristina L.
Kristina L.
Toxic Jazz Instrumental arrangement
I need instrumental to be created for a show. Cant find instrumentals online and dont have available musicians nearby. The style and guideline...
Antonio T.
Antonio T.
Need vocals for a new Progressive House track
I need a female vocalist for a new progressive house track (linked below). They have to write the vocals and sing them. The vocals should soun...
Ian H.
After vocals for a house track!
Hi I am after vocals for a house track! id be looking for just dry / wet vocals acappella song around 123 bpm, I usually build the mix aro...
Jillian W.
Room 11
I need 11 songs mixed for my project. I'm still debating going back and re-recording and adding more vocals part. Each session consist of voca...
Chris C.
Santa Cruz
Male Vocalist for Demo
I'm looking for a Male Vocalist to hire for session work.
Sondre L.
Need 1 song Mixed and Mastered
Hi! I need to get a project mixed and mastered. The project isn´t fully complete yet, but will soon. It is about 50 single tracks, but about 1...
Josh N.
Need Vocals for 1 song (Completed)
I am in need Male vocals on a Christian EDM song I produced. The lyrics are already created. It's a remix of a song by David Crowder called "L...
Ryan P.
Ryan P.
Need 5 songs mastered
I recorded and mixed the songs myself, not by professional. The songs are heavy metal.
Bullet G.
Bullet G.
tunchy mix song
e.g. I need 5 songs mixed. I finished recording all the parts and am happy with the recorded tracks. I'm now looking to hire a mixing engineer...
Ben Harmani
Ben Harmani
Daryl S.
Daryl S.
Need song Mixed and Mastered
I have a song with my artist and 2 featured guests. The vocals were all recorded in separate places and we have all the stems for the music tr...
Matt D.
Brisbane Australia
Beats + Producer
I need beats made to a song which we will be re-recording early in the new year. We have a prepro for you to work with. Genre is Pop - looking...
Tosta N.
Tosta N.
Need 6 songs mixed
I have 6 tracks to be mixed,all around 20 channels each, I need the tracks done asap
V B.
Need 1 Track Mastered
Hey wondering if you would like to mix and master a track for us? It's got a slower tempo and a hip-hoppy feel to it. We've worked very hard o...
Ryan V.
Ryan V.
I need help with lyrics
I have quite a few songs(30?) and I need good lyrics to finish them.
Kingsley B.
Im a producer in Canada . I have a very talented 15 year old singer I'm trying to develop but I'm having a hard time writing lyrics for her . ...
It's what you make it
I need a professional singer to sing a copyright protected song I have written, the beat is arranged and I have my girl singing a guide vocal ...
Марк К.
Марк К.
1.5k $
hello! i've just released an instrumental ep with beats in trap/electronic style. did mixing by my own, but i'm sure its not perfect )) each ...
Tone Deaf Beats
Tone Deaf Beats
Beat mixing
I have a beat that I would like to be mixed. I have the full beat with about 20 tracks. It has no vocals yet but I plan to add

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