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keshav b.
keshav b.

Need Full Female Vocals For A Track

I need full vocals for a track. It's a melodic house production, would be great to have you work on it. Please let me know the the fee for a c...

Trenton M.
Trenton M.

Need vocals Gain staged

I know, kind of a weird request.. but I have 4 vocal tracks I’m mixing to a 2-track, and was wondering if I could get a quote for a gain stage...

Jehan C.

I need help with mixing songs

I need help with writing a song, making beats, lyrics. In short, I need a platform. I am a student at University( I am a beginner) But trust m...


Need a song or two mixed

I was looking for professional help with my music. I have one or two files containing rough drafts but nothing quite done yet. One is a entry...


Need a few songs produced

I'm looking for a producer to produce a song for me. I have a basic demo of the song available and also have an idea of how the song should be...

Brian M.

In need of drum tracks for a new tune

I have committed this project to someone in my area. Thanks for the responses I did receive, and I will reach out to you for my next tune. B...

Jay J.
Jay J.

I was wondering how much will it cost to mix and master in Dolby atmos for one song

I have a project I’m working on at the moment I was wondering what’s your price for Dolby atmos for one to five songs done

Zach W.

i need a song about being depressed about a breakup

I can't think about a single lyric I need help to make a song I want a rap/singing song and that's it. I want like xxtentacion songs and I lik...

ziv m.

Japanese instrumental music

Hi, I'm looking for some traditional Japanese musicians that can play traditional Japanese instruments and produce their music on their own....

Landon B.

Need some lyrics and beat for a country song

I am new to songwriting and was wondering if you could help me out with making my first song to sing I was wanting it to be Country something ...

Anmol B.
Anmol B.

I need a song produced

I need a soft-pop/pop/EDM type of genre for my song. I've finished composing my song. I need it ghost-produced and mixed. I need it completed ...

Jessie c.
Jessie c.

I need one song done

I would like a drill/trap song done. I need 2 verses and a hook. I will provide the instrumental.

Nolan B.

I need 1 single Written on a already made beat.

I have already produced a beat. I have no idea how to write lyrics. You seem like a perfect fit. Thanks Nolan

Maximilian at Mad Max Records
Maximilian at Mad Max Records

Need drums for a mellow rock song cover

Hi, This song would be a nice addition to my upcoming album even though I usually stay away from covers. There are some things left to rec...

Kingsley King
Kingsley King

Looking for Male or Female Singer for Hook and Top-line

My name is Kingsley and I believe in delivering a very good uplifting and encouraging message in my music, I have created some nice track that...

Recent Successes
  • Great work WOW

    Job Completed by: Marco Ielpo
  • Fantastic again!

    Job Completed by: Sefi Carmel
  • Wonderful vocals! Great delivery. Highly recommended. Always a pleasure working with Billy Ray Barnette!!

    Job Completed by: Billy Ray Barnette
  • Gorgeous guitar delivery by Amit again! Love his way of playing. Subtle and lots of feeling and great sense of interp...

    Job Completed by: Amit Erez
  • Gosteffects is Awesome!!! He knows his synthesizers :D Highly recommend!

    Job Completed by: Gosteffects
  • Matt has great skill and understands what I needed in the final Mix, Great Job!!

    Job Completed by: Matt Bishop
  • Francesco has provided another great mix and master for my latest single. I am thrilled with his work and continue to...

    Job Completed by: Francesco Scauzillo
  • Great mixes and great songs. Fun working together.

    Job Completed by: Sound Lab Studios
  • It's always amazing working with Ziv! Very quick turn around time while also being thoughtfully done! He does great w...

    Job Completed by: Ziv Shalev
  • Nate delivered far beyond my wildest expectations. My only dilemma was deciding which was my favorite take! Can't wa...

    Job Completed by: Nate Barnes
  • Working with Andres is TOP notch! Soundwise as well as service-wise. He delivers exactly what you want and is super o...

    Job Completed by: Andres Mayo
  • Daniel is great he is really patient and goes above and beyond! Highly recommended. also great with melodies. everybo...

    Job Completed by: Daniel Luttrell