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Sergio G.
Sergio G.

Compose and record the whole instrumental part (drums, bass, guitar...) of a piano+voice song

I've composed the voice and piano of a song, and have an initial idea of the rest of instruments (drums, guitar, bass...) but now, I need to f...

Lucious D.
Lucious D.

need a beat made for a song i have

i produce myself n have a small label and can do it all but make beats. thats what i need. rap/ R&b beat. planing to push this as my coming ou...

Lalayah C.
Lalayah C.

Mixing my songs

I have many songs completed & most not recorded but I can write to any beat and adopt to vibes and dialogues easily to perfection I write Raps...


I need 1 song semi mixed

Ok, I'm trying to mix this one freestyle song I have. I dont want really any FX on the vocals. In all honesty, I just want my vocals to be hea...

Ole B.
Ole B.


I want a topline for this song. Mainly looking for male but female could also work.. Reference Tracks: Tiesto - Red Lights Alesso/One Rep...


Need Bass

I have a track i need a bass tracked to. Right now i have just a synth bass on it but i this a good live bass would sound better but i need so...

Paul Mac Innes
Paul Mac Innes

Remix a song

Hello! I relased a tune myself one year back. Never had the time to work with the release, but would like a fresh version of it. Would you hav...

Domantas S.
Domantas S.

Producing, mastering and mixing

Hi, I’m looking for a producer. I make songs myself, but I don’t have the experience and gear for it.. I’m into trap/rap music. Just wanna see...


Need a mixing engineer for my projects

Me and my music buddies have planned to go with a single every month addressing social cause and also othe genres, We are live performers a...

Dave L.

Need real flute to replace programmed flute part on Psychedelic Rock track

I have a track that need a small, very simple flute part - currently have a programmed flute on the track that I want to replace with a real f...

Christo N.

Need 1 Song Mixed

Hi! I am looking for a professional Trap, Dubstep Mixdown/Master. I spend to much time on mixing and want to try to give that away. In this t...


I need one song mixed

I haven’t had a song mixed before and i haven’t released a song yet still looking for my sound and I’m hoping getting a song I’ve created mixe...

Kailee H.

I need help writing songs for a mixtape that I want to put out next year. It’s titled “SOLACE” and I want it to reflect a journey to achieving solace through hardships.

I want a raw, acoustic r&b sound that is reflective of my influences like Brian McKnight, Musiq, Kehlani, Boyz II Men, Jhene, HER, ETC.

Jadden K.

I am looking for help with getting a beat made or finding a beat but need help writing a good catchy fire hit.

I need help with writing a hit. I come from a small town and want to try something new. An aspiring artist. Need help writing a good, fire, ca...

Myron D.
Myron D.


I have so many half written songs, but I want help finishing some. I write some amazing hooks but the songwriting part keeps stumbling me. I n...

Recent Successes
  • Andres was extremely professional and worked with me to attain the best sound for the project. I would highly recomme...

    Job Completed by: Andres Mayo
  • Awesome production, patient and very accommodating. Brad is awesome!

    Job Completed by: Brad Grobler (BIG Productions)
  • Worked with NV multiple times now and she is a pro! Absolute joy to work with. Her vocal production game is on 1000 (...

    Job Completed by: NV
  • Professional, thoughtful, and many excellent suggestions. These are the reasons why I look forward to working with A...

    Job Completed by: Aubrey Whitfield
  • Graci did amazing vocal work on what turned out to be a complex project. She is uniquely talented, and I am really lo...

    Job Completed by: Graci Phillips
  • He is a great composer, His attitude and skill are absolutely the best!

    Job Completed by: Jack R Hardman
  • Jason is the best; he always delivers great drum tracks.

    Job Completed by: Jason Meekins
  • Sounded great! Parts showed up perfectly performed, recorded clean and great intonation and musicality. Look forward ...

    Job Completed by: Roni Seiler
  • They worked quickly and allowed me to make several changes. Nice guys. They gave me a great start towards a finished ...

    Job Completed by: Southern Fried Tide
  • Great experience, had the opportunity to have an attended session. Mark is very Profesional and explains with great d...

    Job Completed by: Mark B. Christensen
  • Quick turnaround and really turned my track into something incredible! Great to work with!

    Job Completed by: Dan Konopka
  • Dan is a wizard on the bass! So impressed. Can't wait to work with him again!!

    Job Completed by: 10 Years Remote Session Bass