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Hi I am Looking for a female vocalist for a future bass song

I am looking for a singer for a future bass track with a background and lead vocals which can match up to my track.

Mahyar M.
Mahyar M.

I need 11 songs

I am creating my first rap album ever, and I'm planning on going hard. I have bought basic leases to 8/11 of them, and also finished writing t...

Angel M.
Angel M.

Need a single produced

Hello, I am looking for a producer to create a track for me. The song is written already. I need someone who can produce a full backing track ...

Jeff J.
Jeff J.

Need vocals for one song

I am currently working on a studio project (3 songs) and am in need for a strong male vocal on the last tune. We wrote these originally thinki...

Josiah L.

Need 5 songs completed

I’m working on about 5 songs and need help getting them completed. I’m looking for studio musicians to record parts on the songs as well poten...


One Mandarin pop song

I would like to find an experienced mixer who 's familiar with Mandarin/Japanese pop songs.

Taarun C.
Taarun C.

Need 5.1 mixing(Dolby Preferebly) for my Mock Reel Project

Hi, I've directed & produced a 58minute feature mock reel film. Looking for a quality 5.1 surround mix. Want to bring out the best sound possi...

Katalina L.
Katalina L.

music production

hi. I am looking for a music producer to help take my song to the next level. The vocals are sung on a backing reference track. I want the son...

Jay P.
Jay P.

Need 2 songs mixed/mastered

I just finished recording 2 songs and need help mixing and mastering. I have been trying to learn how to mix and master myself using youtube t...

John H.
John H.

Need 2 songs mixed

One song has around 25 tracks and the other around 40. There is live guitar on one of the tracks and the rest is synthetic instruments. I at...

Jazzmin R.

I need 1 song produced

I'm looking for one producer to produce one song for me. this song is dedicated to my friend and I wanted to get it recorded right away or asa...

Eddie G.
Eddie G.

Need vocals for hook on 2 songs

Hey, need female vocal for chorus on a rap song and for a DJ personalities evening show that plays everyday at 5pm. The song is produced and ...

Kevin S.
Kevin S.

Working on an album

My name is Kevin and I’m a 16 year old Swedish American singer songwriter. I’m currently working on my second album so I was just wondering if...


Need who will guide me to produce Gospel songs

All of a sudden, I started receiving songs some coupled with the bit and video all together but I need who have been into the music industry t...

Christian A.
Christian A.

In need of mixing revisions for 5 song EP!

I have finished producing and recording a 5 song EP. I have all of the sessions organized and stylistically arranged how I like. I am looking ...

Recent Successes
  • Professional and reliable not to mention GREAT masters!!

    Job Completed by: Carlo Camera - Solid Mastering
  • Justin is an awesome talent for producing, mixing and for cutting lead guitar tracks. He has done an amazing job on m...

    Job Completed by: Justin Ginn
  • Shelley delivers great vocal tracks with a quick turnaround and is a pleasure to work with. Professional and pleasant...

    Job Completed by: Shelley H
  • Mastered an album with Camilo and it was a pleasure! All good, fast and pro! Looking forward to the next one to do it...

    Job Completed by: Camilo Silva F. Mastering
  • Consistently "the man."

    Job Completed by: Robert L. Smith
  • Did a good job with my song and was quick with turnaround on the song and revisions. Addressed all tweaks well and fr...

    Job Completed by: Tenaya
  • As professional as one can get

    Job Completed by: Rob Murray
  • Austin is professional. He helped us achieve modern sound. He was also very helpful and patient during revisons. I hi...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Great audio engineer! And very kind to his customers!

    Job Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats
  • I'm new to the music industry and this was my first time ever recording songs in a studio. Riley produced, mixed, a...

    Job Completed by: Riley Urick
  • Worked very quickly and made some good suggestions for the pre-mix. Will use again.

    Job Completed by: Gosteffects
  • This is my first time working with Violetta and it's been a very positive one. She takes direction and follows instru...

    Job Completed by: Violetta Gaetani