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Trevor T.
A female/male singer
Need a female or male singer to do a chorus for me. I make hip hop music, and need a chorus done on this piece of music I made. The song is ab...
I need a pianist
I need someone who knows how to play a sweet,.. but melancholy type of sound on the piano.
James M.
Need one song mixed
I need one song mixed. I'm happy with the recorded tracks. The genre is electronic in the style of Odesza. Here is the rough mixed track
Lauren A.
Lauren A.
I need 1 song mixed
I need 1 song mixed. I am basically done with the song, I would like to publish the song as an EP on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. which m...
Eliot L.
Eliot L.
I need lyrics for one song
I had written a song on the piano that I really liked. I have it recorded and saved and want to write lyrics for it. Unfortunately I don't hav...
We need an arrangement.
Hi! We need and arrangement for our original song in Earth, Wind and fire style. With brass and etc.
Louai S.
Louai S.
Need 1 Short Hip Hop Song Mix/Mastered
I need this one song mix and mastered. It is a hip hop song that consists of one hook, and two verses. I want the song to sound inspiring, and...
Ashley W.
1 song mixed and mastered
I have a song recorded and there is a pretty good mix on it, I just need a light mix to level everything out, and also a master. I have all of...
Saulo A.
Saulo A.
Need vocal for one song
Hi! I am a brazilian EDM producer and I´ve been working on some new projects. I´ve got one song without vocals yet ( the song is not even clos...
mix and maser
I'm recording at home on logic pro x and i wanna send to you for a mix and master.. thnx
Songs written and produced
Looking to start a new adventure now I have the confidence to perform live, in front of audiences. My passion is r&b. I love old school songs ...
Marius L.
Marius L.
I need a professional commercial mix for an upcomming new talent.
Hello. I need a mixing engineer to mix a song (probably more than one later) for an upcomming new talent. The mix should be professional co...
2 Gospel Piano Tracks. (Completed)
I need someone to record a piano track for two gospel songs I've written and composed. Would love to hear from you if you know how to play gos...
Conor O.
Conor O.
United Kingdom
Vocals for 1 song - Hold on we're going home (Drake)
I need you to record vocals for the song "Drake - Hold on we're going home" - Pia Mia (cover). This cover has the exact same lyrics as the ...
Kenneth W.
Kenneth W.
Recording/mixing and mastering of an album
Im self producing all my beats and what not, but i need someone to mix and master my vocals. Im doing an album of 17-20 songs and im really de...
Los Angeles
Need to Master my 8 tracks Album (Completed)
Hi Guys, I finished my album with Producer Brian Forbes last year in NYC and now I'm in LA for meetings, gigs etc. I have released two of m...
i need one song mixed
I have collaboration with a producer on a song I wrote. I need a professional to the final mix.
Kasha R.
Need vocals on 1 song
We are looking for a female vocalist to demo a song along the style of rihanna 'Take A Bow'. The song is already completely written and the tr...
Sa'raj s.
Record vocals
I need to record my vocals and get them mixed. I love the vibe on the demo song. My style is similar. Hope to hear from you!
Caspar C.
One song written, produced, mixed & mastered.
Hi, I'm looking to get an electronic-pop song on my next album with a strong middle eastern vibe. Good examples are MIA's Bad Girls & Borders....
Reynaldo M.
acoustic guitar player
i need an acoustic guitar player for my project for about 2 min in the song
Blake M.
Blake M.
Los Angeles
Need 1 Song Mastered
H! I need a song mastered to be added to my E.P. that I'm releasing this Summer. If at all possible the vocals need to kind of match the sound...
Jamie C.
Jamie C.
Need vocals for cheer mixes
I'm looking for about 10-20 short vocals (between 2-4 eight counts each) to use in my cheer mixes. Cheer music production has become a big ind...
Federico I.
Federico I.
Need vocal for a song
I need vocals for a song. Lyrics are already written and melody too, you just have to sing it. What could be your rate for that? Thank you!
Niraj C.
Niraj C.
Need One song mixed on Analog console (SSL or neve)
Currently i am looking to get one song mixed on the analog console preferably SSL or neve. Request you to guide on the best price for the same
Michael R.
I need one fully produced song
I'm looking for a producers to create 1 song in the style of a modern Chris Brown song with a Tyrese (Black Rose) influence. Attached is a dem...
Tevin W.
Need background vocals
I need a female vocalist to sing multiple layered harmonies over a hip-hop track. Looking for a strong voice that can display emotional delicacy.
Jimmy G.
Need Singer and Song writer for EDM track.
I am looking for singer/song writer for progressive house track. Being somewhat established within the music industry you will receive atten...
Matthew A.
Matthew A.
United States
Need Songwriter for Soulful Rap Hook
Need a hook for a soulful rap beat, haven't written any verses to it yet. I would like to get the hook first. MP3 attached. I need it to...
Master C.
Master C.
Top line writer for my production
I'm looking for writer in the style of Drake/Rihanna for a male female group. my name is B2
Alex L.
need 12 songs produced
i only need to mix it and record it I have a studio in mind, how long will it take to finish it (10-12 punk rock songs) and i am really i...
Freddie R.
Freddie R.
I need male and female vocals
My name is Freddie and I have my own music track already. I just need vocals to sing my song. It's a wedding song.
Modern cover song
I'm looking for a producer, who can help me convert a thought in to reality. I have a cover song that i want to record, It's come to my atten...
Skylar D.
need 1 song mixed
I'm an 19 year old student at a college in Dallas and just recorded an acoustic song Guitar & Voice and need it to be mixed (top quality) can ...
Maia R.
Maia R.
Need 2 songs produced, mixed & mastered
Hi, I need 2 songs, each around 4min produced, Electronic/soul/jazz kinda vibe. They need to have some sort of structure as I will record voca...
10 Songs Album mix
We need an experienced engineer to mix our 10 song album. The music style is UK alternative/indie, so we require someone with chart credits in...
Kayla H.
Need a pop/R&B blended album produced
I'm looking for a producer to create about 12 tracks for me. I would send audio clips of me singing the chorus and/or 1 verse of the song in t...
Intro singing
I have a album I'm working on and I needed a singer for my intro song I already wrote the hook just tell me the price and I will get back in c...
Jon B.
Jon B.
Need vocal artists for cover songs
I am a music producer of remixes and need a large volume of vocal covers. I would only need the chorus of several popular songs. This woul...
Rémy M.
Rémy M.
12 tracks of instrumental hip-hop needs to be mixed with creativity.
I just finished my instrumental hip-hop mixtape, 12 tracks (including three short skits) with separated tracks of weird chopped samples, loud ...
Production / mixing/ mastering pop/electronic song (Completed)
I have a ready demo of one song in logic pro. I am looking for someone who will help me with production, mixing and mastering. I don't need de...
Martin G.
Vocals and writing
Hey! I am a producer who need vocals and lyrics to my song. Have the melodies and chords set up. What is the price for this? Best, M...
Joanne H.
Joanne H.
Need Audio in Video seperated
We have a video of my father inlaw singing around the campfire, but there are some people talking in the background which at times tend to be ...
Fred D.
Fred D.
Need 3 songs mixed and mastered
I need 3 of my songs mix and Mastered , Professional Sound Engineering .Basically A new Genre i.e AfroTrap/Hiphop .General Style of most Trap ...
Skylar D.
Skylar Dayne
Hi have 3 songs semi mixed need to be mastered Please quote for 2 & 3 songs. You can also give me a price for mixing. I'm 18 yrs going to scho...
David M.
David M.
Require female vocal line
ThIs is a metalcore crossover project. The male lead singer needs to be doubled with a female, also there is one solo female part at the end o...
Mike W.
Need a short funny song writing for my Best Man Speech about the Groome.
Hi, I'm being the best man to the wedding and although i have a speech written i want to do somthing different and thought a little funny s...
Stephen S.
I am looking for a Sia style vocal Can afford $200 let me know
Corey R.
Corey R.
Uplift Passion & Praise
Project will need stereo master on all tracks about 12 songs.. I am satisfied with the mix of the songs.. It's a live gospel album with 3 song...
David M.
David M.
I need 4 - 5 songs mixed
Hi My name is David. I am an unsigned artist and i have been working with a few great, well known producers. In my last venture, i have chan...

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It was a pleasure to work with Mike. He took my song to another level! Thank you!Completed by: Mike Makowski

fast & TOP Quality ...great intuition.!!! Completed by: drumasonic Daniel

Good job.Lukas always present for any question or doubt. It was my first experience and I'm happy to work with himCompleted by: LR Audio

This is my pride to work with this man and I will always recommend him to people who wanna make their sound better an...Completed by: Mr. David Verity

His price was low and his mixing was good. It is easy to tell that Irving knows what he's doing. Thanks!Completed by: I R V I N G