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Shane M.
Shane M.

Need a song mixed

Been using a few engineers lately to really try and find someone’s work I love. Looking for someone to do all of my future projects.


Need a bunch of songs mixed

Need an engineer to give me that professional Hip-Hop/R&B sound and quality to my mixes. If I like the mix I would like to do a bulk deal to g...

Lil R.

I need one song mixed and mastered

I have a homemade studio recorded song that needs to be mastered and needs more mixing. Thanks

Humble R.
Humble R.

I'm trying to get a song mix

Recorded on Garageband. I need to mix it and make it sound way better, like I need the vocals to sound way better. I want the vocals to sit pe...

Paweł S.
Paweł S.

Mixing and mastering for 1 song

Mixing and mastering for 1 song


Need 4 songs produced

I need 4 songs produced. Any type. Just need to sound cool.

Robert j.

I need to compose, produce, mix and master an EP

I am currently looking for a producer who can compose music and mix and master it. I'm looking forward to having a release date of my music Se...

Lawrence T.
Lawrence T.

I want a flute solo for the last song on the album

I'll be honest, all I have is the main instrumental at this point, and you would really have to create this on your own, but some of my favori...

Dante r.

Need 4 songs mastered

It's my new ep coming out and I'm looking to have the music really hit hard when it comes out. Thanks

Benjamin B.
Benjamin B.

Need 1 R&B/Pop song mastered

Hello, I need one song mastered that I produced and mixed (mix attached). Brief : - keep the dynamics and groove strong during chorus - ...

Divya R.

Need 1 song produced

I am looking for a person who can create a School Anthem for my Pre-School . I want the lyrics to be written,song to be composed and produced ...

Peter B.

Looking for a producer

1 song production of a previous recorded song with reference stereo mix for vocal tracking and delivery of final project in stems and/or DAW p...

Hafiz N.

Need an EP mixed.

I've finished recording 5 songs for our upcoming EP, and each song has around 8-9 tracks. The songs are in the Dream Pop genre and are in the ...

Matty L.
Matty L.

Need a beat made and a song mastered

I have lyrics for a great song, which i am going to record to a beat i found on youtube. If I send you the song with no beat could you make a ...

Samara N.
Samara N.

Need 5 songs mixed

I would like to record a demo of 5 songs (country) within the next 6 months and don’t know where to start. I have written them but don’t know ...

Recent Successes
  • Wow is all I can say . This is my 2nd project I had Mixstrumental work on . I literally tried to challenge his skills...

    Job Completed by: Stereo Mixtrumental
  • Austin was awesome! He took my mix to the next level and was very patient through out the entire process! I’ll defini...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Not only does Monty have a great range, he sounds fantastic, is highly professional and super cooperative. Recommende...

    Job Completed by: Monty Wells
  • Doug never ceases to amaze me! He is the most talented and professional Human being I’ve ever worked with, Not only d...

    Job Completed by: Doug V
  • Working with Austin on my project was a very good experience. Professional result and seamless communication.

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • I was pleased to work with Fred, I hope that we will still have joint projects. professional, responsive Recommend!

    Job Completed by: Fred Miller
  • Shelley delivered all vocals for a new song. She is a great communicator and her vocals are fantastic. Best to work w...

    Job Completed by: Shelley H
  • Always a pleasure to work with the talented Austin.

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • wow not surprised based on the reviews everyone left but Austin did an incredible job on my mix/master! Gave the song...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Fantastic Mix/ Master Engineer with great communication

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Andrei is extremely helpful + really easy to work with! He works fast, communicates well and I was very happy with th...

    Job Completed by: Andrei Sora

    Job Completed by: Lucius Page