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Bule M.
Bule M.

I Ned someone to produce a beat from me its a afro house

Got this songs I'm working on and I need someone who know what he or she doing

Colin B.
Colin B.

Need 8 songs wrote

Me and two other buddy’s are from a town with a bunch of other artist and we just wanna drop a album and compete with them looking for rap tha...



looking for a mixing engineer that can send me a sample mix of the Song that I send them I am looking for an engineer that I can work with lon...

Del Ro'Yale
Del Ro'Yale

Need a Producer for a song written in the style of Tank & Ro James that is able to work with my budget

I have song written and I need a banging producer to give it that feel of a hip hop bouncy vibe but Urban Contemporary R&B style This is for m...

Kyle E.

how much does it cost to have a song mastered

how much will it cost me to have 1 song mastered. We have one song professionally mixed here on soundbetter and is ready to be mastered. thanks

Ken D.
Ken D.

1 song remastered. 1 clean/radio version.

I have 1 song that is complete, mixed, and mastered. The sound however could use a bit of work and tweaking to be better. I also want to recor...

Selene W.

Need 7 songs mixed

I've got 7 songs each with under 20 tracks already with some personal mastering done to them. They're in a Electro R&B/Pop style and all track...

Jarrod B.

I have some songs recorded and some work done to thr tracks but am not 100% happy with the sound i.e it doesn't sound as professional and clear as I'd like.

Ive finished recording 3 songs and had some work done to them to fit them to the tracks but not 100% happy with the sound, want a cleaner more...


Need 1 song mixed and mastered

I’ve finished recording a song with a wav file as the instrumental and about four vocal stems. It’s a rnb rap mix. The song closely resembles ...

Chris B.

Single mix & mastered to start out.

So the project is southern rap about life's everyday challenges in the street. The tracks are somewhat musical and need that professional touch.


Film score

Hi all, how are you? We are in post production (indie feature film-psychological thriller) about a sex-trafficking victim. Please send proposa...

Trevon j.

Need 1 song written

I need a professional songwriter because I can flow on a good beat and make the song sound great but I just can’t write a good song that’ll ge...

Lance R.
Lance R.

Need 3 songs produced

I’m looking for backing catchy pop beats to write my own lyerics to and create a 3 track demo. I’m looking to make them like an Lfo or otown f...

christian b.
christian b.

I need master for this song

We need to master this song. Is inspired by the brit rock. We need to clean drums (a great balance on the snare and the kick) bass controlled....

Recent Successes
  • Austin's a great mixer who's really willing to work with you on your schedule and always open to edits and suggestion...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Dan was brilliant throughout the mixing of the entire album, very professional and skilled. He can act as a mentor if...

    Job Completed by: Daniel Salcido
  • very pro and does the job!!!

    Job Completed by: LaVance Colley
  • Super fast! And super professional! Camilo is the man. Highly recommended! Can't wait for the next project!

    Job Completed by: Camilo Silva F. Mastering
  • Rob was absolutely fantastic. Went out of his way to make sure that our mix was sounding great - not JUST the way we ...

    Job Completed by: Rob Murray
  • Arthur is one of the best engineers I had pleasure to work with. When I got the final master, it was beyond of my exp...

    Job Completed by: Arthur Indrikovs
  • At this point I've begun sending 95% of my vocal tracks to David for Tuning and Timing due to his quality of work and...

    Job Completed by: David Mohacsi
  • Wow Joseph's vision of music so amazing!!!!

    Job Completed by: Joseph Schmidt (Jophes)
  • Liam was an absolute delight to work with and I will continue to hire him! Such a talented dude, and deeply understoo...

    Job Completed by: Liam Killen
  • Another excellent mix from Jay. Truley amazing sounding drums in the track. Fast turn around. Easy to work with..

    Job Completed by: Jay Stapley, guitars & mixing
  • Bea did an incredible job on a track that was quite difficult and she didnt give up until we got it to where we knew ...

    Job Completed by: Bea Go
  • Jonas recorded strings for my song and I an thrilled with the result. He was professional in all his correspondence a...

    Job Completed by: 24 Violins - Jonas Petersen