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Maximilian at Mad Max Records
Maximilian at Mad Max Records

Need drums for a mellow rock song cover

Hi, This song would be a nice addition to my upcoming album even though I usually stay away from covers. There are some things left to rec...

Kingsley King
Kingsley King

Looking for Male or Female Singer for Hook and Top-line

My name is Kingsley and I believe in delivering a very good uplifting and encouraging message in my music, I have created some nice track that...

Anton P.
Anton P.

I would like a song mixed, tuned, mastered

I have a song I'm looking to record over a backing track. In the blood by John Mayer. I'm not all that amazing at singing but have got a li...

Tobias R.
Tobias R.

Need a song mixed and mastered

I've song finished a track soon that I'm very exited to release. It's an EDM track with a bridge with a big atmospheric sound to it. How much ...


Female vocals

Hello, I'm looking for a female singer for my next album. Juste one song, maybe 2. It's the first title of the album. Are you okay, and wh...

Nyansa P.
Nyansa P.

I Need a Music Producer for 6 or more songs.

My name is Nya. I want need a music producer to help me create the sound and feel I am going for. I am looking for someone to assist me long t...


I need one song mixed and mastered

I have a single that I need mixed and mastered. No live instruments just a instrumental and about 8 stems. Inspiration for the song was the lo...

George S.

R&B Song Vocals / Feature

I'm looking for vocals for this song (demo attached) to release. If you're interested please let me know what your different rates would be fo...

I need 7 songs Ep mixed & mastered

Am working on a 7 track Ep I would like to know how much it will cost to mix & master 7 EP tracks.I will also like to know how much you charge...

Marmalade Music
Marmalade Music

Need trumpet added to a track

I've got a track I am really digging and thinking it could benefit from some horns, specifically trumpet. I'm thinking on this track it would ...


need 1 song mixed

I have recently joined the music scene, and would like to get this song mixed. I haven't made much I would just like to hear just how the cho...

frank v.

mix & master

Hello Do you work out of Logic Pro? Do you work on instrumental song? Can you give me a price you charge for a song to mix and master?...

Marmalade Music
Marmalade Music

Two songs needing some production to existing songs

I’ve produced two full songs that could use a little extra something that I can’t put my finger on. At the moment they are a little boring and...


Need vocals for 1 song

The track name is You, I made this love song for my girlfriend and want to have it released on Valentine's Day. Need a vocalist who can dish o...

Connor B.

Need 1 song produced

I’m looking for someone to produce my first song I have the beat and lyrics, I want it the vocals to be in a lil peep/ juice wrld fashion kind...

Recent Successes
  • it has been wonderful to work again with Giovanni. he is a very talented and creative lyricist and a true Artist .

    Job Completed by: Giovanni Traverso
  • I'm really happy with this mix from Rob! Great work again!

    Job Completed by: Rob Murray
  • michael is extremely professional. highly highly recommend

    Job Completed by: Michael Arrom
  • I really really enjoy working with Ariel. Such an awesome engineer and person! It’s hard to find someone who understa...

    Job Completed by: Ariel Chobaz
  • Carlo did a fantastic job! He is very talented, easy to communicate with, and easy to work with. He has a great sound...

    Job Completed by: Carlo Fraccalvieri
  • Job #2 with Aaron and the work was excellent--would definitely recommend for your next bass tune.

    Job Completed by: Aaron Roman
  • Once again Scott delivers the goods with exceptional skill and powerful vocals, the best front man in the business!.....

    Job Completed by: Scott Foster Harris
  • Dan's bass just makes my tracks groove like mad, and brings the bottom end to life. Lovely clean recording, super fun...

    Job Completed by: Dan - 15 Years Session Bass
  • Great stuff!

    Job Completed by: Chris Dececio
  • Nathaniel was amazing to work with! He added life to our string parts, and has true talent. In addition, he communica...

    Job Completed by: Nathaniel Wolkstein
  • Fantastic work! Absolutely captivating canvas, it's magical how it brought my album artwork to life. Walker is very p...

    Job Completed by: walkerdunnvisuals
  • Marcos is an excellent orchestrator. He takes the time to go over the score in minute detail. He will respect your mu...

    Job Completed by: Marcos Barilari