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Gary R.
Gary R.

male vocal for song

Would like to record this again with a different vocal,think it could be up with some traditional xmas songs

Cole K.
Cole K.

Song/Beat Mixed

Hi, I am Cole and I just recently graduated high school. I have been making beats for about a year. I have a beat and song that I would like...

Seth F.
Seth F.

I need one song mixed

I recently recorded a song that requires mixing. It is a very simple arrangement. Soft, Countryish, Popish feel. A haunting vibe is something ...


My track is all done but Need extra production elements to give it more oomph and bang..probably vocal comping

I just want to make it more slick..add some vocal comping..and extra production elements..probably rearrangement.want to make it sound bigger ...

Vonzell Solomon
Vonzell Solomon

I need 1 song mixed

I’m looking to have one song mixed and mastered it’s an R&B song with female lead and background vocals. The stems will be ready this Tuesday...

Manuel D.

I need 3 songs mastered as soon as possible!

The 3 songs are mixed and need mastering. What would be the fastest you would be able to get them back to me?


Need lyrics with melody

My name is Jee I'm a 23years singer based In France. I'm looking for a songwriter to push up my music on a high level. I've got influenced by...

Liliso N.

Need 1 pop song produced a happy one and please tell me how much it is

Need 1 pop song produced a happy one and please tell me how much it is going to cost

Leandro N.
Leandro N.

1 song

I'm from brazil. So, im sorry about my english. I have a project with some records and im planning a new single. the music is pop and emotion...

Renato O.
Renato O.

5 sings mixed

I 've finished recording 5 songs and I'm looking for a professional producer and mixer to get it ready for release. Each song has around 25 tr...

Ty P.

Need A Mix Engineer Long Term

I need someone I can work with as I release music. Looking to learn and be mentored aswell as paying for work being done.

Tony C.

Mix Engineer enquiry

I am working on my latest album project for Soulnaturals, it's a Soul, Funk & Disco album fusing gospel, orchestral & opera elements and will ...

Daisy K.
Daisy K.

Need 2 songs produced

I'm looking for someone to help produce my song. The song has been written, but needs to be produced. I would appreciate you could advise me o...

Kianna R.

I'm Looking To Have A Mixtape Produced

I am looking for someone who can bring the ideas that I have for my mixtape alive. Listen to my personal creativity and be able to understand ...

Jerrod P.
Jerrod P.

Need a track

Only vocal stems along with just the wav file of the track.

Recent Successes
  • Dan the man. This very friendly gentleman did a great job at accurately transcribing the vibes and electricity of the...

    Job Completed by: Dan Konopka
  • Working with Larry is always a pleasure! Great guy and musician!

    Job Completed by: HandPercussionTracks
  • Shelley was great to work with. She took my song to another level. I didn’t have to say much because she knew what to...

    Job Completed by: Shelley H
  • James is such an amazing producer. Follows directions perfect, and makes everything sound clean and professional ever...

    Job Completed by: James Ryan
  • Very good job and great communication. A lot of efforts to please my requests! I recommend 100%.

    Job Completed by: DJ Unwind
  • Turns your ideas into amazing songs. Absolute favorite producer!

    Job Completed by: Wade Alin
  • Very professional and fast! Great communication as well, will definitely recommend him!

    Job Completed by: Gosteffects
  • Delivered again! High quality, timely, addressed feedback. Versatile producer. Always a great experience working with...

    Job Completed by: GËKKØ
  • Aaron is such a great guy! it did not feel like it was a chore for him, but rather he was attentive to what I felt we...

    Job Completed by: Aaron Ahmad
  • Absolutely amazing master turnaround is amazing! Camilo is the man for an amazing master! Very professional

    Job Completed by: Camilo Silva F Mastering
  • Who is looking for talented and experienced producers for house and techno-music, should choose 909 Studios. Great p...

    Job Completed by: 909 Studios
  • When I say Fred knows what he is doing, I absolutely mean that! He brought my song to life with his mastering. Not on...

    Job Completed by: Fred Miller