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Braelin K.
Braelin K.

Vocalist for one track!

Chainsmokers style drops, super fresh! I have lyric ideas ..

James O.
James O.

1 song produced

I would like 1 song produced in electro style. I have a basic sample that I've done myself for just part of the song

Yves R.

Singer -songwriter needed for EP

I need a talented singer-song to work on a song for me. I provide the vocal melody and you will write and sing the lyrics to flow with the ha...

Yoshi G.

1 song mixed

i have an instrumental song that i am going to be using along with multiple tracks of me singing in spanish those 2 tracks are just an example

Glenn L.

Need levels checked in Logic with recommendations on levels and bounce a Master

Have a couple files I need advice on the levels to achieve a rich balanced sound. I would like to work with someone who knows House music and ...

Brett D.

Mix Mastering

I need 6 songs mixed and Mastered. We are a satirical band and we are living in both the world of music and comedy. I need the tracks to sound...

Kristian R.
Kristian R.

Need vocals for a progressive/melodic house song.

I need vocals (melody, lyrics and singing) for a progressive dance track. Preferably someone female, but I am open to anything. We are going f...

Cem S.
Cem S.

New Creative Remix...

To define and to be able to choose the remix style; 3 small outline demo is required(the start,middle and the ending)about 30seconds to deci...

Simon E.

German Hip Hop/Rap/Trap Mastering/Mixing

I got multiple songs in Logic, which are mixed/mastered by me, an amateur, a rapper. I would love to find somebody to work with longterm for m...

Alex K.
Alex K.


Hi there, could you please give me a quote for singing whole song included backing and harmonies? I provide instrumental, lyric, top line...

Walter B.
Walter B.

Female singer for chorus

Hi i have a hip hop song that i need a female singer on. The chorus is already written by me Just need the singer to sing it

sim b.

'm looking for a recording home, but more importantly a consistent vocal and music engineer.

I have an abundance of music that I would love special work done, I call it special work because I don't see too many artist where I'm from do...

masande k.

i need my 1 song mixed and mastered

I have recorded 1 poem with a beat now I need my song to be mixed and mastered

Scott G.
Scott G.

Need 12 acoustic songs remixed

I am a singer/songwriter. I have 12 original songs recorded in studio. Acoustic guitar and vocal. No click track used, so bpm isn't perfect. B...

Zahir S.
Zahir S.

Need to record ,3 to 4 of my own songs professionally

I have recorded most of my songs in my home studio- but require them to be done professionally- I am a musician and play the guitar and sing- ...

Recent Successes
  • Masters sound great, very professional work.

    Job Completed by: Tom Chadwick
  • if you ask for a very professional, quick, with great ear and great quality, this guy fit for you

    Job Completed by: Mixed By Koen Heldens
  • I literally could not recommend Fuseroom more, I had such an amazing experience working with Alberto and Valeria! Th...

    Job Completed by: Fuseroom Studio
  • Eric is awesome guy. He change my song to be great. I really appreciate to him. Thank you Eric. I want to work wi...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • I worked with François Michaud at Wild Horse Studio and i liked a lot. I needed a woman singer for one song. He atten...

    Job Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud
  • Amazing mix engineer and co-producer. Simon was not afraid to share constructive criticism and really helped make th...

    Job Completed by: Simon Gordeev | MiNIPOP sound
  • Awesome work.

    Job Completed by: Denis Emery @ Mastering.LT
  • Matt is phenomenal. How a drummer this pristine with performances so exquisite can be so humble and easy to work... ...

  • Thanks Robert, this was a easy and good collaboration.

    Job Completed by: Robert L. Smith
  • great professional, great person, a pleasant surprise! He brought out the best from my music and did it in a short ti...

    Job Completed by: Lorenzo Briguori
  • Very Good Engineer, Professional, On-time and willing to go the extra mile !

    Job Completed by: I R V I N G
  • Good team, good job.

    Job Completed by: X Mind Corporation