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ghost write a top line/hook

I'm looking for a song writer to help me co write a top liner my new song. I already have instrumental and write my own lyrics. I am NOT looki...


1 Song remixed

Im potentially going to be finishing a recording of a new track in about two-three weeks and I'm looking to get a remix for traction and to ex...

Molade O.
Molade O.

Rap vocals to feature

I need rap vocals on a track, the track is on the lines of grime/house beat. Its vibey and clubby I feel, I would like the rapper o be creativ...

Christopher A.

I need help writing a song

This will be my first song, I want this to be something that’ll hit people like a strike of lightning. The name of the song is called original

Darrell M.
Darrell M.

Need remix of song

I am looking for a remix of the attached track. In style of Dance Producers Blonde or Meduza Featuring Goodboys etc. Need a pretty quick tur...


Need Topliner/Songwriter for Trance Song

I've finish one trance song. Need a Topliner/Songwriter to bring bright vocals into my melody. Already got ideas to sing about. Need a drea...

Corbin C.

8 songs needing an engineer

I have an album, I need an engineer to fix my vocals and make them more clear and sound better, hip hop, maybe a month or two, planning on jus...

Joan S.
Joan S.

Re-recording a piano composition.

Hi there, Can you re-record the attached piano piece with your Steinway piano? If so, please let me know and I will place an order. Thanks.

Vianett M.

Need some songs produced

I am looking for a producer to make some tracks

Carlos O.
Carlos O.

Producer to my songs

Need a producer to complete songs I have created. I am a guitarist, bassist and dummer with 15+ years of experience. like metal, rock, jazz,...

Eli C.

Need to produce 1 song

I’m looking for a Producer to create 1 track for me. I wrote the song, and I need someone who can produce a full backing track on the style of...

Sundeep R.
Sundeep R.

Need a rap vocal

I have a song track finished and i need a slight aggressive rap vocals to fill as a bridge between verse 1 and 2


Male Vocal

Hi, we are producers from Poland. We want to record our next single. please write a price of 2 minutes of vocals with your lyrics. we'll make ...

Greg D.

1 song with Full horn section

I am reproducing a track and would like to add a horn section. It’s a gospel upbeat track. What would something like that cost?

Paul C.
Paul C.

Need a song produced!

I’d like to work on a new track. My idea is a bit unique. I want to blend hip-hop and a film score type beat, and then write it as a hip-hop s...

Recent Successes
  • Matt is the man for the job!! I highly recommend Matt for for your future endeavors! Thanks dude!!!

    Job Completed by: Matt Dougherty
  • Marc is not only a super talented engineer but he’s great to work with, quick to the reply, gives helpful advice, and...

    Job Completed by: Marc Frigo
  • Expert production by Emilio. And not just fast service, but immediate. Thanks for the incredible service, Emilio!

    Job Completed by: Emilio Lanza
  • Another Thriller by Klaas! Epic!

    Job Completed by: Klaas Gerling
  • Great mix, great communication, I am happy with my mix, what more could I want?! Thank you Lena!

    Job Completed by: Lena Leon
  • Audrey has repeatedly produced magic that I never expected or knew was possible. She is actually amazing and she soun...

    Job Completed by: Audrey Karrasch
  • Charlie is just plain brilliant. This was a really important song for us and we're so SO happy we gave it to Charlie ...

    Job Completed by: Charlie Westropp
  • Nicki is so fun to work with, she gives her all even to difficult projects and is a true pro. Thank you Nicki!

    Job Completed by: Nicki Gonzalez
  • Had a great experience with Brent; overall an excellent mix engineer. Very fast and attentive to detail when it comes...

    Job Completed by: Brent Kolatalo
  • Fast turn around, very professional, great with adjustments. Highly recommend!

    Job Completed by: Chuck Sabo
  • Really professional, very easy to work with and very responsive also to what I needed. I will definitely be working w...

    Job Completed by: MariaGrig
  • Job well done. Great . thanks again

    Job Completed by: CaiNo