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Books M.

I need 3 beats mixed

I'm a producer and in the process of getting my beat selling business started.i need a couple beats mixed to be sold to Martins for my beat s...

Phillip M.

Need a country style make vocal to complete song

Prior to sending to publisher need a country style vocal to replace my guide vocal.. hope you can help?

Chris M.
Chris M.


I've created an amazing future bass track and i really want to write lyrics for the track. The feeling I want to go for on the track is moving...

Josh T.
Josh T.

Need production for one song

I'm working on this song "Day Dream" at the moment and am stuck on the production. I'm really going for a Rufus Du Soul type vibe on their son...


The production of a new song.

Wrote a new song and the vocals are ready; it's up for production.

Carlo R.
Carlo R.

I need a 10 Song Album Produced

I am trying to put out an Indie/Folk Album with 10 songs and need someone who can produce it, and put together an album thats already made. So...

Gary B.

Need four songs mastered for an acoustic EP I want to release

I have four songs that need to be mastered for an acoustic EP I want to release. Each song consists of anywhere from 5-10 Tracks and they are ...

Andrew B.

I need a song writer to write an album for me

New to hip hop I make my own beats but looking for someone to put the words to the music I am trying to make my first album about 8-10 songs

Olav F.

Need 1 song mixed

Hi there I have 1 song about 30 tracks all live instruments and really great singers. Its urban gospel so I guess Kirk Franklin , anthony ...


Need a female singer for a chorus & outro

I’m working on a track and, in my head, I’m hearing a soothing, melodic, female singer on the hook & dramatic outro. Inspired by SZA, Jhene Ai...

Louis F.
Louis F.

Need 3 tracks produced

I'm looking to have 3 tracks produced. I'm an Indie/alternate Pop artist. I've written all the songs (melody and lyrics) I just need someone...

Daniel T.

1 song to finish by end of November

I've been working on one track, techno/house with synths and no Vocals, roughly 20 tracks. Sounds all together quite muddy and I can't get it ...

Sarah K.

Help writing/producing 4-6 songs

I am a singer, but I don't have any original music. I would love it if I could get some help writing some music for an EP. I would trust your...

James J.

Super band looking for a mixing engineer!

Hello, I have a song which is Disco ish Band music. I want my song sounds like "lizzo - juice" And, this song has around 20-30 tracks. P...

Viju s.


I have done 5 dub step but want lyrics to increase the exposure I make songs on the genre-EDM,Electronic music I need someone more presisly...

Recent Successes
  • Ashley is a dream to work with!! This was our second project together. She is super talented, very responsive to feed...

    Job Completed by: Ashley Levy
  • A very good vocal editor.perfect!

    Job Completed by: Emma Denney
  • best engineer.!was really nice!

    Job Completed by: Doug Fenske
  • Hands down one of the best in the biz. Go ahead and get that "Direckt Effect" on that track and turn your song into a...

    Job Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats
  • Jessie has an incredible voice and she was very willing to work with me to get the song just right. It turned out rea...

    Job Completed by: Jessie Ritter
  • Austin was great! Really nailed the vibe I was looking for and was very open to collaborative mixing as well as helpi...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Awesome to work with!

    Job Completed by: Jon Asher
  • always pleasure to work with this professional guy.

    Job Completed by: Tyree Thomas
  • Scott is top artist. Always I am surprised.He is better and better every day and for him it is just normal. Great tha...

    Job Completed by: Scott Foster Harris
  • I‘m telling you he is the best. He mixed and mastered my whole EP and it sounds amazing. Chad did a perfect job!

    Job Completed by: Chad Dexter
  • Mr.steve is professional and has by far given me the best experience by giving me confidence that he’ll make my work ...

    Job Completed by: Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
  • Patient, knowledgeable. Took my tracks to a new level. Looking forward to working with Austin again soon.

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds