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New York
Singer wanted
I'd like the vocals for one song recorded. I have the complete song with and without a scratch vocal track and lyrics available.
James B.
James B.
Vocalist and partial song lyrics
Hi, I am a new producer. I write my own lyrics sometimes. However, I am not really a singer myself. I am looking for someone to sing over t...
Rob S.
Robs problem track - Remix
I have an instrumental with 20 tracks that I've remixed 25 times, not getting there with it. Need someone to do the remix.
Patryk L.
Patryk L.
Dubstep Track
The style is of Skrillex. Bassicly I tried to mastering this, but I never do this. I need a help in this and I want to hear a real mastering.
Alex N.
Alex N.
New York
I need female vocals/lyrics written(In Japanese) for J-Pop/Hardstyle track
I need lead vocals and lyrics (and possibly top line written as well) for a Hardstyle track which has certain sections in the arrangement that...
Yaya a.
One song mixed
I am an artist from Edinburgh but there is lack of producers who can mix to the standard I am looking for. I want to do one song for the time ...
Htin A.
Htin A.
Need 5 Songs Production
I want to record 5 songs but I don't have lyric nor instumental music. So, I want to buy them from you and want support from start till the en...
Chloe O.
EP Project
5-6 songs mostly needing an experienced producer and engineer. Drums, guitar, bass music project. We do have vocals and musicians, resembles D...
Agustin Z.
Agustin Z.
Need a Female Pop demo singer for 1 song ASAP
I need a professional female demo singer (soprano) with access to professional quality recording. I need a quote for vocals only, no writing n...
Fernando R.
Need production of 7 songs for a pop rock mexican band
Need your production services for 7 original pop rock songs written in spanish. We already have the music, arrangements, lyrics and some sty...
D&B Songwriters
D&B Songwriters
James Morrison/Bay style voice needed
Searching for a male vocalist who can sing in the style of James Morrison and James Bay. Nice raspy vocals with a commercial aspect. Song is r...
vLounge R.
Vocal Producer
I need a producer to coach me though vocal performance, advise on arrangement, record my performance with high quality gear and edit/tune trac...
Luis J.
Recording, Mixing and Mastering up to 14 Songs
I am an aspiring hip hop artist looking to record the vocals of 14 songs. I will have the instrumentals and will just need to record, mix and ...
Emre A.
10 Track Mixtape
I will need 10 songs mixed for my first ever mixtape. I have recorded all my vocals, so now i am looking for a mixing engineer, the music cont...
Kendreal C.
First Mixtape project
Im looking for a studio to record 3-5 songs mix/master for use on my first mixtape project. Its mostly vocal work as i am a solo performer who...
Øyvind B.
Øyvind B.
Propellerhead Reason mixer wanted
I have some songs done in Reason, which I am kind of satisified with but they lack proper mix / levels. So I am looking for someone who mixes ...
Enes k.
Anti social
I'm working on a project. I am a rapper from Chicago. I'm looking for a song writer
Adrienne O.
Adrienne O.
Los Angeles
Need 2 experimental electronic songs mixed/mastered
Hello. I am currently working on a 4 song electronic/experimental EP. I have already had 2 of the songs mixed and mastered by a brilliant engi...
Tim White
Tim White
New York
Need vocals tracked, compd, edited, & tuned
I need one song tracked and comp'd as well as all vocal edits and tuning. Im looking for someone in Toronto that can do this in the next week....
I am working on a project. I think I have taken each song as far as I can take them. I am wanting to know if you can enhance songs that I have...
Serge B.
Serge B.
Need vocals for 4 songs
Hi my name is Serge, I'm a composer and arranger. At the moment I'm planning to record some new tracks for my project and I need female lead v...
Wedding song
I need a beautiful song to sing to my new wife on our wedding day.
Gabriel D.
I need 3 songs mastered.
I need 3 songs mastered. And made sure they extremely legit. All the tracks are complete. Electro House. Future house are the styles of music.
Haidy H.
Haidy H.
Soca Is Me
I need 3 songs mixed and mastered, I have 2 songs that need production as I only have the lyrics and melody doe one, the other I had the ar...
Hayden C.
Hayden C.
7 song EP - looking for drum tracks
I hope you’re having a good day. I am tracking a 7 song EP in the near future and am looking for my best cost/quality option for the drum trac...
Chelsea R.
Need song lyrics in female voice
I need song lyrics written in a female point of view. The song lyrics must be written around the first 8 bars and harmony that are already wro...
Money bag gang
I'm lookin for a recording studio that me and my group can record our music peicefully with no disturbance for at least 8 plus hours in Bronx, NY
Derek L.
4 tracks to master (Completed)
Hi, I would like to send you 4 tracks to master. How much will it cost?
Camry R.
Camry R.
I have the words but no music.
I am looking for a producer of r&b to produce my whole project. If you can listen to me sing the song, would you be able to put the music? I w...
Greg L.
Need 6 songs mixed and mastered
I need six songs mixed and mastered for an EP that I'm currently working on. Everything is recorded, edited, tuned, ect. Genre is Pop-Rock. Wo...
Marc A.
Marc A.
Should've been an Album
I need 8 songs mixed. Im working with a low budget but I'm serious about my craft. The next project i have is a cover over some of the top h...
Jake S.
Jake S.
i need some one to write me lyrics
I have an idea on what i want the song to be about but im having trouble writing the lyrics if anyone is intrested contact me
Conny K.
Mix/remix for a song
Hi i have a song i would like to have mixed. Maybe some extra improvement With instruments. Is this possible? What are your rates? kind ...
In the Dark
4 songs mixing. Indie/alternative
We need 4 songs mixing for an EP release. The genre is indie/alternative rock, a bit like early Radiohead, and we want a British sound. Re...
Florian K.
Vocals for Progressive House (EDM) track needed (male)
I'm looking for a skilled talented male vocal artist to sing on my most recent production. The voice I'm going for should be either into t...
Ben S.
Need Lyrics for a song
I would like someone to write lyrics to my song. I already have the guitar and bass part. Not good at writing lyrics.
Marco Piazzolla
Marco Piazzolla
Need female singer for lyrics with soul, blues, pop influences
I need female singer for adjust some lyrics and recording it. The tune is a Pop American tune like John Mayer with some bluesy stuff. Listen t...
Mastering NL
Mastering NL
Looking for Female Vocalist
I am looking for a female Vocalist on my new song. I am signed with labels such as Armada, Cr2 Records, EGO Music Virgin Records an many more...
Peter C.
Peter C.
We Never Met
I need 14 songs mastered, all songs are mixed, .... style : new wave influenced electronic pop, female singer
David M.
I need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered
Hi there i need 5-6 songs mixed and mastered. I have recorded a few on my own without the original producer who helped me to put together the ...
Phillip A.
Bragg and Jimmy
Need a 45 minute project 11 songs mastered. Its a hip hop project. Need a quote.
John D.
Need 1 Song Produced
The songs are written and I need someone who can produce a full backing track in the style of Oscar Issac's "Never Had". I will then record th...
Sue H.
Sue H.
Cambridge Ave
Need Male Vocalist For Pop Song
I need a male vocalist to sing a pop song in the style of Justin Timberlake. The song is to be sung in a male/female duet, but I am looking a...
Andre R.
Los Angeles
Behind The Orange Curtain ,
I need 6 songs mixed and mastered its a Real Raw Gritty style of Rap with some R&B style melodys on the tap throught a couple tracks .. Travis...
Need 1 song produced
I am looking to have 1 rock song produced in the style of "The Pretty Reckless" by a rock producer. Song is written by myself. I have a roug...
Uri K.
Uri K.
French lyrics needed
Hey guys, I have an original song of my composition and I want French lyrics for it. Who's in?
Kristina L.
Kristina L.
Toxic Jazz Instrumental arrangement
I need instrumental to be created for a show. Cant find instrumentals online and dont have available musicians nearby. The style and guideline...
Antonio T.
Antonio T.
Need vocals for a new Progressive House track
I need a female vocalist for a new progressive house track (linked below). They have to write the vocals and sing them. The vocals should soun...
Ian H.
After vocals for a house track!
Hi I am after vocals for a house track! id be looking for just dry / wet vocals acappella song around 123 bpm, I usually build the mix aro...
Jillian W.
Room 11
I need 11 songs mixed for my project. I'm still debating going back and re-recording and adding more vocals part. Each session consist of voca...

Recent Successes

highly recommended. very skilled, creative, and good attention to detail. quick turnaround. professional. Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats

Good team, good job.Completed by: X Mind Corporation

Just great! Great vocals, great communication, great timing, great understanding of all requests, great turnaround ti...Completed by: Boxem

Amazing mix engineer and co-producer. Simon was not afraid to share constructive criticism and really helped make th...Completed by: Simon Gordeev | MiNIPOP sound

Natalie Major delivered recorded vocals, as promised, within the time frame that she said she would. Fantastic voice,...Completed by: Natalie Major-Female Vocalist

Brandon is a fantastic mixer who is highly experienced and passionate about what he does. It was clear to see that he...Completed by: High Point Audio

Excellent - did as asked. RecommendedCompleted by: Jamie Muscat

Good to work with and great communication.Completed by: Beats By J Productions

Great guy, a lot of drive, willing to get the job done.Completed by: Alex McKama

Very professional, great top line writer and clean beautiful vocals. She delivers as promised and in excellent audio ...Completed by: Natalie Major-Female Vocalist

very hard working team, attention to detail, skills and passion, I ended up with a very nice song unique production a...Completed by: RC RECORDS MUSIC PRODUCTION

Dustin really knows how to sing, and it was a pleassure working with him! fast delivery and great quality!Completed by: Dustin Paul