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Centaur K.

want to try to mix an old song

Hi, I have a song that was produced in early 90's and wanted to be re-mixed to be similar or maybe even better than the original. It's a rea...

Jahan N.
Jahan N.

Producers: Hip Hop, Rap, Trap

Looking for new Producers to collaborate with me on my new album. My previous albums feature the legendary Smif-N-Wessun, Tone Trump and Haki...

David L.

Emerging artist seeks a female Percussionist/Backing Vocalist

Emerging artist seeks a female Percussionist/Backing Vocalist, UK shows booked. Alternative Pop, soul, funk, hip hop

Nwoye C.
Nwoye C.

1 song mixed and mastered

Hello I looking industry quality mixing and mastering. Think Rihanna sound. Someone who can make the bass knock and the claps hit. I have abou...

Rinzi M.

Mixing & Mastering [1 track]

i’m looking for a sound engineer who can mix & master my new track, it’s future bass track.

Venus B.

Need beats.

Hello, I am writing several songs and need beats to go along with them.. I am doing a combination on singing / rapping throughout the first so...

Kc G.
Kc G.


I want my new singles mastered with that professional industry sound so I can promote it confidently! Soon as possible please

Tom L.
Tom L.

I need help mixing 4 or 5 songs in Logic and being shown how to do it

I'm very new to music production and need help mixing a few tunes I've made and want to be shown what I'm doing wrong and how to improve. Im i...

Alex H.
Alex H.

songs mastered

I produce dubstep/EDM and I'm not getting the power and clarity that I'm looking for. I need my songs mastered by someone else. I love the s...

Daniel C.

Need live drums on my track

I've recorded this song and want a professional drum on it. It's a lively kind of song and so loops on the keyboard don't sound great on this ...

Jenna C.

Need 3 to 4 songs mixed

My best friend is getting married. She has three or four songs she loves that I want to see if I could get mashed up for her to walk down the ...

Andy O.

I need to record live drums on one song .

I have a drummer and the rest of the tracks ready

Sneha K.

need Production on a song idea.Can explain the specific brief

Can explain the specific brief if you contact me

Tosta N.
Tosta N.

hello im looking for vocals

i have this rough song idea i think you can write and sing to and make it a hit..its a summer vibe. Theres still some work needed on the prod...

Jon Q.
Jon Q.

Mixing and mastering RNB audio

My voice is terrible and i need someone to make it sound dreamy like its for an RNB hip hop feel song please let me know if you can help

Recent Successes
  • Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with! I had a quickly approaching deadline and he delivered faster than I ever ...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • Totally satisfied working with Alexander...very profesional creative individual....

    Job Completed by: Alexander Schubert
  • Brandon is a fantastic mixer who is highly experienced and passionate about what he does. It was clear to see that he...

    Job Completed by: High Point Audio
  • Eric truly is a master at what he does. I will never use anyone else again. If you want to sound your best, look no...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • I was very fortunate to work with Andrew. We did a mixing shootout with many engineers, and his mix was one of the be...

  • highly recommended. very skilled, creative, and good attention to detail. quick turnaround. professional.

    Job Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats
  • This is my pride to work with this man and I will always recommend him to people who wanna make their sound better an...

    Job Completed by: Mr.David Verity
  • Really enjoyed working with Ollie! Readily available and very reliable in delivering what you need!

    Job Completed by: Ollie Girvan Sound
  • I worked with Leo once. I admit the first task I gave him wasn't a small one. Especially with my budget. He did th...

    Job Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio
  • if you ask for a very professional, quick, with great ear and great quality, this guy fit for you

    Job Completed by: Mixed By Koen Heldens
  • Emily was awesome to work with! Delivered great vocals and was open to changes when needed!

    Job Completed by: Emily Krol Music
  • Eric was great to work with! He got to the job super fast and it sounded wonderful! I will be using him for my next m...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy