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Simon E.
German Hip Hop/Rap/Trap Mastering/Mixing
I got multiple songs in Logic, which are mixed/mastered by me, an amateur, a rapper. I would love to find somebody to work with longterm for m...
Alex K.
Alex K.
Hi there, could you please give me a quote for singing whole song included backing and harmonies? I provide instrumental, lyric, top line...
Walter B.
Walter B.
Female singer for chorus
Hi i have a hip hop song that i need a female singer on. The chorus is already written by me Just need the singer to sing it
sim b.
'm looking for a recording home, but more importantly a consistent vocal and music engineer.
I have an abundance of music that I would love special work done, I call it special work because I don't see too many artist where I'm from do...
masande k.
i need my 1 song mixed and mastered
I have recorded 1 poem with a beat now I need my song to be mixed and mastered
Scott G.
Scott G.
Need 12 acoustic songs remixed
I am a singer/songwriter. I have 12 original songs recorded in studio. Acoustic guitar and vocal. No click track used, so bpm isn't perfect. B...
Zahir S.
Zahir S.
Need to record ,3 to 4 of my own songs professionally
I have recorded most of my songs in my home studio- but require them to be done professionally- I am a musician and play the guitar and sing- ...
Yonatan L.
I need 7-10 finished mixes to be mastered
the project is a two man group. blues rock/stoner/indie/alternative sound in most cases. it was recorded in the band's practice room, and mix...
Herbert D.
1 house song mixed
I need one house song to be mixed. Deep/progressive house with vocals. Stems available.
Robert M.
Need to Produce 8 Songs
I'm looking for a Producer who can help me with 8 songs for my first Album, also would need mixing and vocals looking for some good Hip Hop ...
Inga V.
Inga V.
Need 2 voices (male and female) to sing and speak in cartoons
We are looking for a sound production company for: * Finding voices for our characters; * Recording musical tracks for our cartoons. In ...
Timothy J.
Timothy J.
I'm looking to get 1 chorus written and recorded
I have this song called "Hidden Agendas". The concept of the song is about 4 characters, me being 1 of the characters, a friend named Bobby, a...
4 songs ghost writter
I started a few but I keep getting writers block I Need about 4 songs its for my first mixtape
Anthony K.
Anthony K.
1 Song
Good day, I would like to submit a song.Its a progressive psytrance track @ 136bpm. I am still very new a producing so i would like your o...
Jacob J.
Jacob J.
12 song album
Hello, I need an engineer that can have my songs recorded,mixed,and mastered. I am a hip hop artist with a down south style but also up north ...

Recent Successes

Mike is one of the kindest and greatest guys I've been ever worked with. Perhaps it is not only worth mentioning his ...Completed by: Mike Makowski

Good job.Lukas always present for any question or doubt. It was my first experience and I'm happy to work with himCompleted by: LR Audio

if you ask for a very professional, quick, with great ear and great quality, this guy fit for youCompleted by: Mixed By Koen Heldens

His price was low and his mixing was good. It is easy to tell that Irving knows what he's doing. Thanks!Completed by: I R V I N G

Easy to work with, polite, and caught the vision of my record. This is the second engineer that I could say, knows w...Completed by: Kenechi Se Ville

Totally satisfied working with Alexander...very profesional creative individual....Completed by: Alexander Schubert

Andrew has a ear for music and sounds.. I am super picky with my art/music.. he made the track sound better than I co...

Alex Mixed & Mastered my debut E.P throughout the month of June. He was a pleasure to work with. Even when explaining...Completed by: KotteTall

Eric is an outstanding person to work with. DO NOT HESITATE TO GO WITH HIM. He will give you an affordable rate and w...Completed by: Eric Greedy

This is top notch sound you can get on the planet, I'm working on my EP called 5012 and I had a song that had only on...Completed by: Helik Hadar

I tried Leo on one song and he definitely came thru. I came back to him for the next song and once again he performe...Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio

A great musician!! %100 recommended!! :DCompleted by: High Point Audio