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need 3 songs mixed

i want my songs to be mixed.. i have 3 tracks of this genre [ RnB/HipHop, AfroPop and Trap]...

Alicia D.
Alicia D.

Would like a 4 or 5 song ep produced.

I'm looking for a producer for my first ep of about 5 songs. All the songs are already written but I am open for some changes because there is...

Olakunlé S.

I am a songwriter and I would need vocal mixing to already mixed beats

Im working more on singles at the moment than projects and I wanted to see if I could receive quotes or prices for mixing of vocals to beats t...

Allen F.
Allen F.

Acoustic Guitar

Got a song could use your help with... For now, I'd like to work out the guitar and then add the vocals next. I use GarageBand sometimes. Y...

Stacy H.
Stacy H.

1 song - mainly simple trumpet solo that follows verse melody..

I have a song that I'll have ready after the weekend which needs a trumpet solo that simply follows the verse melody, but after a couple phra...

Federico Digeronimo
Federico Digeronimo

Need a female soul singer to complete a project (singing and partially writing)

I have a track that I have an idea of vocal for. I have a partial verse and the chorus done! I need to complete the verse, write the second on...


Need 1 song produced

Hi, I want to get one track produced in the style of Ariana Grande. I need to get the song produced, then I will record vocals and send them b...

Joseph P.

Need 1 song produced

Hi I am a new vocal artist and would like a full song to be written, produced and mixed with my vocals. I would like the song to be a pop song...

Natalie C.

French male vocalist needed ASAP

I am looking for a french speaking male rock vocalist to provide french vocals for a cover song for an Imagine Dragons song for a lip sync vid...

Dave Y.
Dave Y.

Mastering 1 Track

Would love to have this track mastered. I just released to Spotify and their algorithms made my track way too quiet. Please help!! I'm tryi...

Salamat A.
Salamat A.

Need one song mixed and mastered

I have finished producing an independent single for my band in Mumbai. It is a pop-rock song with some added electronic leads in there. The so...

Hallie J.

How much does it cost ? I want to make a rap song called "Monopoly" and I was wondering if you would be able to do that for me. I just need to record it and find background music.

I have finished all of my lyrics and I just need the background music and to record my rap song "Monopoly". This would be my first rap song an...

Barth R.
Barth R.

Need vocals for tracks

We would like to order: – lead vocal with harmonies (2 verses & chorus) – only singing to pre-written song of ours (i.e. without songwriting...

Ryan F.

I need 5 songs produced

My songs are already written. However I only create songs out of typical guitar melodies. I’d like to turn them into future hit songs possibly...

Erik L.

I need a ghost produced track!

Hey, I am a producer, that right now has no time to produce. Therefor i need a ghostproducer to produce my next track that i will release in a...

Recent Successes
  • Legend, as always. Killian will work magic and always comes up with the goods. Top job again.

    Job Completed by: Killian Cruiser
  • Great work, thanks!

    Job Completed by: Taylor Franklyn
  • Very good Producer and Mixing Engineer helps to take your Music to the next level,

    Job Completed by: Klaas Gerling
  • excellent work!

    Job Completed by: Tobias Kramer
  • I gave Monte the most difficult track. He worked so hard to get it done and I do appreciate it.

    Job Completed by: Monty Wells
  • Very good work!

    Job Completed by: Matty Harris
  • Erika was such a pleasure to work with, her vocals are superb and delivers before deadline. Will definitely work with...

    Job Completed by: Erika Sunaree
  • David was very helpful. I would highly recommend

    Job Completed by: David Mohacsi
  • amazing sound!

    Job Completed by: Camilo Silva F. Mastering
  • Dope mix! Will order again shortly. Thanks

    Job Completed by: Simone Guida
  • Jimmy's songwriting skills are emotive, structured, intuitive and transcendent. Google, and other significant players...

    Job Completed by: Jimmy Burney
  • Very patient and skilled. Got me a perfect mix. Would work with Brent another thousand times.

    Job Completed by: Brent Kolatalo