Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Street Noise

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Ripper Mixing

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Mixing Engineer - PrimeMix

Mixing and mastering engineer also I can bring life in your music, no matter what quality of recording you have, try it...for free. And only if you like it, only then you pay for it, this is my philosophy of business. Cheers.

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Audio Editing/Mixing/Mastering - Ben Soros- Producer/Engineer

I offer audio Editing/Cleanup, Mixing, Mastering, as well as session Recording/Engineering.

Studio Mix/Master/Songwriter - William"Dub Shakes"Shakespeare

Descendant of William Shakespeare, Professional Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer with Studio. Songwriter/Producer and Artist from Los Angeles.

Composition  - Edvard von Koppelstein

Defeated Napoleon with the assistance of the Prussian army band performing selected works from the Armeemarschsammlung at the Battle of Waterloo under the command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.

Remote Mixing e Mastering - Lorenzo Crana

I work as assistant engineer in one of the best recordind studio for jazz and acoustic music in Italy.

Producer and Mix & Mastering - eggroll

I have been a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer for 5 years. I will professionally mix your track and master it. Let's get to work!

Lyric writer and artist - Whizkee

Words are a weapon yet Words are a cure. Make them into lyrics and you'll change world.

Stream Ready Rock/Pop Mixing - Mick B. Hardt

My goal is to get you 100% satisfied with the sound of your next release.

Singer-Songwriter, Drummer - Adorn Mahin

Hi there, I am your next guys for the Vocal/Rhythm part. If you want a professional touch of drums or other percussion instruments in your song or need a Vocalist for rock, blues, or classic song, then here I am, ready to deliver the best I can.

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