Jason Motoyama

'Post-Production', 'Composer'

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I'm a freelance engineer and musician. I've worked on short film projects, and studio work for album production. 2013 I joined Pinnacle College "Music Production and Recording Arts" to further my knowledge. December 18th 2014 I will have an AA Degree in Audio Engineering. Seeking Post-Production, Sound Design, Editing, and Music Composition work.

At age 12 I picked up my very first instrument being an acoustic guitar. I began writing my own material two years later and use to record myself on a cassette player. Throughout high school and up to around age 22 I played with various bands and performed live shows. Later I found I much preferred studio work and the creative process that comes along with it. Since then I've been a solo artist working along side friends and other artists composing and working on different projects. I’ve tracked, edited and mixed albums and worked on film. I use a combination of live and midi instruments. I’ve found my favorite work is in post-production whether it’s mixing/editing, sound design, foley, or music composition. I am a composer at heart. I've written several theme based compositions for short films and trailers. I try to deliver impacting compositions whether it's intensity, suspense, drama, or subtle ambience thats desired. I generally work fast based on the material at hand and strive to deliver quality and creativity. I'm passionate about my work and have been furthering my education to create new avenues of opportunity.

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Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools 11
  • Komplete 9 Ultimate
  • Apogee Duet
  • PRS SE Santana
  • Golden Age Pre73 MK2
  • Sterling Audio ST69 Condenser
  • Adam A5X 5.5" 100W Active 2-Way
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