Jazz Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Sound Design & Dialogue Editor - Matthew


Sound Design & Dialogue Editor

Matthew Boudreau (X-Files:Cold Cases, Locke and Key) is field recordist, dialogue editor and sound designer for films, audiobooks, audio theatre, and podcasting.

Music Producer, Composer - Sound


Music Producer, Composer

My name is Charlie and I musician out of Colorado. I have been creating music for more than 20 years. I'm a self-taught music producer on various digital platforms. My successful projects have the same thing in common: I work closely with my client to learn as much as I can before and during the project so as to provide the best possible service.

Sound Design & Audio Branding - deepnoise.studio


Sound Design & Audio Branding

musical sound design www.deepnoise.studio


Recordist, Mixer, Producer - Peter


Recordist, Mixer, Producer

I am a audio engineer, mixer & producer from Ghent, Belgium. Occasionally I'll do mastering too. Check my website studioledeberg.be for more info! Peter

Session Bassist and Composer - Mike


Session Bassist and Composer

I specialize in creative double bass parts and have contributed and played music for many projects ranging from hip hop to Ken Burns' Vietnam and Mayo Clinic.

Mixing Mastering Editing - Les

Forest City

Mixing Mastering Editing

I am a Jazz and Instrumental mixing guru this type of music is my passion. You will find my mixing style to be very unique.

Creative/adventurous bassist - Todd

San Francisco Bay Area

Creative/adventurous bassist

Versed in jazz, r&b and improv/electronic/progressive styles, I work in many genres and delivery formats. I've studied the masters of studio bass from the 70s onward, and I can provide everything from the "Steely Dan" bass sound to avant approaches. I'm a quick study, good reader and can develop unique bass lines for your project.

Songwriter, sound designer - ZenBerry

Tel Aviv

Songwriter, sound designer

Singer-songwriter travelling with a laptop, guitar, Ableton Push and some studio gear. Gentle and quiet music is what I'd be happy to make together. Always looking forward to find a musical soulmate.


Recording, Mixing, SoundDesign - Gwen

Le Mans

Recording, Mixing, SoundDesign

I am an Acoustic Technician from the University of Le Mans (Higher Acoustic degree in Europe), integrated Sound Design courses at ESBAM and I worked the past 6 months as Chef Editor at EMST (National museum in Athens). Since 8 years, I worked with an extreme variety of collaborators, at first for band recordings, then for full video projects...

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar - Tembisile

Port Elizabeth

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar

I'm a versatile audio technician with more than a decade experience in the live industry and the studio environment. Specialities are live recordings, mixing, mastering and audio production

Audio Engineer/Sound Designer - Ethan


Audio Engineer/Sound Designer

I am an audio engineer and sound designer currently based out of Irvington, NY and Rochester, NY. I have worked with a variety of clients and genres, from acoustic to electronic, jazz to rock. You can find samples of my work here: https://ethanmweinstein.wixsite.com/ethanmweinstein

Mix Engineer - Jon


Mix Engineer

5 years Mixing Experience and Master Recording Program at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Pro Tools Tier 4 and Waves Certified. Analog Modeling is my specialty and I can deliver what your track needs.


Recording & Mixing Engineer - Connor


Recording & Mixing Engineer

Audio Engineer who loves bringing an artists dream to sonic fruition. I offer professional Recording, Mixing, and Mastering services at an affordable price.


Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Comet


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

We participated in Global Game Jam 2017 as 3 musicians/sound designers and turned a classroom into a studio. During 48 hours, for 5 games, we composed soundtracks, recorded samples, designed sound effects, mixed and mastered all the stuff.


Mix and Sound Designer - StudioSunglae


Mix and Sound Designer

- 3 years of experience of mixing and mastering. - 5 years of experience of sound design - Currently working/consulting with the mod communities on IndieDB and ModDB, and working with a game company as sound designer.


Sing, edit, sound design - Jesse


Sing, edit, sound design

The blind guy who's super-powers are: a beautiful Tenor voice, a kene ear, good equipment, and the skills and training to utilize it all to its fullest potential.


Session Musician & Composer - Seb

Los Angeles

Session Musician & Composer

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Zillner’s beautifully crafted melodies paired with a strong sense of rhythm, create the backbone of his sought after musical style. Born in Salzburg, Austria he is now based in Los Angeles, collaborating with artists internationally and manifesting his sonic identity.

Piano and Analog Synths - Amadeo


Piano and Analog Synths

I'm a versatile, jazz-trained piano player, composer and sound engineer. I love jazz and electronic music. Playing busy jazz solos excites me just as much as writing simple parts, and investing the time to find the perfect sounds for any project is a task I enjoy. 

Mallet Percussion  - Jerry


Mallet Percussion

Grammy nominated contemporary jazz mallet artist/clinician for the Ludwig-Musser Company. Owner of Good Vibes Sound Studio. Can add quality vibes and marimba parts to your music. Also available to Mix and Master.

Trumpeter, Producer, Arranger - Farnell


Trumpeter, Producer, Arranger

Trumpeter, Composer, Producer of Jazz, Lofihiphop, Funk, and more. Sync License Placements: Adidas, Uber, Nike, Puma, Airbnb, Mailchimp, Toyota, & more.

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