Top Audio Post Editors for hire

These veteran audio post production editors will curate, cut, and crossfade your production's recorded tracks into one clean take

Mixing and Mastering - George Marin

I've been doing recording, editing and mixing audio tracks (instruments, vocals etc) for the advertising industry for the last 15 years. I've also been doing live music shows for the last 5 years. This year I did my first short film - "Somewhere in Moldavia" by Ligia Ciornei, which was screened in Cannes Film Festival (2019).

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Artur

I am a recording, mixing and mastering engineer with experience of over 10 years. I have worked with musicians, artists of all genres and worked in studios from all over the world including: USA, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova(where I am based now).

Recording & Editing Engineer - Alfonso Baella Matto

"I'm very meticulous with the things that I do because my name is on it and it has to be perfectly done. I just finished working on "Raices Jazz Orchestra" a Jazz Big Band album project were I had the amazing opportunity to work on as Recording and Editing Engineer"

Music producer & engineer  - oftn

Looking for beats and engineering at great value? Look no further, my expertise in production and engineering will provide you with industry standard results at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a beat made or a mix & master delivered to you in less than 24 hours, my goal is to help you achieve yours.

Producer & Engineer - Avery Shyra

Full-time song-writer, producer, engineer and educator. I've amassed 1-million plays in total on my own music and helped countless others do the same.

Mixing, Vocal comping, tuning - Ryan

I'm here to turn your idea into reality, exactly how you envisioned it.

Lofi-Hiphop Prod., Songwriting - CHEY Y

I've worked as a ghostwriter for female and male artists. As my success began to climb, I invested time into Rap coaches and audio coaches to improve my skills. I was taught early to be service based. I've been mixing and producing my own songs for 3+ years. I can help you elevate your content, brand, and frequencies. Feel free to reach out. Bless

Musician and Music Producer - Charly

Discipline and experience is what marks my work over the years with various international artists in production, recording, mixing and master. I have also worked as a session guitarist and doing live performance for various artists in their shows such as: backing vocals, dj and audio engineer (setting automated live sets in Ableton)

Audio editor and mixer - DNBR AUDIO

Skilled audio professional with extensive experience in editing/creating music and speech-based content, radio/podcast production, mixing, music production, sound design etc.

 - Lado

Hello guys My name Is Lado, I am Sonic artist - Composer - Sound designer-Performer (MC & DJ) - Beat Maker and sound engineer.... I am from Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia) but I Live in Greece in the historical city of Sparta, Music is everything to me *** One Love ***

 - Sig.K

I make records. As a producer, composer and sound engineer I travel the world in pursuit of what makes music great, the rest of time I hang out in Berlin.

Full Service Audio - Blue Ribbon Studios

My name is Kent Verderico, I have a BS in Music Recording from the University of Southern California. I have over 15 years experience in the recording business, from analog 2" multi-track to the latest Pro tools system. As a former staff 1st engineer for 14 years, I have recorded, mixed and mastered thousands of songs in practically every genre.

Mixer-Session Guitarist-Writer - Blake Bunzel

Perfecting the final Master - Tasos Karadedos

My work is guided by musical versatility and respect to the vision of the artist. When mastering or mixing I seek out to accentuate the character of the piece, rather than impose a predetermined aesthetic. The aim is to please the ears of the artist and their audience.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Just Dre Productions

I am a Full Sail University graduate with over eight years of experience in the fields of recording, mixing and production. I have specialized in Electronic / EDM , Rock and Industrial, as well as Hip-Hop and Rap music.

We Craft Your Sonic Dreams - AB Sound Production

High Quality: Custom Songwriting; Mixing & Mastering; Sound Design; Scoring; Recording and more

Audio Engineer and Producer. - Kieron Matthew Banerji

London based musician, audio engineer and producer.

Mixing Engineer and Producer - Patrick Ryan

My name is Patrick Ryan. I am a freelance audio engineer and producer currently loctated in New York, New York. I earned a degree in audio technology and music production at SAE Institute in New York City.



Music Producer - Chris Lovos

Hi I'm Chris and have been producing for over 5 years. My initial genre of music has been sample based hiphop music, but I have also produced tracks with purely written notation using synths.

Live/Recording/Mixing Engineer - Kino Alvarez

Live Sound Engineer (FOH/Monitor) - (Bands, Concerts, Theatre Productions, Musicals, Broadway Productions). Sound Designer Recording Engineering Mixing Engineer Entertainment Professional & Consultant Fully cabable of taking any artiste/band/group/production from the studio to the stage.

Rec, produce, mix & mastering - David Levinsson // LEVINSOUND

In the middle of Gothenburg me and my studio serve as an audiohub for creatives. For remote recordings, production skills, acoustic piano recordings or mix jobs all over the world , just send me an email. Best/David

Recording/Mix Engineer - Alden P.

Recording/mix engineer based in Los Angeles who cares about your project.

Audio Engineer - David R.

Mixing and Mastering engineer offering professional studio services!

Producer, Mix & Master, - skyrocc1

I Produce, Mix & Master. Have my own Home Studio and use StudioOne v3 Pro has my main program, been using it since day one. I sell beats too and work with other Artists to produce for them. I don' bind myself to a one specific genre of music, Therefore i am open to working with many different styles hence it keeps the creativeness sparking.

Recording &Production Studio - 3rd Avenue Sound

3rd Avenue Sound is a custom built recording studio. We recording anything full productions with a studio band, to a simple songwriter demo.

Producer | Consultant  - Arza Arzito

That "Hip-Hop" sound you've been searching for. 2023 Boom Bap Type Beats

Mixing and Live Sound - Ricardo

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I chose to go into the audio industry from my love of music. From a young age I was taken to church since my family is a Christian Family. I started to learn piano when I was about 11 years old and from there, I explored through Audio mixing in The LA Film School.

song writer & singer - Ayodya Wijayaratne

I am a song-writer and I am also a singer.

Audio Engineer - Jake Stern

Professional sound without the professional pricing.

Editing, mixing, mastering - Andrii

Worked on advertising Lavazza, YouTube premium, Audi, Blablaсar, etc. I will professionally edit the tracks (vocals, dialogues, instrumentals) and make a mix that meets the standards.

Lo-fi and Home Records Mixing - Eric-Marie (Missié) Picard

We often have this unique home made recording that we want to preserve and to share. But the background noise is too loud, the recording itself is poor quality, the played back music needs to be reinforced... When feelings and live freshness are more important than sound standards, I can help editing, mixing and meeting your expectations.

Remote Fixing and Mixing  - Michiel Lisseveld

Fix and Mix your audio and music. Working remotely from Spain I help artists and bands to sound better! I work with recorded material, will fix all issues so you get the most cleanest sound and then I'll make you a new mix with the desired LUFS.

Mix/Recording Engineer - Anthony Nguyen


After graduating Berklee's prestigious Music Production and Engineering program, Anthony has been working around LA as a recording engineer and mixer. Anthony has the experience and musicianship needed to bring life and character to your project and is most at home tackling jazz and film scoring projects.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering.. - AIV Productions

We are Absolute Imperial Vibe Productions a production company with a focus in audio production. We have 2 extraordinary engineers one is our head sound/audio engineer who also is our mixing and mastering engineer Willie Spivey; and the recording specialist is our audio/visual technician Jonathan MucCumber. Go to for more info.

Mixing, Production, Editing - MagNificent Productionz

Whats going on, we're "MagNificent Productionz" a music production company here in Jackson MS. Our instrumental tracks are far different than anything on the market. We provide our clients with freshly produced tracks with the latest sound design technology that will guarantee head nodding and body rocking. So "Lets Animate The Imagination"

Vocal Producer, Sound Editor - Kaspar Kadastik


I have been producing film & commercial music for European & Asian commercial clients since 2009 and returned to music industry scene in 2014 fully committing to what I love most. Since then I have produced a few albums and singles and I look forward to working with people equally passionate about what they do.

I'm classical composer - Martin Zalba Symphonic Music

I am a Spanish composer. I write works for musicians and for media. I can also make orchestrations and harmonies of other composers. Visit my soundcloud, there you can hear my work.

Sound Designer, Drummer - Jason Stare

The heart creates rhythm which commands the body to move space. Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Drummer

Sound Engineer, Sound Editor - Marc Brunelli

Audio engineer/Sound editor with a decade of experience.

Music Production, Mix & Master - Unicorn Studio Los Angeles

A music studio where artistic expression is celebrated, helping artists to find their original sound.

Pro Audio mixing & mastering - Harelama

Seasoned and certified mixing engineer, with 20 years experience in digital audio production, including 10 years of teaching and instruction @NHLStenden. Education: Art School, School for Audio Engineering, Master in Music Production, Middlesex Uni London. Secured recording deals with self produced music. Works in the box, Pro Tools and Reaper.

Audio Engineer - Mixing / Edit - Yann Costa e Silva

When I’m working on a project with you my main goal is to fulfill your vision with the skills I have accomplished from over 5 years in audio mixing and editing. Every project is unique and for every single one of them I’m constantly adapting myself to, which will result in a final product that we’ll be extremely proud of, or your money back.

Audio Mixing and Mastering - Salai Pome

I will Professionally Mix & Master your songs using first-class mixing plugins and high-end digital mastering plugins resulting in a commercialized radio & streaming platform-ready song. (iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, etc) With my career of 9+ years of experience in the audio mixing and mastering business, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Audio engineering /production  - AZMO MUSIC

Head audio engineer of 41records, worked on many projects appearing on the likes of Pressplay, Mixtape madness and Grm Daily. Benn making music for other 10 years and mixing for 3.

Music producer, Master mixer - B Murph

I am a 36 year old college student single father of 2 boys and I have made beats for a few local artists but I have the drive, passion, education, and skills needed to succeed

Producer, Engineer, Composer - Dom Edgley

Dominic Edgley // Walcott // Holism. Producer for Holism, Field Kit, Sibéri, CØR, SOURCY, and MOJO Filmmaking Collectives Composer for BANFF award-winning documentary Running The Roof, Da Unten Im Himel, M¥CELIUM, and more Engineer and composer for Blinkist, VAHA, Asana Rebel, and Filter Stories Podcasts.

Recording Mixing Mastering - DimeloSean

Recording, Edit, Mixing,Mastering. Teaching.

Mix, Restoration, Drummer  - Erik Martin

Are you in search of a skilled and experienced sound engineer to elevate your audio production to new heights? Look no further! With my expertise in sound engineering, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional audio quality and creating immersive experiences for your projects.

Music producer & Creator - Kyomi

Passionate freelance music producer with over 8 years of experience crafting soulful sounds across diverse genres, from Hip Hop and R&B to Film Scores and Experimental music

Podcast Editing & Sound Design - Soundmind Editing

Freelance Audio Editor, Sound Designer and Musician specializing in post-production for podcasts & other audio formats. High profile client-based including Spotify, Parcast and more. High standards & reasonable rates. Custom arrangement to suit your needs and budget. Lets work together!

 - Fallout Studio

Fallout Studio è un recording-studio sito in Lecco, all'interno di una agenzia di produzione audio/video e pubblicità televisiva. Ti offre la possibilità, circondato da un'ambiente giovane, amichevole ed accogliente, di dare vita ai tuoi progetti musicali.

Recording, Session gtr + - SoundMachine PJ Hewitt

I've been in the music biz forever, making records, recording bands, producing, engineering, writing & playing in bands. I've learned from the best of the NW, LA and Nashville. Have innovated a few things and am now utilizing my newest 'The PJ stereo mic array' (mono approach to stereo) where everything is recorded in a stereo field & sounds real

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Frank DeMilt

I am a Mixing, Mastering and Tracking Engineer who believes that music is about emotion and transmitting that feeling to the listener. I have the talent, skill and experience to bring out those emotional qualities in an artist's record.

Engineer, Producer, and Artist - Maximo Diaz

My name is Max, I live in New York and go to school for audio engineering.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Panic Room Studio

Panic Room Studio is a voiceover recording and postproduction, music mixing and mastering facility based in Gdansk – Poland.

Music Producer - AshTheProducer


Vocal Specialist and PT Wizard - Pierre

Send me your vocal tracks and I'll Comp, Edit, Tune them, and I'll get your session ready for mixing. Artists and major labels have trusted me to handle their vocals, why wouldn't you?!

Music Producer, Mix & Masters - Smittie Da Hippie


I have a very distinct sound that compliments whatever genre of music you work in. My mixes pop full of color and character and my masters are just as vibrant without being too bright. My production is other worldly as I mesh multiple genres together to give you a multicultural masterpiece.

Experienced Mix Master Wizard. - D-Wiz

From Music Hitz, Urban Hip Hop & Alt Rock/Pop to Sponge Bob, Gears of War & Adaptive sound. Music, EFX Creation, Production, Mixing & Mastering. 40 + Platinum RIAA Awards. 2 time Grammy SF board Governor. Mixed 10K Records, CDs, TV shows, Ads, Film & Streams. ATMOS,VR,Analog & ProtoolsDAW Pro Certified Instructor.

... - Adolfo Flores Brito

I am an audio engineer with experience in recording and mixing, also covering the area of sound design.

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