Indie Pop Piano

These professional pianists will record original custom piano parts remotely for your song, in any genre

Keyboardist & Producer  - A




Keyboardist & Producer

Catchy hooklines, piano & analog synth recordings, electric bass & voices.

Piano/Keyboards/Arranger - Giulio



I have been studying music since I was 10 years old, at 13 I entered the Milan Conservatory and now I am perfecting my studies at the Conservatory.


Vocals and piano recording - Aleksandra

54655 Malberg

Vocals and piano recording

I am a singer-songwriter, who's been playing piano since she was 5 y.o. I can help you with writing and recording piano tracks or vocals for your songs.

Songwriter, singer - Nikki

Los Angeles

Songwriter, singer

I write and produce my own music and work with other musicians when they need hooks or help writing songs :)


Touring Keyboardist/Producer - Nolan

Los Angeles

Touring Keyboardist/Producer

Musical Director and touring keyboard player for Noah Cyrus and Grace VanderWaal. Keyboardist for Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour.

Session Musician and Composer - Mandy


Session Musician and Composer

A multi-instrumentalist offering strong performance and composition skills and an ability to work with a wide variety of people. Experienced with playing as a studio and live venue musician.


Session Keyboard Player - Alan


Session Keyboard Player

I'm a versatile piano & keyboard player with 15 years experience touring & recording and with a quality home studio. Hear me on dozens of LPs, EPs, at no 5 in the Spanish charts, live on 6 music, on tours of US, UK, EU, in theatres, big concert halls or busking the streets in lockdown. I was also the first musician to play the i360 in Brighton.


Session Pianist/Keyboardist - Kris


Session Pianist/Keyboardist

Genre-blending pianist, keyboardist, synth player and arranger - if you've got tunes I can add piano and keys and help you develop your songs from rough drafts to final products ready to perform or help you build your studio arrangements.


Session Pianist/Composer - Alexander

New Jersey

Session Pianist/Composer

Session instrumentalist specializing in piano/keyboard work, but also composition work. I am currently in the process of writing a large concept album that I have written the music for myself using piano as my primary composition instrument.


Keyboars/Synth, Music Producer - Nacho

Buenos Aires

Keyboars/Synth, Music Producer

I´m a versatile Keyboard, Synth and Piano player with 15 years of experience on studio sessions. Producer and Songwriter, and pop/rock arranger.

Engineer/Session Player/Writer - Juan

Los Angeles

Engineer/Session Player/Writer

A lifelong musician with years of experience on both sides of the glass as a producer/engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter.

Music Producer - Michael


Music Producer

Producing several albums for artists and TV


Music Producer  - Andy


Music Producer

I am an artist who believes in other artists. I have experience in music city (Nashville, TN) as a session musician, jazz musician, songwriter, producer, and creative ally. I work with and am close to amazing songwriters, producers, and musicians alike. I would love to work with you. Send me a message!

Creative Session Keyboardist - Paul


Creative Session Keyboardist

I specialize in high quality performances and recordings of analog synths, pianos and more.

LA Nash Writer Producer Mixer - Keith


LA Nash Writer Producer Mixer

Keith Hetrick is a Grammy-nominated American songwriter/record producer based in Nashville, Tennessee with #1 records worldwide.

Whatever You Need - Casian


Whatever You Need

I write sad songs people can dance to. Music is what I love to do, but it's not what I do for a living. I'm looking for any opportunity to build my resume and break into the industry. I hope to work with you in the near future!


Producer and Session Musician - Bill

San Diego

Producer and Session Musician

A very versatile musician and producer who specializes in film scoring, songwriting, piano, guitar, vocals, and overall music production.

Inspired Indie/Pop/Folk - Ben


Inspired Indie/Pop/Folk

Drawing on 15+ years of experience w/ songwriters, producers and agencies, as well as running a recording studio in partnership with Nike and Jordan Brand, I can take YOUR song from sketchy demo to fully produced track, drawing inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, James Blake, Sufjan Stevens, Sylvan Esso, Beach House and others.

Music Producer - ARISTIL

Los Angeles

Music Producer

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, analog-loving, sample chopping, Haitian-American producer loving the pop, indie, and electronic world. I travel often to many countries to work with groups and study other genres. Let's work!


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