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These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Keys, mixing, and dreams - Eric


Keys, mixing, and dreams

I'm an electronic producer and keyboardist from Phoenix, AZ. I'm a great fit for somebody looking for some keys/synths, sound design, or collaborative production help with a unique flavor. I work hard to understand your project and add a little something special that compliments it while leaving your vision center stage.

Custom MIDI Programming - Don

Pocono Mountains

Custom MIDI Programming

Noted ambient electronica composer & performer Don Slepian designs and builds electronic music studios. Difficult studio and stage performance problems solved. Tour equipment support.

Recording in studio, composer - Domenico

70054 Giovinazzo

Recording in studio, composer

Taste and personality are the keywords. I love searching for sounds and melodies, I want everything to fit perfectly. I've been playing keyboards since I was 4 years old. Composing music is one of my greatest passions, as is arranging songs. My personal work environment is assembled to obtain the maximum sound quality.

Sound Engineer,Musician - Georgia


Sound Engineer,Musician

Sound Engineer,Sound Designer,Music Producer,Session Musician (Keyboardist),Orchestra Composer & Arranger

Composer, Music Producer - Ryan


Composer, Music Producer

Orchestral, Piano, and Electronica vibes for a Cinematic Experience


Film Composer, music producer - Javier


Film Composer, music producer

Composer and producer of soundtracks, for film, TV, video games. I have produced for 15 years with Alberto Iglesias, in high-level projects, and awarded numerous times. (3 Oscar nominations, several Goyas, European film academy awards, etc ...) I offer great experience and top-notch talent.

Composer, keyboardist - Jes


Composer, keyboardist

I have a unique feel and sound which makes music radiate into the soul.


Musician, Composer, Producer - Michal


Musician, Composer, Producer

Musician and producer mostly interested in soundtrack music, working with analouge instruments (Moog, Rhodes, etc.) as well as VSTs and so on. Primarily involved in musical project Sea Vine, and sound production.


I am an Italian composer - Pino


I am an Italian composer

The pitch..... .... .. ?? I don't know what it means ... I ask for forgiveness.

"piano" "Keys" "songwriter"  - Guilo

Buenos Aires

"piano" "Keys" "songwriter"

Hello! I'm Guilo, from Argentina.


Composer for Film | TV | Games - Jelle


Composer for Film | TV | Games

Composer for Film, TV, Games and Production Music. Specialized in Cinematic tracks and minimal underscores. Professional knowledge of Pro Tools, Cubase and many other DAW's. Currently working for Warner Chappell Los Angeles.


Recording studio - Orquesta


Recording studio

Founded in 2011 by the author of El viaje de Antonio, Orquesta Arrecife tours around polygons and parking lots of empty shopping centers.


Music producer Keyboard player - Anders


Music producer Keyboard player

if you search my name on Youtube "Anders Ekengren" you will see a lot of stuff that i have done. Mostly TV background music.


Composer/arranger/keys player - Laurens

3235 Rockanje

Composer/arranger/keys player

Need help with a part of the production process? I can pitch in at any moment in the process!

Pianist / Composer / Producer - Michael


Pianist / Composer / Producer

Over 50 Million spins to date on Spotify, Apple, Pandora and other music platforms along with regular rotation on many radio programs; dozens of film/tv credits. I specialize in subtle & emotional piano instrumentation, recorded on your choice of a world-class Shigeru Kawai SK7 7'6" grand piano or an artistic sounding felted upright piano.

Piano - organ recordings - Paolo

17031 Albenga

Piano - organ recordings

Paolo Bertolotto, professional Live pianist,opera singer accompanist, producer and youtuber for more than 12 years, will help you to take your music project to the next level, starting from the creation to the distribution and will make you earn more money from your work!


Film Composer & Arranger - Mario

Ponta Delgada

Film Composer & Arranger

I've been composing in my laptop for film, documentaries or comercials since mid 90s in a diverse range of styles. I like to experiment from electronic to orchestral or hybrid and not be stucked in the same musical strand. My work, defined as melodic and emotional has been requested from local media firms such as IRIS-Audio Visuais and RTP-Açores.

Composer, Producer, Programmer - Jim


Composer, Producer, Programmer

Jim Daneker is an award-winning and Billboard-charting composer & producer with a diverse musical career, including 25 years as musical director and producer for CCM icon Michael W. Smith, producer on several #1 albums, film & trailer composer, and synth pop artist...

Composer, keyboardist, pianist - David


Composer, keyboardist, pianist

I'm a keyboardist and composer of production music and also have some of my music available to the public on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and many other places. My music has been used in dozens of TV shows and radio stations.

I want to bring my music! - Dmitry


I want to bring my music!

My name is Dmitry Gubin. I am a composer, musician, arranger, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In every original composition I put my soul and my gaze and do the work responsibly and sincerely. I write a lot of new music in different styles and genres, from rock music, cinema music and classics to ambient and electro-funk.


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