Indie Pop Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Keyboars/Synth, Music Producer - Nacho

Buenos Aires

Keyboars/Synth, Music Producer

I´m a versatile Keyboard, Synth and Piano player with 15 years of experience on studio sessions. Producer and Songwriter, and pop/rock arranger.

Indie Analog Synths - Jordan

New York

Indie Analog Synths

Utilize analog synths to add character and an organic quality to your songs that MIDI synths can't acheive.

Producer, engineer, keys/gtr - Andy

Los Angeles

Producer, engineer, keys/gtr

Keys/Gtr player for Miguel, Sabrina Carpenter, Kiiara, David Archuletta & many more... Studio engineer for NKOTB + Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins), Mixing engineer for Treasure Studios: the most-viewed Youtube Channel in the USA.

Keys, Mixing, Final Touches - Alex


Keys, Mixing, Final Touches

Best known for contributing keyboards and production for Minus the Bear, Alex Rose (aka Nightblind) will bring finishing touches to emphasize the emotion in your song, bring your vision into focus -- and perhaps a bit beyond what you imagined with keyboard hooks, a sax solo, or a full revamp with a Nightblind Remix.

Recording studio/Producer - Packtown


Recording studio/Producer

Packtown Productions is the name, hit me up and let's make your dreams reality!


Creative Session Keyboardist - Paul


Creative Session Keyboardist

I specialize in high quality performances and recordings of analog synths, pianos and more.

Writer/producer/arranger/mixer - Kim

Los Angeles


Making the world a better place, one song at a time

Alt-Pop Producer + Vocalist - hü

Los Angeles

Alt-Pop Producer + Vocalist

Specialize in indie jams (full tracks + vocal production), recording shoegaze vocals and catchy, but distinctive top lines. :)


Music Producer  - Andy


Music Producer

I am an artist who believes in other artists. I have experience in music city (Nashville, TN) as a session musician, jazz musician, songwriter, producer, and creative ally. I work with and am close to amazing songwriters, producers, and musicians alike. I would love to work with you. Send me a message!

Producer / Composer / Pianist  - SoundReserve


Producer / Composer / Pianist

Have a small budget? No worries! I'll not only produce your song, but will arrange all the music! I specialize in orchestral, electronic, and pop music. I love working with artists who have written songs but aren't quite sure how to take their music to the next level.

Multi-Instrumentalist Producer - Nemula


Multi-Instrumentalist Producer

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer with experience in a variety of musical genres. Contact me so we can discuss your new project, get to know each other and your music.

Piano/Keyboards/Arranger - Giulio



I have been studying music since I was 10 years old, at 13 I entered the Milan Conservatory and now I am perfecting my studies at the Conservatory.


Producer/Singer/Guitar/Synths - Andrew

Los Angeles


Hello I'm Andrew from the project Elephants Doing Ballet. I'm an Indie, Electronic, Psyche, Synth Wave, and Folk producer, singer, guitarist, bass player. I create everything on all my tracks as well as sing and can help you with your next song. Take a listen to my music and let me know if you think my style fits with your next song or project!


Music Producer - ARISTIL

Los Angeles

Music Producer

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, analog-loving, sample chopping, Haitian-American producer loving the pop, indie, and electronic world. I travel often to many countries to work with groups and study other genres. Let's work!


Session musician and producer - Louis


Session musician and producer

Session musician, singer songwriter, producer, top liner and arranger that will help you create and realize your musical vision. Genres range from indie, alternative, rock, pop, folk and blues to jazz. Credits include Pascale Picard Band, Kevin Parent, Patrice Michaud, Winter Gloves, Nicolas Gémus, Whisky Legs and Furhats.

Music producer/Songwriter - Siranush

Los Angeles

Music producer/Songwriter

I'm a singer-songwriter, music producer, and pianist. I've been into music professionally since 4. I started as a professional classical pianist. I write and produce songs for others. I'm a very melodic person and my productions are very unique, developed, and deep.


Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Yosef

Bet Shemesh

Music Producer, Remote Mixing

I’ll give your track a lift, maybe add synth soundscapes if appropriate, or any other additional effects to give your production that extra shine. Get your track mixed, hassle-free!

Singer,Songwriter,Pianist,Cvrs - Kakos



Pianist since 2004, Guitarist since 2012, Singer since 2013, Graduate of Modern Music School in 2019 in the field of Vocal Coaching.


Producer, Keyboard Player - Andrew


Producer, Keyboard Player

i combine production and programming skills with geeking out on literally every type of music (new and old), so I feel like I'm pretty open-minded and connected to what's happening in pop right now. i think that to make great music, you need to be having fun. i try to create the best vibe possible, then we just go with whatever we're inspired by!

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