Folk / Acoustic Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Songwriter, Remote recording - Dylan


Songwriter, Remote recording

I'm a professional multi-instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Cello, Bass, Mandolin, Theremin, Autoharp, Kalimba, Melodica, songwriter and arranger. I Have arranged brass and strings for a number of albums. I have a home studio setup and can write/record parts for your music!

Productor musical - Jorge


Productor musical

Arreglista y músico de diferentes artistas.

Accordionist and Keyboardist - Emilia

Buenos Aires

Accordionist and Keyboardist

I am a accordionist and keyboards lover. I work from my home studio recording instrumental tracks and I love playing sessions in my spare time. I specialize in arrangements (vocal or instrumental). I have a Music Professor degree (ESEAM J.P. Esnaola).

Aural Exploration/Session Work - Jeff


Aural Exploration/Session Work

It's quite simple: I enjoy making good music with good people, and I want to help you do it! Anything from songwriting, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, and producing are welcome. A master of all trades!

Music producer & composer - Noa


Music producer & composer

I write and perform music. That's my life.


Session Pianist (Keyboards) - Raphaël


Session Pianist (Keyboards)

My name is Raphaël Angelini and I am an full-time pianist, keyboardist, producer, composer and teacher, based in Belgium. I will record professional piano and keyboards for your project (high-quality audio files of ready-to-use, professional-quality work, mixing and mastering).

Tango and World Music Pianist - German

Buenos Aires

Tango and World Music Pianist

I am pianist, accordionist, composer, arranger, music producer. Popular music specialist. I also make recordings, edits and audio mixes in my studio. 15 years of experience working as a professional musician.

composer,sessionist,producer  - Janez



Janez Dovč is one of the most creative musical artists in Slovenia in the past few years. (Rockline) Virtuoso musical skills and experiences, transformed into an eclectic mix of jaz, Latin American, African, Indian and classical musical tradition. A delicacy. (Mladina)


Mixing, Mastering, Production  - Nickolas


Mixing, Mastering, Production

I offer affordable remote mixing, with years of experience. I’d love to help you get your songs to that next level in a price range that fits you and your goals. With top of the line tools, a good ear and no ego I am dedicated to assist artists in getting the sound that they want. I also record and compose guitar, bass, synth and beats.

Music composer and arranger - Máximo

Mar del Plata

Music composer and arranger

I' m a piano teacher and music producer from Argentina. I' ve been teaching for over 5 years and playing and producing music for over 15. I also have some experience on live audio and cinema.

Music Producer / Songwriter - Frederik


Music Producer / Songwriter

Experienced live musician turned studio musician.


Multi Instrumentalist - Bohowood

Frome BA11

Multi Instrumentalist

I am lucky to be gifted in several instruments. I like a challenge or a deadline but equally at home with presenting several ideas for a track.


Production, Sessions & Mixing - Triola

Tel Aviv

Production, Sessions & Mixing

We are 2 professional Musicians and Mixing engineers located in Tel-aviv, working together for two decades, influenced by music from around the globe.


Music Producer, Composer - JORGE

Buenos Aires

Music Producer, Composer

Classic Music


Session Guitarist - Phoebe


Session Guitarist

I have been involved in the music industry for nearly 10 years, with a BA Hons degree in Songwriting and Professional Musicianship. I have performed in many venues across the UK and am in a band working towards our debut album. I love collaboration and will be driven by any project I am involved with!!

Producer/Writer/Mixer/Musician - Davis

Los Angeles


I can play/program every instrument (and even sing the vocal), produce, and mix your project for you, taking all the tough creative decisions and turning them into a fun process with a competitive end result. You can hear some recent work of mine in Chaz Cardigan's "As I'll Ever Be", featured in Netflix's "To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You".

Producer, Engineer, Songwriter - Ringwood


Producer, Engineer, Songwriter

We are a production duo based out of Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA offering song production, writing, and engineering. We each have 15+ years of instrumental experience and significant experience playing live and recording in the studio. We will use this experience to bring your ideas to life, or add instruments, vocal tracks, and creative vision.


Singer, Songwriter, Musician - Ben



Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Soulful, passionate, unique vocals you won’t find anywhere else. Fantastic piano playing, guitar work, and songwriting to complement whatever project you are working on.


"Acoustic Grand Piano" - Ryan


"Acoustic Grand Piano"

Am a composer and songwriter who adds a unique twist to piano recording. My specialty involves original improvisation that spawns forth unique creative ideas rather quickly. Piano tracks will be recorded on a 7 foot Yamaha concert grand with some of the best mics and pre-amp in the industry.


Arranger, Composer. - Composer,


Arranger, Composer.

Arranger, Composer


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