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Music Production & Engineering

I am a musicians musician well versed in all genres (excluding country) Bassist, Guitarist, Engineer

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Mixing Engineer - Greg


Mixing Engineer

My name is Greg and I'm a mixing engineer. I am about to graduate from Belmont University with a degree in Audio Engineering. I am interested in working on projects mostly centered around any form of rock or metal. I'm open to working on pop as well as hip-hop. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll respond as quickly as possible.


Music Production Wizard - knightowlstudios


Music Production Wizard

First things first, so many music producers have only one vision for the project they're hired to do, but I break that stereotype and work on your project from YOUR vision.

Studio Recording, Mixing - C-studio


Studio Recording, Mixing

I'm a Singer/Guitarist and Music Producer. I own a fully equipped studio to record and mix drums, guitar, bass, voices, keyboards, synth, etc. Je suis chanteur/guitariste et producteur de musique, je peux intervenir pour enregistrer une batterie, une guitare du chant ou tout un morceau. Je peux ensuite m'occuper du mix, quantif, mastering...


Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering - DJ

New York

Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering

My name is Lewis de la Cruz, better known in the music industry as DJ Lewis Da Hitmaker. I have been making music for about 10 years now. I attended at the Institute of Audio Research where I got my diploma in Audio Recording & Music Production. I've worked with music artists in the Hip Hop Industry and Latin Music Industry.

Mix Engineer, Drum Programmer - Fred


Mix Engineer, Drum Programmer

I compose music for screen. My main goal with the tracks I work on is to evoke a reaction, whether it be happiness, sorrow, anger or fear.. Being the remote driver to someone hanging off their seat in anticipation - is the key.


Engineer - Scooter



Been pushin' buttons makin' people sound good for about 5 Years.

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