These acclaimed cellists have written, recorded, and performed on soundtracks and hit songs. Find your ideal session cello player today.

Cellist | String arranger - Yoed



New York

Cellist | String arranger

Over the past 8 years he has recorded and toured with Regina Spektor, Judy Collins and Interpol's Paul Banks, appearing on their most recent albums and concert broadcasts from around the world. Yoed Nir appears on more than 1500 albums worldwide as a cellist and/or arranger.

Cello & Strings - Joe




Cello & Strings

Principal chair in Oscar® -nominated soundtrack "Jackie" (Mica Levi), and many other sessions: Bryan Tyler, Jonny Greenwood, Jeffery Lewis, Aphex Twin, Johnny Flynn, Floating Points. I was a member of a professional string quartet for many years, performing regularly at London's Wigmore Hall as well as other esteemed concert halls worldwide.

Session Cello, String Arranger - Michelle


Session Cello, String Arranger

Solo sessions w/ Hans Zimmer/Anže Rozman, League of Legends w/ Seb Najand, Sony Masterworks w/ Inon Zur. Live w/ Eminem, Camila Cabello, 5SoS, Ava Max, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. TV with Hallmark, FX, WB, Apple TV's New Music Daily, Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Cellist, String Arranger - Hamilton


Cellist, String Arranger

Hi! I'm cellist with the Grammy-nominated PUBLIQuartet. My credits include albums by Vampire Weekend, Bjork, Rostam, RAC, and Becca Stevens. I've arranged strings for Debbie Harry (Blondie) and have performed on the stages of SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Governor's Ball, and Carnegie Hall.

Composer | Arranger | Strings - Marcos

Buenos Aires

Composer | Arranger | Strings

Hi, Marcos here. I'am a classical trained cellist, bass player and composer. I want to help you to create great music! For more than 12 years i've been involved in diferent musical and media proyects. I love being part of the other people's music as well as writing or arranging: Collaborating is everithing. Let's work together!

Cellist | Strings - Rachel

New York

Cellist | Strings

Broadway & indie musician 15+ years of playing & writing. Can work with or w/o charts to deliver the best strings sound for your song. I focus on vibe, intonation, timing, and energy to bring your vision to life and amplify your music.

Cello Player & YouTube Artist - Vesislava

Abu Dhabi

Cello Player & YouTube Artist

Hey guys! My name is Vesi, I am an international Cello Performer/Recording artist with more than 10 years experience behind me! Masters Degree in Classical Cello and over 15 Million views on my YouTube Channel full with Pop Covers, I am ready to fit in and enrich your Pop tracks / Movie soundtrack or anything else you might need with my sound!


Cellist, improviser, creator  - Liz




Cellist, improviser, creator

Emotive, creative and dynamic cellist. From touring with Liam Gallagher to improvising with Indian classical musicians; performing with Smokey Robinson to recording film soundtracks. Liz has a vast array of experience in studios and can expertly record your composed cello lines and also improvise to add an extra layer of emotion.

Session Cellist - Juan


Session Cellist

I'll take your track to the next level. If you're recording a song and you thought that it could use a cello sound, we can work it out. I'd love to hear what you are doing and work with you.

Cellist, String Magician - Cicely


Cellist, String Magician

Hi, I'm Cicely Parnas. I'm a cellist who specializes in writing/recording/arranging string melodies and parts in many different styles including pop, rock, cinematic, folk, house, and more. I went to conservatory for cello performance, and played in Carnegie Hall, the trailer for Netflix's The Prom, Nike ads, and with Shawn Mendes on MTV Unplugged.


Session cellist in any genre. - Kira


Session cellist in any genre.

I am a classically trained versatile cellist with 35 years of performing experience skilled in solo, chamber and orchestral setting. As a leader of the Rastrelli Cello Quartet, I have performed in more than 50 countries, recorded 11 albums. My professional skills allow me recording cello tracks and improvising solos of any difficulty & music genre.

Cellist and Music Producer - Bruno

São Paulo

Cellist and Music Producer

Experienced cellist and music producer from São Paulo, Brazil, ready to record for artists around the globe, in his own Studio using top quality gear.

Music Producer and sessionist - Manuel

Buenos Aires

Music Producer and sessionist

I have been working with many of the most renowned musicians from Argentina such as Pedro Aznar, Rodolfo Mederos, Mario Parmisano, Patricio Villarejo, Luis Salinas, Litto Nebbia, Rata Blanca, Pablo Agri, Franco Luciani, Roberto Tapia, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Adriana Varela, César Franov and many others.

session cellist - Martha

Yellowstone National Park

session cellist

Martha Colby "scrapes, glides and plucks her way like a flame." Performing Songwriter Magazine. Martha Colby can add string pads and textures to music that you may never have thought possible. She is an adept improviser as well as a pretty kick ass sight reader. Trained in classical and jazz music, she applies these techniques to her projects.

Session Cellist + Arranger - Heartsongs


Session Cellist + Arranger

I've recorded, performed and taught cello in 5 countries for live audiences, symphonies and acclaimed artists. With over 25 years industry experience, I produce world-class results in very little time and I provide my creative services with a smile. My sound is rich, emotive and sophisticated and the sky's the limit when it comes to technique.

Cellist, Arranger, Producer - Noah

New York City

Cellist, Arranger, Producer

I've played cello for many great artists around the world, like Renee Fleming, Philip Glass and Brad Mehldau, Including the 2020 Grammy winning best jazz album Finding Gabriel, and recorded solos for films like A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford. I improvise, write and record string arrangements, produce albums and mix tracks.

Cellist - Amber



From ambient to classical to symphonic heavy metal, her experience is global in scope!

Session Cellist - Roxane


Session Cellist

Hi! I'm a freelance session cellist with a significant experience in recording all kinds of music. Are you looking for a cello track for your composition? Do you need a powerful cello to improvise on your movie / trailer / video game soundtrack? I would be happy to join in and work with you, so hit the "Contact" button! :)

Session Cellist  - Nick

New York

Session Cellist

Welcome! My name is Nick and I want to record cello for your next track! I am a versatile cellist - classically trained but specializing singer-songwriter music and folk-rock. I am an experienced recording engineer and I use top-notch microphones in my studio space to ensure that you receive the best quality audio possible.

studio cellist & composer  - Emily

Mexico City

studio cellist & composer

I’ve recorded for artists such as Fiona Apple, Midland, members of the Dixie Chicks, Ximena Sariñana (MX) and more. Most of my recordings have been done at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios.

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