Bea Andrés

Cellist | Music Producer

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Professional Cellist & Music Producer. I offer my services as a professional cellist, music producer & sound designer.

Hi there! I'm Bea, a professional cellist and music producer. With years of training and a deep love for music, I specialize in providing cello tracks that enrich compositions across various genres.

Here's how I can contribute to your work:

- Cello Tracks for your Composition:

Whether you need a soulful cello solo, expressive accompaniment, or textured layers in your compositions, my cello performances will add a distinct and emotive dimension to your music. I offer both remote recording capabilities and in-studio sessions to meet your specific requirements.

- Composition and Arrangement:

Drawing on my extensive musical background, I am adept at composing original music and arranging existing pieces to suit various ensembles and genres. I can create bespoke compositions tailored to your project's needs or transform your existing ideas into fresh and exciting arrangements.

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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