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Mixing & Mastering - The Real Legend

My goal is make your music sound professional, dynamic, and unique at the same time.

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Music producer, Mix & Master - Abhishek Negi

Music Producer, Mix and Mastering Engineer.

Remote Mixing - Ryan Paul

I have 7 years of experience doing audio production. Various satisfied clients ranging from ad, school and even campaign jingles type of jobs. I am flexible with the needs and wants of my clients and giving them the best result in the fastest and professional way possible.

Live Sound Engineer - Johan Milet

I'm a 43 Years old Belgian sound engineer, from Brussels, mostly doing gigs as a Monitor Mixer… World tour experience…

Singer, Songwriter - Jordyn Kane


I am a singer/songwriter that will take your song to the next level! If you need vocals, I will provide a great lead vocal with tons of stacks including doubles, harmonies, and adlibs. Can send dry and wet stems. I can also write toplines to your tracks/sing the vocals!

remote mixing and mastering - Diego Bae

I have 6 years of experience doing music production, mixing and mastering music, Im also a guitar player, bass player and singer

Remote Mix & Mastering - Elvis Bunnetta

Im Elvis Evies, better known as "Elvis Bunnetta". Im a musical producer and audio engineer certified for the AES (Audio Engineer Society). I have a couple of years working in the musical world and I love my profession, I was worked in the engineering area and the recordings studios area and I'm did teach the diplomats of advanced mixing arts of aud

Sound design, Audio editing - Tufi Meme

Unclassifiable in terms of genres, it stirs, shoots and integrates physical resources and virtual processes to crystallize its message

Electronic music producer - LeBoops

I am a house and Tech house producer with several tracks signed on recognized labels. I compose, mix and master my tracks.

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