So, you've got a song and it sounds good.
You wrote it, spent hours on mic positions, recorded, re-recorded, spent a lot of energy, and perhaps even money while tweaking it, bringing it to perfection. making your song sound as good as it can. as good as you imagined it.
Is sounds good, but it's not perfect yet.
That's where I come in...

My name is Maor Barazani and i'm an engineer, producer, and a musician myself. I specialize in Mixing and Mastering recorded music- all the way from Rock and Metal, through Acoustic Pop and Folk music, all the way to Blues, Jazz and Big-Band.

What I offer you is a fresh perspective on your song, and an experienced set of ears to help get your project to the next level. Working on my own music, and the music of various artists over the years I've learned how to focus on and eliminate the problems that so often emerge on recordings and mixes. even though I primarily do mixing, sometimes I'll even go further to change arrangements, and even add vocal harmonies or instrument parts- just because I like your song!

Remember, music is about conveying emotion. It's about people.
working online is a great tool for communication and collaboration. so instead of sending your precious work (and it is precious!) to a stranger- talk to me, get to know what I can do, and walk me through on what you want to accomplish.

Got any questions? Go ahead and bother me! :)

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Costum Shop ADK Vienna
  • Focusrite A/D conversion
  • Tannoy monitoring system
  • Pro Tools HD12
  • SM57

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

3 Revisions FREE - avg.TA time 6 days for Mixing(48tracks or less)--more than 48 tracks expect double TA-time, Mastering 4 days max. every project is unique-talk to me and together we'll figure it out

Reviews of Maor Sound

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_soundbetter21 day agoby

    There must be a mistake in the name of his Soundbetter's page... it is not "Maor Sound" but "Major Sound" because he is a master of mixing and mastering... :)

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_7516-27 days agoby

    Maor is just awesome! I really don't know what else to say? This guy just gets it, he has a great ear, and he LISTENS...I can't emphasize the later enough...He really listens to the song and figures out how to make it sound great. If he can take an average guy like me, and make me sound good, I guarantee he'll do wonders for your song!
    Steve Karos

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_862420 days agoby

    Maor did the mastering of my 6-track EP. He's been very patient and listening with all my feedbacks, and the masters he delivered were great! And for this price? This is amazing. I totally recommend his work.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_7516-222 days agoby

    Maor is incredibly diligent and hard working! He has a great ear and really goes out of his way to make sure you are truly happy with your results! Very professional and very easy to work with, highly recommended!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_img_7516-2about 1 month agoby

    Maor has a fantastic ear! He really listens to the music and does whatever it takes to make your songs sound there best! He's also a great guy to work with, and really goes out of his way to be fair and honest with you on a professional level. Highly recommend and can't wait to work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar3 months agoby

    Moar's the master at mastering! He mixed our album and put the icing on the cake with a superb bit of mastering. Sounds warm and smooth in the low end with a lovely sheen and sparkle on the highs. Sounds great on all devices. Nice guy to work with! Couldn't recommended highly enough.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Maor is an ideal person to work with online. This was my first time using SoundBetter, so I was a bit unsure, but Maor's responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to detail changed this quick. He kindly allowed for a few revisions and spent time upfront to understand what Exactly I was going for...

    Would definitely work with Maor again.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Very easy to work with, we got out mix in a couple of days and it was mixed exactly how we wanted the track. Thank you for good experience.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Brilliant work Maor! Patiently dealt with the revision requests, and made sure that we had a great song at the end. I'll definitely be back!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    Another great revision from Maor, I really liked it! He is very well caring for my music. Highly recommended!!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    I was little worried at first because of the time differences but Maor did an amazing job to my song! He did everything I asked for patiently. He was very very patient and I could tell that he was caring about my music. I'm so glad that he brought a different color and much warmer color to my music and I will definitely want to work with him again~

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    talented engineer!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar4 months agoby

    So here's why you should let Maor Sound mix your tunes:
    1. He cares about the songs.
    2. He REALLY listens.
    3. He's receptive to amendments.
    4. Just a great bloke that we felt happy to work with. All communication via email worked out well.

    All band members happy with the final mixes. :-)

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar6 months agoby

    Maor the mixing magician is the person to run to after putting all your favorite instruments into your song and you became confused on how to blend them together perfectly. Maor will make your music sound sweeter than your imagination at a fraction of your local recording studios. I can't wait to do another project with him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Maor was amazing and worked very patiently with us through our first song. He was always there with a quick and friendly response. He really took the time to make sure we were pleased with the final outcome. We will definitely want to work with him again in the future. Thanks Maor!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    After spending many hours in the studio without getting a desired mix Maor gave me a perfect mix of my song in three days. All I did is the submission of three sample songs with simple instructions of the type of sound that I was looking for. He's an amazing engineer and a master communicator. If you want your project done right - hire Maor.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    You'd think that working with someone thousands of miles away could present a problem but not with Maor. He works patiently with you to achieve the sound you want and understands ,being a musician himself, that it's all about the music and works with you without fuss and complaining on amendments to get it right. I highly recommend him.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Maor was a real pleasure to work with. He is a very professional mixer and takes pride in the tracks he mixes. He is extremely fast working and very accommodating to any changes throughout the mixing process. It's also refreshing to work with someone who is a nice person. recommended.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar7 months agoby

    Maor is very professional in his mixing job. He is prompt, responsible and has a sense of what the music is about. His price is very reasonable which I am now working a full album mixing with him. One of the best in sound better!!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar8 months agoby

    Maor works diligently to provide quality engineering to the client.
    If you have material like what he displays in his sample work you should employ him to help you with your project.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatar12 months agoby

    Had 9 songs that needed varying amounts of work and different types of problems that needed fixed. Maor was able to address all of them and make each song sound it's best while still keeping a balanced and coherent sound. It was great being able to make comments on masters and have changes or adjustments made until I was satisfied with everything.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Choosing Maor to do the mixing job was a great desicion we made, the quality of the job is outstanding.
    He took our entire project to another level.
    He gave the project an unique sound that we were looking for , the communication were constant and fluid , he delivered in time , very professional and patient, we would definitively recommend Maor!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarabout 1 year agoby

    Great work, very flexible and works super fast. Delivered a quality product.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_hauptcover5about 1 year agoby

    It´s been great working with Maor ! I´ll do more of my songs with him.
    He responds very quick and he delivers quick, as well !
    Highly appreciate his motivation and the improvement of my sound !
    Great Mastering ! Thank you Dear Maor !

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Maor's mastering skills are above and beyond. He is a highly capable engineer, and knows exactly what a song needs to be a genuine masterpiece. I had a great experience, thank you.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Very communicable and intuitive sound engineer. All my suggestions until the desired results were achieved...
    Highly recommended.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    I was a little apprehensive about working with Maor at first, not because the quality wasn't there, but because there were no references that were quite in the genre I was working in (a real mix of electronic and organic instruments).Have to say though that from the first mix example he sent through it sounded fantastic and he nailed the final mix!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_11402825_10207618989581825_3505964867686741945_oover 1 year agoby

    Maor did a fantastic job with my song. He has an intuition for what sounds good—when my vocals weren't quite good enough, he was kind but honest in telling me, so I could rerecord them, and it ended up drastically improving the song. It's truly a pleasure working with Maor!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 1 year agoby

    Maor was great to work with. He was able to mix down my song much faster than I was expecting with constant and professional communication along the way. He got the song sounding great at a very reasonable price. Would definitely work with him again!

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_20160215_171205over 1 year agoby

    Delivers the in content on time, great communication. patient with a good rate

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_shmuelalmost 2 years agoby

    I enjoyed working with Maor Sound. He was concerned with every detail of the song and always wanted to know if I was happy with his mix. He was very open to changing things and hearing new ideas. Specifically, liked the way he mixed the drums track. Also, very affordable.

  • Verified ReviewListing_thumb_chrisnobleabout 2 years agoby

    Maor knows exactly where to go with a song. He brought our song where it needed to be on a very reasonable budget. We will be working with him lots in the future!

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avatarover 2 years agoby

    I would definitely recommend Maor mixing and mastering services. He made for us a very well balanced mix, and mastered our tracks to perfection. He understood our directions fast, showed to be passionate about his work. Not to mention that his rates are extremely competitive, he must be among the very best in this site.

  • Verified ReviewDefault-avataralmost 3 years agoby

    It was a pleasure to work with Maor, we got a good sound as a result of. I can say it was clearly, just in time,responsibly, with a professional approach. Thank you.

  • Default-avatar7 months agoby

    You'd think that working with someone thousands of miles away could present a problem but not with Maor. He works patiently with you to achieve the sound you want and understands ,being a musician himself, that it's all about the music and works with you without fuss and complaining on amendments to get it right. I highly recommend him.

  • Listing_thumb_chrisnobleabout 2 years agoby

    Maor knows exactly where to go with a song. He brought our song where it needed to be on a very reasonable budget. We will be working with him lots in the future!

  • Default-avatarabout 3 years agoby

    I did an audition with a few engineers for a EDM-HipHop track with a radio pop sound. Maor did the best work on the mix out of several other engineers. when i contacted him for a second, bigger project he proved to be an expert, very professional- and worth the money!
    I recommend him big time

  • Default-avatarabout 3 years agoby

    When we came to Maor with our songs for the new EP, we couldn't have imagined they will sound so good! but besides him being a great engineer, he is also a great person- and helped us out a lot with finishing our work on the EP. we were looking for someone else for mastering, but that's what drove us to hire Maor to Mix and Master- and he did GREAT

  • Default-avatarabout 3 years agoby

    I would like to give my review of Maor's incredible mix&mastering work. He was very patient, knowledgable and professional. He provides an excellent service and I would highly recommend him.

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Interview with Maor Sound

What are you working on at the moment?
as of June 2016 I'm wrapping up the mixing on a 10 song album by the band Navarro, starting to work on my own EP ideas and producing the upcoming artist Noam Grace.
Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?
I know the work of Aran Lavi and I appreciate it very much, he's a very talented producer and mixer. I would also have to mention Yossi Sassi who's a very gifted musician and has an unmistakable musical vision and a unique sound.
What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?
Usually I get asked about revisions and file formats: regarding revisions I usually allow a lot of changes being made after my 'final' mix or master has been delivered. I tend to move towards the clients vision and not strict him or myself to a predetermined number of revisions, within reason. regarding file formats- I usually prefer either .wav or .aiff, in the same bit depth and sampling frequency you recorded them (i.e. 44.1khz 24bit). I can deliver whatever file format fits you the most with whatever specs, as well as iTunes ready masters.
Analog or digital and why?
Digital. because with 24bit/96khz there is so much quality and headroom, all you have to do is "steal" the analog world's way of thinking and working, along some unusual plugins- and you can make it sounds however you like: warm, cold, punchy, flat, loud, dynamic, noisy, pristine, analog and digital! plus, the benefits of working digital are so great, and becoming more and more prominent in today's world and music industry.
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
My promise is that I'll do everything within my power (and within reason :P ) to give them a service they will enjoy and a final product they will love and be proud of.
What do you like most about your job?
The feeling of accomplishment (like holding the vinyl in your hands) and being able to share it with others (the artist)
What's the biggest misconception about what you do?
The biggest misconception is in order to make good, well acknowledged music- you need to spend 100,000$ on studio gear, vintage analog cables and what not. it's just not true. it's a misconception by parts of the industry unwilling to grow up! Recent proof can be found with artists like Fitz and the Tantrums who created their EP at home with one microphone and an antique version of protools, and they just topped the Billboard charts.
What questions do you ask prospective clients?
I ask what artists they like, inspire the, they wanna sound like. I ask what they expect in terms of production, timeline, and budget. I try to understand who is their crowd, what they are listening to, and where and how the music is going to be distributed. I try and understand what more can I do to help them, besides mixing for example, using my wide 'tool belt'
What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?
I would say trust your ears, trust your heart. dont go blindly after big names, expensive gear, rumors and "internet" misinformation. I might not be the right choice for you, but make sure whatever choice you make- you make it for a good reason.
If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?
well.......... of course it will be the absolute minimum for creating music: computer, sound card, microphone, electric guitar, guitar amp :)
What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?
I have been a musician for 15 years. produced my own music, and the music of others for the last 10 years. I started recording, mixing and mastering "along the way" more than 8 years ago and fell in love with it. since then I did free work, paid work, volunteers projects, and also had the chance to study with my country's leading mastering eng. Yoram Vazan (WuTang Clan, Michael Jackson)
Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?
I volunteered at a community center near my neighborhood. I helped a 15 year old girl who's had some rough time, produce the song she wrote. i recorded her, created the music, mixed and mastered everything. She took 2nd place in an art-tech convention in the U.S.
How would you describe your style?
My style of work is well planned and precise. The style of music I like to create is very organic, and has room for mistakes and magic to happen.
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
Its an impossible dream but I'd like to work with Paul McCartney in Abbey Road's studio 2. John Mayer as well, Arctic Monkeys maybe :)
Can you share one music production tip?
In mixing: 1. always start with the basics- gain staging, volume, pan, eq, compressor. create a "static" "dry" mix only using those tools. 2. always make sure your process and plugins have the same volume when bypassed and active. A/B them with your eyes closed- you'll be surprised. 3. Before you compress anything, ask your self- "why do I want to compress this?" "for what purpose?". dynamics are the soul of music, dont kill it.
What type of music do you usually work on?
Mostly acoustic, "recorded", organic studio music. anything from the heaviest realms of rock and metal- to blues and jazz.
What's your strongest skill?
I would have to say communication, and working under a deadline.
What do you bring to a song?
a Lot of love for "old-school" sounds and techniques. a great familiarity with various musical genres. Also, my fresh perspective not just as a "technical mixing engineer" - but as a producer and musician my self as well.
What's your typical work process?
Usually regarding mixing- it starts with a good conversation. being able to understand the artist's vision is 50% of the work. I then take my time actually listening to the project, evaluating it and making both artistic and technical notes. Only then I "start" working on it- but I'm not playing the 'guessing game'. usually before finish I give the artist an 80% done product, and ask him for a list of corrections and also things he liked- so I know what to fix and if my general vision matches the artist's.
Tell us about your studio setup.
It's a project studio with a balanced listening environment, based around a ProToolsHD system and high quality digital monitoring and editing capabilities.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
Generally speaking- artists, both technical and not, who can use their technical or musical skills to touch people's hearts. that's truly ART, and i'm in that business.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
Mostly I do mixing and mastering for singles, EP's and albums.