Soundtrack Singer - Male

These curated professional male singers are available to lay down vocal tracks for your song

Singer, songwriter and pianist - Andrin


Singer, songwriter and pianist

I'm a graduated male vocalist, a multi-instrumentalist and voice actor. I speak more than six languages (four of them native/bilingual) and have a vocal range of nearly five octaves (bass to mezzo-soprano). I play keys, handpans and a range of other percussion (including beatboxing). I am a writer, composer, arranger and performer.

Topline, Singer, Producer - Little


Topline, Singer, Producer

Zach Holmes is a Topline pro vocalist with 6 years of experience in international advertising. Clients include Samsung, Volvo, Kia, Hyundai, Levis, Samsonite, Asus, LG, and more. Has also been featured in advertisements for BTS, BlackPink, and KAI (from EXO). Able to adapt voice for ANY style. Accomplished producer. Production house for "RICHLIN".

Studio & Live Voice, Writter - Classical

Los Angeles

Studio & Live Voice, Writter

Hello, I am an international vocalist that sings in 7 languages. I've been called "The American Bocelli" and I also Stared on Broadway. I write music and sing in several styles from Opera to Jazz, Pop to Country as well.


ArtSinger, Composer, Producer - Sébastien

84400 Apt

ArtSinger, Composer, Producer

Hi, Happy to present my work here: for topline création, full orchestral soundtrack composition or pop song with original, expressive, powerfull and sensitive tenor/counter tenor range. I have been working professionally for over 20 years in France composing and performing for spectacles, concerts and studio sessions. Also multi-instrumentist.

Singer,producer,songwriter... - Sammie



It's all about the vibes...


Session Musician/Producer - Old


Session Musician/Producer

Hi, my name is Ben. Music is my second language. I'm a songwriter and also compose film scores - right out of the Logic box. Along with my personal musical project, The Fledgling, I've also written scores for short indie films, including the award winning, "Leaf Me Alone."

Music Producer | Composer - Gian


Music Producer | Composer

An accomplished music producer, composer and performer from Santiago, Chile. His most recent work included collaborations as featuring artist with Tercer Tipo (2017), and music scoring credits for modern full length dance production: "Que Pasa En La Sala" (2017) and "Foreverstate" (2017).

Music producer, TV composer - Todd

Los Angeles

Music producer, TV composer

I have written and produced music for TV, films and promos/trailers for over 20 years. My last royalty statements alone had over 400 music placements on over 70 shows. Sometimes I work in pajamas. Actually, I think I always work in pajamas. I work in loungy soft clothes. I sleep in my clothes. wat


Guitarrist, Composer, Producer - Bruno

São Paulo

Guitarrist, Composer, Producer

Composer (feature films, TV shows, theater, documentaries, podcasts, commercials), music producer, guitarist (6- and 7- string guitars, acoustic, electric, nylon and steel), and singer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Bruno lived in Tel Aviv and Barcelona. He currently works from his own studio in São Paulo.

Music Producer, Music composer - GGM


Music Producer, Music composer

Author of music including vocal music, instrumental, electronic, strings.


Composer, Producer - Jared

Los Angeles

Composer, Producer

Jared Chance Taylor is a Los Angeles-based composer/songwriter, vocalist, band director, producer, and mixing engineer. Beyond his career as a songwriter who has performed in a wide variety of LA's top venues, Jared scores for Film/TV with recent projects including bodies of work for Jaguar and Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN).

Composer, Singer - Sanket


Composer, Singer

I am Music Composer,Music Producer & Singer from India.


I am an Italian composer - Pino


I am an Italian composer

The pitch..... .... .. ?? I don't know what it means ... I ask for forgiveness.

Film Composer / Rock Artist - Edward

Newcastle upon Tyne

Film Composer / Rock Artist

I'm a composer looking towards an interesting project. My music is expressive, vivid, romantic & dramatic. I'm working on film scores as well as gothic rock.


Create, license, mix & master - Music


Create, license, mix & master

When was the last time someone pushed you to be creative and believed in your work? Music Paths is a group of musician's dedicated to believing in your work. Our skilled team is always at hand to direct and provide you with the resources needed to become a successful artist.

Music Composer_Producer_Voice  - Hassan


Music Composer_Producer_Voice

Music Composer for (film_documentary_video games_songs_beats_trailers) Voice over artist(Narration_Motivational_drama)

Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist - Lee


Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist

I'm here to help you with all things audio!

film composer - andrew

Los Angeles

film composer

Andrew M. Edwards is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and composer. His atmospheric music explores the spaces between minimalism and melancholia. Be it a documentary, an intimate drama, or an epic adventure, he creates unique electro-acoustic environments for every project.

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