Mixing & Mastering, Production - Stevan


Mixing & Mastering, Production

I am a MPG Award nominated sound engineer & producer specialising in mixing and mastering and am certified to supply Apple Digital Masters. Coming from a Hip-Hop & electronic music background I now work mainly in alternative rock, folk & Jazz. I am working out of my Electronic Memory Studio in Frankfurt and The Cowshed in London.

EDM // Pop // Indie // Dance - Taylor


EDM // Pop // Indie // Dance

I'm a multiple Billboard & Beatport Top 10 Charting Producer, Veteran Engineer and Musical Innovator.

Topline, Singer, Producer - Little


Topline, Singer, Producer

Zach Holmes is a Topline pro vocalist with 6 years of experience in international advertising. Clients include Samsung, Volvo, Kia, Hyundai, Levis, Samsonite, Asus, LG, and more. Has also been featured in advertisements for BTS, BlackPink, and KAI (from EXO). Able to adapt voice for ANY style. Accomplished producer. Production house for "RICHLIN".

Remote Music Producer for Sync - Theo


Remote Music Producer for Sync

Music Producer and Songwriter for Sync, getting that exciting modern Pop sound with top quality production and mixing! Placements on 30+ TV shows, at Disneyland, an LG Ad, and over 2 million views on YouTube.

Visual Media Composer - Frametone

Los Angeles

Visual Media Composer

Unique, passionate and professional sounding work for any kind of visual project.

Modern Electronic Pop - Avery


Modern Electronic Pop

I make electronic-influenced pop music for purpose driven artists.

Music Producer/Mixing engineer - Bhargav

New Delhi

Music Producer/Mixing engineer

Worked with 500+ brands/jingles and ads/ songs over the last 3 years and worked with major record label in India.

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