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An NYC based recording house

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We record with an amazing assortment of professional musicians each month and would like to bring the talents of our musical community to your project. We can record many things in-house and many more outside of our doors, with a mobile recording rig and an entire city of great players.

Here at the apartment we have a variety of instruments including acoustic guitars, a twelve string acoustic, charango, mandolin, ukelele, an upright piano (tuned regularly), drums, electric guitars/bass, and two in-house professional singers (male).

Beyond the apartment we can record almost any instrument you can think of, orchestral or otherwise. We have access to string players, horns, woodwinds, harpists, BGV's, auxiliary percussionists (marimba, vibraphone, timpani, etc.), and a breadth of experience recording in alternative settings ie. people's apartments. Our mobile recording rig allows us to keep overhead costs low, to bring you professional musicians without the high price of a more typical studio.

To really see what we are about, it is best to make your way to our youtube channel: youtube.com/apartmentsessions

We also specialize in arranging. If you have the bones of a good song and you need a band to fill out the harmony and rhythm, we offer a variety of arrangement opportunities. We also work as a sound designing and arranging team, with years of experience working in the theatre and behind the camera. Be it working on film scores, theatre sound designs, or a songwriting project, we will communicate with you to ensure that your vision is being fulfilled as best as it can be, within the constraints of your budget.

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Shubh Saran, Slip

I was the Engineer, mix, master in this production

Terms Of Service

All pricing negotiable. 1 to 2 revisions, upon agreement. Turn around within one week for small to medium projects, upon agreement. Additional fee for mobile recording.

Gear Highlights
  • Midas M32R
  • upright piano
  • 1963 Kalamazoo guitar amp
  • Earthworks mics
  • RE20
  • Sm7's
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