Soundtrack Recording Studios

Record yourself or your band. These recording studios have the talent, equipment and acoustic space to make it happen

We record, edit and mix audio. - Vocable


We record, edit and mix audio.

Vocable Studio provides high-quality voices in a professionally equipped environment.


Swahili voice overs & dubbing - Mpasua


Swahili voice overs & dubbing

I am the number one, trusted and professional native Swahili translator, Swahili voice talent, Swahili adapter, Swahili dubbing expert and Swahili voice editor & master. I have an excellent professional In-house Team to work with me in cases of BIG projects. I boast of being able to provide a full set of services all at once to my esteemed clients.


Full Service Music Studio - BaumannMusic


Full Service Music Studio

My Name is Jan and I’m a passionate music producer based in Dresden, Germany. My first record distributed on a major label was back in 2006. After that I started studio production for other artists and today I also work for film and industry.


Recording Studio  - Najati


Recording Studio

Professional Producer , Composer, Song writer I manage Arab musicians & Vocal Artists (Male/Female) Specialized in film scoring, ads, V.O's & Jingles 15 year experience

Trailers, Soundtrack - Alessio


Trailers, Soundtrack

I'm a Cinematic Music Producer specialized in Digital Orchestration in True Classic Genre, Epic Music, Gothic Music (Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, sounds like...). I never miss a shot when I have to make alive a video with my music. I'm not saying that because i'm "too confident", it's just something I believe in. Harmony is Life.

Producer/Engineer/Composer - Howard



I was mentored by some of the greats and now that I'm the age they were when I worked for them, they said if I'm still "in the business," I have a responsibility to pay it forward. Well, pay it forward I do. Drop me a line if you need production, engineering, a remix or a co-writer/arranger.

Celtic Fantasy Music Producer - Ian


Celtic Fantasy Music Producer

I'm a celtic/medieval/fantasy composer and multi-instrumentalist! I mix orchestral-epic sounds with quite a variety of folk acoustic instruments. If you need some music for your RPG game, or your medieval-fantasy ambiented short-film or movie, feel free to reach out!

Recording Studio, Sound Design - Vine

Kuala Lumpur

Recording Studio, Sound Design

With almost 20 years in professional audio post production for advertising, we can bring your videos and projects to the next level. We can record your voice overs and give you a broadcast high quality mix to sound professional. Need that edgy impactful sound design or a heart wrenching emotional music? Here's where you get em.


Producer, Recording Studio - Nathan


Producer, Recording Studio

Specialist in music composition, production, audio post production, professional session pianist.

Session guitarist - Roy


Session guitarist

"Roy Howell's musical career has spanned from being an artist/writer/producer on RCA Records to scoring award-winning music for The Discovery Channel. He is considered one of the best slide guitarists in the world and has recorded with superb singers and musicians from around the globe. His songs and scores are exceptionally unique and innovative."

Recording Studio in Lisbon - Skookum


Recording Studio in Lisbon

Film, video and audio production company based in Lisbon, Portugal. We provide audiovisual services in the fields of movies, television, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, photography and audio production. We also rent out equipment audio and video studios.


Complex audio studio - BlackBrosSound


Complex audio studio

The company invested all its founders’ and members’ previous broadcasting experience in providing audio production proffesional support and equipment, maintenance and engeneering / various broadcasting projects such as TV shows, contests, series, commercial campaigns etc.

Music producer / studio pro - Bernard


Music producer / studio pro

Bonjour je suis réalisateur musical. Je travaille pour divers artistes depuis près de 30 ans maintenant. Je suis pianiste et bassiste. Directeur musical, auteur / compositeur / arrangeur avec de nombreuses références. J'écris pour les médias audiovisuels. Je cherche de belles voix et des auteur(e)s capables d'écrire en anglais pour l'international


Music Producer, Programmer - Abel


Music Producer, Programmer

Knowledge of movie scores Profound knowledge of various music styles and genres like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Techno Designing and managing music programming projects Ability to work for flexible hours.

Recording Studio - Matrix


Recording Studio

Matrix Digital supplies high quality audio and visual content to organisations that need to communicate professionally via any electronic medium. We do this by respecting our client, listening to their needs and understanding their goals.


Rec, Production, Mix & Master - Koopper


Rec, Production, Mix & Master

Music producer, sound designer, sound engineer from hiphop to movies scores. Record, Produce, Mix and Master. Everyone deserves a soundtrack! - Koopper

Remote AcousticPiano Recording - compact-studio

Rio de Janeiro

Remote AcousticPiano Recording

Remote Acoustic Piano Recording direct from your home studio. Get the real sound without leaving your home or studio. Brand new Class A Microphones, Preamps and an Yamaha grand piano equipped with the amazing Disclavier System.

Cool + Catchy Jingles Songs - Showco

Buenos Aires

Cool + Catchy Jingles Songs

Hey! My name is Damian Ferrari, I´m a Producer, songwriter,+ vocalist who specializes in making unique jingles for advertising.

SoundDesign,Editing,PostPro - Marvin



AudioPRO - Fast And Friendly Large Experience in the Music Industry. Worldwide Network Outstanding


Sound Track Vocalist  - Julie


Sound Track Vocalist

I am a soundtrack vocalist who is will sing phrases or lyrics for your song.



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