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Music Composer, Studio Rat

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Looking for musical collaboration and Topliners for writing eclectic studio productions. Also accepting new clientele for studio recording and music productions.

I am a self taught musician, recording engineer, melody maker and lover of all music.
I own my own recording studio, utilizing both analog and digital formats in a hybrid formula to get GREAT TONES. I wright a lot of music on piano and am always in the market for great Topliners, and or collaborations with other musicians, composers and producers. My writing styles are very eclectic, as they come from so many genres and musical influences. I wright in many different genres never really married to just one. I am currently building my studio in Miami after just relocating there two years ago. I have had and built recording studios my entire career and this one in Miami is my 12th studio buildout of my lifetime. I finally own the property that we are building the studio on so i am hopeful it will be my last studio build. My control room is all finished and my live room and booths are about half way done. I am also a recording engineer for a recording studio that i built out the control room on in Cleveland, Ohio area called Somewhere Recording at Suma. This is a very large studio featuring an SSL, 56 ch 4000G console which was previously owned by Anne And Nancy Wilson of Heart called Bad Animals Studio and then was sold to Studio X in Seattle WA. The Somewhere Recording at Suma Studio is my mix-down go to studio, and my Miami location is my tracking studio.

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Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools
  • SSL
  • Neve
  • Sound Workshop
  • Steinway and Yamaha Pianos
  • Audio Scape
  • Neumann
  • Telefunken
  • Pearlman
  • Bock Microphones
  • Fortune Drums
  • Studer Tape Machines
  • GML Processing
  • Gibson & Fender Guitars and Basses
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