Heavy Rock Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Session Drummer with Studio - Sam




Session Drummer with Studio

Sam offers bespoke session drums, mixing and mastering.


Drummer Engineer - Paul




Drummer Engineer

If you need real drums that sound great, and fit the song. I'm your guy.

Drummer / Mixer / Producer - Alessandro



63822 Porto San Giorgio

Drummer / Mixer / Producer

I'm a professional musician and sound engineer living in Italy, playing drums (touring with many projects, including mine) and making on-line sessions. I can provide hi-standard drums trackings in my own studio, human-like programmed drums, audio editing and mixing via file sharing, producing. My cup of tea is Rock, Metal, Funk, Hip-Hop.

Drums - Dylan



you want it to feel like there's an actual drummer, right?

Live Drums, Percussion, Loops - Brian


Live Drums, Percussion, Loops

Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Pop, And Jazz music. 15+ Years experience as a session drummer. Classically trained. Hand percussion (Shakers, Tamborine, Djembe and Bongos) for acoustic and other experimental styles.

session drummer - Gonzalo



Buenos Aires

session drummer

I am a professional drummer with 20 years of experience sharing stages and recording in studio or live for different national and international artists. I have worked with more than 30 artists in the last 4 years including 2020. more than 20 studio albums and countless live shows on big and small stages

Rec. Studio - Session Drummer - Nicolas

French Riviera

Rec. Studio - Session Drummer

Natural drums for any kind of projects Human factor in a tight playing Modern yet dynamic mixes Produced with passion and delivered with the love of a well done job.

Online Session Drummer  - Chadsdrums

St. Louis

Online Session Drummer

Hello I'm a Session Drummer with over 24 years experience working in Studios all over the country. I am taking that experience and offering it affordably for clients Online who want Real Custom drums on their songs, 100% royalty free.

Adding drum tracks  - Abdelrahman


Adding drum tracks

Ghost notes


I am pop/rock session drummer - Denis




I am pop/rock session drummer

I've been in the music business for 15 years. Over the years I had a chance to play versatile genres. I played more than 700 live gigs. I played everything from big arenas to weddings and small clubs. Now, all my strengths and passion are focused on studio drumming and getting the best sound. I constantly explore new sounds, new microphone setups,

Session Drummer & Producer - Samuel




Session Drummer & Producer

Your drum tracks, just like you think it.

Studio & Session Drummer - Stelios




Studio & Session Drummer

Hi I'm Stelios.I like recording,editing and mixing drums at my studio for many projects.I'm a session drummer, playing a lot of styles professionally and recording drums for over 15 years.I've toured USA, Canada and Europe with my band Need.I like to serve the song in the best possible way with great sounds and ideas.Would be great to help you!

remote session drummer - Ryan


remote session drummer

Tight, focused sound and performance tailored to capture the feel and intent of your composition. Built to work with your budget.

Drummer and Recording Engineer - Chris



Los Angeles

Drummer and Recording Engineer

Tone obsessed drummer looking for session work, or bands to join/tour with. Available to mix and master your tracks on the cheap as well, to hone in my chops, and get you a killer deal.

Remote Drum Tracking - One

GTown Studio

Remote Drum Tracking

Mike Gruwell is a professional Atlanta-area drummer available for your drum tracking session. With more than 35 years experience, Mike is well versed in a wide range of music including jazz, funk, rock, punk, world and percussion. Mike has a full home recording studio with a wide-range of drums, percussion and mics.

Session Drummer - Rodrigo

Mexico City

Session Drummer

Professional Drummer ready to record the best for your music... Always looking for what the music ask!!

Drummer / Producer - Carmine

New York

Drummer / Producer

“Driven by Carmine Covelli’s thundering drums...” — Louder Than War, The Julie Ruin "Run Fast" album review


Remote Drums, Perc, Bass, Mix - Andy


Remote Drums, Perc, Bass, Mix

You've spent time and emotion creating your song, now let's get the drums perfect! Want to record in a nice sounding room like Abbey Road or Avatar studios but don't have the budget?

Drummer, Singer, Songwriter - Shane


Drummer, Singer, Songwriter

I have owned my own studio for 10 years. Have done drum tracks of all styles for customers around the globe. My artists are not well known but they are happy with my tracks and always come back for more. I also produce and mix for most of my clients. I am a perfectionist. So your track will be flawless. Music is my passion and it shows in my work.

Mixing, Producer, Drummer - Shrapnel


Mixing, Producer, Drummer

20 years in recording, mixing and mastering. 5 years session drummer.



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