Blues Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

Live DrumTrack, Drum Mix - Marco




Live DrumTrack, Drum Mix

If you are looking for that Classical warm sound in Pop, Jazz, Indie R&B, Soul, Blues, and to hear your drums sounding BIG LIKE A STAR…I’m your man! I can create your true natural drum track from scratch or build a full arrangement around your chors, lyrics/vocal ideas. Appreciated teacher ad session man for many Artist, Musical and Live.

Remote Drummer - Leonardo


Remote Drummer

I am a drummer with thirty years of experience in the world of music, both live and in the recording studio. I graduated from the "Academy of Modern Music" in Milan and graduated in Percussion Instruments from the Conservatory of Frosinone. I have played all genres of music but my favorites are Soul, Funk, Fusion and Pop.


Music Composer, Drummer - Lior

Tel Aviv

Music Composer, Drummer

Music is my love, I own a studio for many years and produce music for myself and others. i especially like to write songs and would love to do this for you.


Session Drummer, FOH engineer. - Johandy




Session Drummer, FOH engineer.

15+ years of experience as a session drummer with the ability to play in many different genres such as: Pop, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Latin music, Metal, Country, Hip-Hop and many more.

Remote drummer, mix & master - Arthur


Remote drummer, mix & master

More than 15 years as a live and studio drummer and 5 year' experience in mixing and mastering. As a professional, I can offer you an unique feel, active listening, open minded, easy communication and the proper technique for the project, delivering the required sensitivity and emotional charge your work needs. I simply love what I do!

Drummer, recording/writing - Alessandro

33033 Codroipo

Drummer, recording/writing

Writing and recording drum parts is a work of creativity, concentration and sound, and I love it!

Mixing and Mastering of Audio - Karl

New Jersey

Mixing and Mastering of Audio

My number 1 goal is to help new and established artists get the very best sounding mix that we can both be proud of.


Drummer, Recordist, Producer - Blue


Drummer, Recordist, Producer

Greetings! My name is Eric Behrenfeld (AKA "Baron"). I can provide drums and hand percussion recordings. I have produced CD's for other artists as well on my Blue Baron Productions indie label. The multi-task music space I work out of is ideal for recording drums, acoustic and electric instruments, along with vocals.

Master Drummer - Vester




Master Drummer

Master Drummer


Session drummer  - Eduardo

St Neots

Session drummer

Session drummer with my own studio.

Session Drums / EMail Stems - Chili



Thunder Bay

Session Drums / EMail Stems

I try to make parts which quietly fit the bass parts closely. I have rehearsed and continue to rehearse to ensure that what you ask for, what I think of - is able to execute without changing tempos and feel. I have rare foot speed and specialise in ghost noting in the background. I can also play 8ths with high hat creating that "feel".

Session, touring, Drum files - Tom


Session, touring, Drum files

I’ve played and recorded with following artists: Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Rickie Lee Jones, Natalie Cole, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Frank Gambali etc.


Drummer, Composer   - David


Drummer, Composer

~ Cheap Beats with Other Treats ~ Experimental Compositions for Soundtrack & Jingles ~ Drum Beats, Loops or Grooves for Online Sessions. Over a Hundred Groove Sketches for an Alternative Singer Lyricist or Instrumentalists to Collaborate.

Vintage Sound - Modern Drummer - Enrico

36061 Bassano del Grappa

Vintage Sound - Modern Drummer

Hi I'm an Italian drummer, my name is Enrico. I'm a professional drummer and I love Vintage concept. In my studio I work whit a instrument from 1920 to 2000. I choise this kind of sound because i love this sound. I specialize in gendre like jazz, blues, funk, R&B, swing


Session Drummer - Alberto


Session Drummer

Italian drummer with multi-stylistic experience, ready to give groove to your project

Remote Recording - Mario


Remote Recording

Drummer, Percussionist, E - Drummer, E - Percussionist, Sampling Drummer & Percussionist Internet - based Session Recording Musician, Computer & Drum Machine Programmer Live Arranger & Band Director, Live Computer Operator, Educator, Music Typer, Music Translator


Recording, Mix and Mastering - Till


Recording, Mix and Mastering

I have been recording, mixing and mastering albums in Memphis TN for over 19 Years. Contracted to manage and serve as Chief Engineer for Ecko Studios I have Mixed and Mastered over 150 Albums for Ecko Records.

Session Recording Drummer - Daniel


Session Recording Drummer

Recording true acoustic drums

Recording Studio. Mix & Master - Under


Recording Studio. Mix & Master

Drummer; Mixing, Mastering and Recording engineer. Custom drums, amps, cabs. Vintage equipment, good taste in music, good ears. Cheap, high-quality, cool.

Remote Mixing & Mastering; - Andre

São Paulo

Remote Mixing & Mastering;

12+ years as a drummer; experienced mixer and studying music production


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