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Hi I'm an Italian drummer, my name is Enrico. I'm a professional drummer and I love Vintage concept. In my studio I work whit a instrument from 1920 to 2000. I choise this kind of sound because i love this sound. I specialize in gendre like jazz, blues, funk, R&B, swing

I work whit many kind of drums, snare and cymbals.
I choise my instrument after listen the music but if you prefer something "sound vision" please tell me..

Italian Mini Hollywood 62' - 18-12-14
American Ludwig 67' - 22-13-16
English Premier 68' - 20-12-16
American Greatsch 90' - 18-12-14

Ludwig - 1997 Bronze 14x5
Ludwig - 1967 Supersensitive 14x5
Ludwig - 1976 Supraphonic 14x5
Leedy - 1925 Broadway Brass 14x5,5
PM snare - signature Enrico Parolin 14x5,5
Slingerland - 1960 Diamond 14x5,5

Selection ok every kind of sound by AMEDIA CYMBALS8

LOGIC my program
Shure, AKG, Beyrdinamic, Oktava, Senheiser, home mic my gear
FOSTEX my mixer
All for vintage staff.

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I play and complete job in maximum 4 day.

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I play song for music not for me.