Electronic Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Songwriter, Mixing/Mastering - Marskye


Songwriter, Mixing/Mastering

I specialize in creating stunning audioscapes across a large variety of genres. I'm known for my innovative approach to music & SFX, recognized by the IGF with an honorable mention in audio for my work in video games. I recently completed a full pop album soundtrack for Boyfriend Dungeon releasing later this year.

Technical Sound Designer - Nathaniel


Technical Sound Designer

I have over two years of experience designing and implementing sound effects using Wwise and Unreal Engine 4, and over three years of experience designing sound effects for film and animations. Recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sound Design and a passion for video games.

Collaboration Artist, Producer - enryoki

St Petersburg

Collaboration Artist, Producer

An experimental, nostalgic, synthesizer-inspired music with BoC-like vibe, crystal clear hand-crafted beats and today's relevant mixing quality. I produce sounds for life. I'm in love with videogames. This is all my passion and my routine.

electronic music producer - auvic

Los Angeles

electronic music producer

I am an electronic music producer, composer, and songwriter under the artist name Auvic. With 58,000 Spotify listeners, 9400 followers on Spotify and Soundcloud, several million plays on Youtube, I have worked on indie video game soundtracks (Speed Demons, others are currently in development) and have participated in a project that won a Grammy.


Online Casino Mystery Shopper - Casino

Sydney NSW

Online Casino Mystery Shopper

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Producer, Composer, Synth - Matheus



São Paulo

Producer, Composer, Synth

I can help you write and produce your song or compose a soundtrack for your game or movie!

Composer, Producer - Haik

São Paulo

Composer, Producer

I'm a music student from São Paulo, Love Music and Games. I believe music is the best way to build a world, to directly show the listener how that world feels.


Soundtrack Composer, Engineer - Daniel


Soundtrack Composer, Engineer

Specializing in electronic composition for genres like horror, action, and sci-fi, storytelling is at the heart of what I do. Enlist me to compose and produce your next soundtrack, and we'll have players & viewers alike reimagining the scenes while they sleep, the songs ringing in their heads.

Who is the Future You? - Future


Who is the Future You?

Completing projects on time, on budget, with many options of sound for the artist.

production/sound design/mixing - me.EXE


production/sound design/mixing

I'm an experienced experimental sound designer, remixer, and producer. Let's work together and create something amazing!


film and game music scorer - deykin


film and game music scorer

Music composer for over 10 years I am able to create a large panel of music in different styles. My experience in composing music for video games/films is appreciated and I am in the repertory of ImdB. I had success with Cannes festival at the short film corner for composing the music of a short movie. All my work on my website (deykin-music.com)


Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Ga



São Paulo

Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Musical Producer for Singers and Audiovisual projects. Mixing & Mastering for everyone.

Music Producer - Leo


Music Producer

Studied Telecom Engineering with wide expertise in the field of analog synthesis, producing top of the line analog based sounds.


Music Composer - Robert


Music Composer

Music and sounds are our most basic, direct, elegant and most intricate form of communication. If you take the 80’s and smash it up with hints of old school hip hop, a dash of samurai champloo, bossa, jazz, video game jams, electro with bursting waves of post rock grime, add a little bit of sour pulp and what you get is something I can make.


Beat Maker - YrulyBlue


Beat Maker

I create music for the cosmos, my music is universal. l have published several Drum&Bass, Electronic, and House works.


Music Producer, Composer - Matt1022


Music Producer, Composer

I do orchestral stuff and videogame osts.


Music produce for Branding - ongaq


Music produce for Branding

Graphical, Immersive, Atmospheric, Theatrical, Cinematic, Soundtrack, Video Game Music, Ad, Electronic, Rock, Anime and Other. Music production based in Tokyo with a recording orchestra, making all types of music for brands, films to TV series, games and ads worldwide.

Atmospheric Music Producer - Pierre



New York

Atmospheric Music Producer

French producer living in Brooklyn. I create dreamy, deep, atmospheric music. Listen to my demos !


TV, Film and Game Sound Design - MIKANDER


TV, Film and Game Sound Design

Looking for anything that has to do with sound design? Then I am your guy - I can plan, record, design and implement - from start to finish.

Professional Audio & Visual - XOF

Adelaide SA

Professional Audio & Visual

On the forefront of what's possible for your budget when it comes to music production, sound design or editing/mixing/mastering. All productions elegant & mature.



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