Oboe /English Horn - Stephanie



Fort Wayne

Oboe /English Horn

Professional oboe and English horn player with professional recording equipment available for remote recording.


Producer/Mix/Master/Artist - Josh

Fort Wayne


A "Jack of all trades", I offer many services from remote mixing and mastering, music production, beats, audio editing, recording, tracking, and more. I can add drums, guitar, bass, and a plethora of software instruments to your music via both analog and digital tracking. Can also work on non-musical audio, but strong suit is in musical projects.


Self Produced Artist  - Rollo

Fort Wayne

Self Produced Artist

The work on the album - SHE LOVES 2 SHOP is all me . Artist, Mix and Master Engineer. The website - sheloves2shop.com Is all me, Photo & Video content creation, all audio content creation. I've done my 10,000 hours . I don't need a job or your money. If you like my sound and want to talk , give my a shout .... That was EZ .... Thanks Rollo WIGz

Mix Specialist - MixRoom:RED

Fort Wayne

Mix Specialist

This has been my full-time gig for forty years and it's still exciting and challenging. I always bring my best game. Always. That's probably why people are still paying me.

Music Producer and Engineer - Mark

Fort Wayne

Music Producer and Engineer

I worked with singer-songwriter Haley Sorg, doing the co-production on her song "The One That I Want", which gained substantial views.

Remote Mixing And Mastering - Michael



Fort Wayne

Remote Mixing And Mastering

Owner of Fretless Studios; music production without the fret. Take a second to listen to my past work to see if I can be of value to you! Here to get your tracks sounding top-notch.

Mixing, Singing and Mastering - Kevin

Fort Wayne

Mixing, Singing and Mastering

Attention upcoming artists!!! Pick me if you want your songs to be mixed professionally. I can mix in most genres and I’m extremely affordable for your first song with me!

Mxing/Mastering - Blaine

Fort Wayne


I have a certificate in sound engineering from the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. I can mix and master any song of any genre. I make hip-hop/rap beats, and I've been playing drums for almost 8 or 9 years


Audio Editing and VO - Jason


Audio Editing and VO

Quality Production and Fast Turnaround! I have been in voice over and audio production for more than seven years and my work can be heard around the world...if you look for it.


Buchla Beats and Soundscapes - Augustus

Fort Wayne

Buchla Beats and Soundscapes

I use Buchla and other boutique analog gear to make beats and soundscapes. I use a 100% analog signal path before I record the final output to my Apogee audio interface. Buchla, Tape Delay, Spring Reverb, Tubes, 15 IPS Reel to Reel. Get the classic sound of early electronic and tape music, whether you need an all analog soundscape or organic beat.

Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering - Ghosty

Fort Wayne

Beatmaking, Mixing & Mastering

I am a producer, vocal engineer, and mixing & mastering Engineer. I also do electric guitar studio sessions. I mostly work with Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, and acoustic singer / songwiriter artists (Jonah Baker, Clyde Cyrus, and Samuel Harness to name a few.)

Music Producer / Beatmaker - Pure



Fort Wayne

Music Producer / Beatmaker

Hello! My name is Pure Gold and I am a Music Producer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I primarily compose Trap/Rap/Hip-Hop/Trap-Soul style beats, but I am musically talented and can replicate almost any style thrown at me. I also compose Samples to be used for songs, otherwise known as Melodies. Additionally, I can offer help writing lyrics.


Engineer/Writer/Producer  - Kritical

Fort Wayne


Ive heard a lot of records that have mad potential, but fall short of whats expected based on the way it was engineered. Don't be one of those people. Your competition isn't local artist, its the artist in the industry! Record labels and investors want to put there money behind people who take there craft serious. Let me help you take that step.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Jason



Fort Wayne

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

I've been writing and performing music for over 20 years. I've performed for many bands as a lead vocalist. I am currently continuing my career as a solo artist. Music speaks to me in ways I cannot explain. I can offer singer/songwriting services, hooks/melodies, guitar performances, and vocal features.

Audio Engineer - jBarb

Fort Wayne

Audio Engineer

I am a 19 and I have worked among artists such as Clyde Cabbage, RAMSZ Johnson, & Dj Lux

Recording & Mix Engineer - Nick

Fort Wayne

Recording & Mix Engineer

From Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi, making the bad sound good and the good sound great. I make your music sound the way you want it.Born and raised in Indianapolis. Earned a degree in Digital Audio Production from Ball State University. I am heavily inspired by Vintage Rock. I like to use classic recording techniques with modern mixing.


Recording, mixing, mastering. - 7

Fort Wayne

Recording, mixing, mastering.

I’m here to help make your ideas into your art. I’ve spent years making my own music into a reality, but now I’d love to help others achieve that goal.


Guitarist/ Remote Mix & Master - Midnight

Fort Wayne

Guitarist/ Remote Mix & Master

I have been able to work with famous artists people such as Diana Ross, Trace Adkins, Gavin Degraw, and Jethro Tull doing live sound and lighting technical setup at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Mixing/Mastering, Songwriting - Robert

Fort Wayne

Mixing/Mastering, Songwriting

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile! My name is Rob and I'm the guitarist for Fort Wayne metal act InGhosts (http://www.inghosts.com). Went to school for recording and worked at Paragon Studios in Chicago. Years of experience writing, recording, and mixing.


Mixing & Mastering, Songwriter - Sage

Fort Wayne

Mixing & Mastering, Songwriter

I am an experienced mix engineer, songwriter, and producer for multiple genres. I have worked as an A&R Rep for Marble Lounge Records and operate my own production company, Flight 321 Productions. If you want a young but experienced engineer, I'm your guy.

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