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Throughout my career, I have contributed to positive business results through effective organization, prioritization, and follow through with key organizational projects. My strengths and qualifications are an ideal match to the Audio Engineer and I will bring immediate value to any company.

Operate recording equipment, set up microphones, and capture high quality audio during studio sessions and live performances. Combine individual audio tracks, balance levels, apply equalization, effects, and create a cohesive mix for a final product. Optimize the audio quality of a mix, ensuring consistency across tracks, adjusting dynamics, apply final processing, and preparing the audio for distribution. Manage sound reinforcement and mixing during live events, ensuring optimal audio quality for the audience and adjusting levels, EQ, and effects in real-time. Create and manipulate sound effects, atmospheric sounds, and audio elements for various media projects for; film, TV, video games, and VR. Sound editing, mixing, and mastering for film and TV. Synchronize audio with visuals and enhance overall sonic experience. Design and create sound effects that enhance visuals and actions in media production. Perform and record live sound effects to stimulate everyday actions and movements. Utilize surround sound and audio formats for a three-dimensional audio environment. Develop musical themes, motifs, or leitmotifs that represent key concepts in the film. Arrange musical sections, build tension and release, and create dynamic contracts that support the narrative of the film. Synchronize features to align music with specific scenes and moments in the film.

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It is all about the artist.

Gear Highlights
  • Macbook pro
  • Pro Tools 19
  • Logic pro x
  • Live 10
  • Apc 25 keys
  • Audia technica AT2020 mic
  • iZotope ozone 7
  • Audio technica ATH-M50
  • Focurite 2i2 interface
  • KRK Rokits 5"
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