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Do you have a story to tell? Does your story contain drama, action, thrills, romance, sadness, anger, nostalgia, humor, satire, magic, or surprise? I can custom-compose to fit your story exactly, and fit it like a glove. Do you need memorable music for your project? I can work with you to help you tell your story at a whole new level!

My passion is composing music--I have been composing for many years. Sometimes I compose using Midi and a DAW to produce beautiful music for films, theater productions, and multi-media. I also have composed for live musicians in dozens of concerts.

If you have a film project, I can compose music that will match your needs. I have worked with a number of film directors and producers, and I do not stop until I supply music that matches or exceeds expectations. Many films nowadays have great-sounding music, but the music is totally forgettable. I can give you music that, if you wish, will have your audience humming afterwards! Or, the melodies can be more subtle, and be suggestive of the moods that you wish to express.

For a complex film, I can bend the melodies and the arrangement to correspond to the moods you want expressed, or to the individual featured characters. By doing this, I can give your film a coherence, a unity that your audience will subconsciously appreciate and enjoy.

Simply send to me a digital copy of the film, and let me know the time periods you need music cues. Let me know what emotions you want to evoke. If you have a temp-track, then two copies of the film, one with and one without the temp-track would be helpful.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Interview with Wonderful-Music Composer

  1. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  2. A: I loved composing music to the animated film "Ara's Tale".

  3. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  4. A: At the moment, I am working with a director on a 55-minute documentary film "Cutting Corners".

  5. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  6. A: I prefer digital for films, because I have total control over the result. Of course, for concerts, live musicians are best.

  7. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  8. A: I will listen to your directions carefully, and follow your requirements and preferences.

  9. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  10. A: It is lots of fun for me to watch a video with my newly-composed music. I enjoy seeing how the music dramatically shapes my perception of the scenes.

  11. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  12. A: What orchestra do I hire to play my music? My answer: the orchestra in my computer!

  13. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  14. A: Listen to the music on my web site. Don't judge by the styles of music that I have posted--after all, they might not match the style that you need for your project. Instead, listen to the quality of my music, and think about how the tracks evoke moods.

  15. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  16. A: I have been composing ever since I was a teenager. It is my passion!

  17. Q: How would you describe your style?

  18. A: Usually I compose contemporary classical, new age, or hybrid instrumental/electronic.

  19. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  20. A: Write idiomatically for each instrument; allow wind instruments to breathe, and allow each instrument to play a melody or a counterpoint.

  21. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  22. A: My strongest skill is listening carefully to the director's preferences for musical style. If it is an unfamiliar style, then I listen to lots of music that exemplifies that style, so that I can imitate it realistically.

  23. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  24. A: I bring memorable melodies and a strong sense of the dramatic to the finished work.

  25. Q: What's your typical work process?

  26. A: Typically, I talk with the film director about his film. We talk about which scenes require music, and what moods are required in each scene. I listen carefully to the director's temp-track, and to his music-style preferences. I watch the video, and think about the evolution of the story, and the music styles that are suggested. I talk with the director, to understand the messages he is depicting in each scene. I typically bring the video into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I place markers at the beginning and end of each cue. I also place markers at each point in the video that needs some special style or accent or hit. Then I begin composing directly in the DAW. For each scene, I try out different combinations of instruments, to generate an appropriate atmosphere. Typically I compose harmonies first, and then develop a melody. I work to make the soundtrack coherent over the entire film; sometimes the melody will repeat, but not necessarily note-for-note, as I match the moods that change from one scene to the next. All along, I make the music sound realistic by carefully manipulating the Midi controllers, and I perform mixing operations. I make sure that the sound decreases in volume during dialog, which must always dominate the soundtrack.

  27. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  28. A: I am truly inspired by Konstantine Lortkipanidze, the resident composer at Synetic Theater. His music dramatically aids the fantastical theater productions.

  29. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  30. A: Most commonly, I compose original soundtracks for films and theater projects.


Terms Of Service

I compose a draft for review, and two revisions. Typically I compose 5 minutes of music per week for a film score.

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