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These curated classical, Latin, Spanish, and nylon string session guitarists will pick beautifully on your song in any genre, style, or tone

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Mixing, Mastering, Recording - Full of Joy Studios

I'm Tim, and I run Full of Joy Studios in north Wales, United Kingdom. With many years of experience and a huge variety of projects, I am able to offer many diverse services at an extremely high quality, professional level.

Music Producer & Songwriter - Bram Schouw | Studio Solo

Got stuck with your song, got this amazing idea, but just can't seem te get past this one line...? Got a great song, but it's just you and a piano or guitar and you're looking for "the rest"...? Recorded your song and you're super happy with it, but it just doesn't sound like you wanted...? I can help. Producing & writing is what I love to do

Recording Studio, Produce - Yavuz YAVUZGÜL

If you want to create music from scratch, studio record , add piano, guitar and traditional Turkish melodies your music , you can contact me and provide you with online music production support.

Producer, musician - Snyder Studio

Here's what I do: -Gigging musician (guitar, keyboards, vocals) -Music instructor (guitar, piano, pro tools, sound theory) -Producer, engineer (recording, mixing, mastering) For a sample of things I've produced please visit:

Composer & Producer  - Eliseo Tapia

I´m a composer and producer with an extense career. I creat string arrangements and orchestral arrangements. I play the guitar and the bandoneon (traditional tango instrument). I´m really versatile though I can make clasical style arrangements, but I can also work with rock, jazz and even elctronic artists with total freedom.

Recording/Mix-Studio, Producer - Basement Studios

Swiss-Army-Knife of organic Musicproduction

Producer/Writer/Classical Gtr - Pablo Sebastian

From charted songs, to Coke commercials, I write/produce artful music that gets placed without selling out. Whether you need help finding your sound, message, or writing a song that is profitable without selling out, I'm here to help. I am also a classical guitarist when I'm not making pop, if you need some nylon string on your track lmk.

EDM Producer - Ed Lev

One of my tracks '3rd Eye' was played by David Guetta on one of his famous radio shows.

Composer,Music Producer,Mixing - Christos Anestopoulos

Music producer,composer,session guitarist,soundtracks and film music,SFX,remix and mastering,sound designer,Foley artist,Studio recording many instruments,session players like Cello-violin-viola-drums-bass-contrabass-sax-ethnic instruments-clarinet-flute etc.

Arranger, Producer, Guitarist - Gabriele Piccininno

Classical guitarist graduated at the Conservatoire. I daily apply my music theory skills on arrangements in rock/electronic/cinematic style.

Music composer & producer - Francisco Martinez

Latin Grammy nominated 2014 for best alternative album with the band Centavrvs, Bass & Guitar player, Lapsteel player, composer & producer from Mexico.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Dev Malviya

Mixing and Mastering and Live sound Engineer Feel free to ask me anything

Music Producer  - Alex Bolero

Music producer for Romania entry at Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Guitarist / Sound Engineer - Shae Charles Valko

I spent over a decade only dreaming of being a professional musician. This is the year I fight to make that a reality. I love progressive metal and DC Comics. Is there even a niche for me? I want to collaborate and learn from as many diverse musicians as possible. I don't just want gigs. I want to forge relationships.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Podcast, Dialogue, Classical

Specialize in mixing dialogue and podcasts! Can record, mix, edit, master, sound design any of your work! Send it my way and I'll make it the beautiful acoustic art of your dreams.

30+ years Producer&Instruments - Matti Charlton

20+ years producing electronic, pop & rock music. Songwriting & composition. Conservatory trained studio musician (Grade): Classical guitar (10) Piano (8) Cello (6) Violin (3) Accordion (Chromatic), Orff (4) (all four wooden recorders, xylophone, marimba, mellophone, arrangement), hand drums (4,bongos, darabouka, doumbek, castanets)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Aeterna Records

Sensación de concierto real: mezclas cristalinas

Guitarist, Composer, Producer - Johannes Hautop

Hi, my name is Johannes and I do play acoustic and electric guitar, record and mix songs, compose and do sound design for all styles of contemporary popular music.

Live Sound Engineer, Guitarist - Sean Kryzkowski

Live Sound Engineer with experience at the Kennedy Center and NJPAC, is your live sound solution

Engineer/Producer/Composer - Chris Sopko

Audio Engineer, Composer, Video Editor, and much more.

LocationRecording,Mix &Mstrng  -

Classical trained Tonmeister offers multitrack Location Recordings; Editing, Mixing + Mastering.

music baby - Catmandu

let me get to this later

Songwriter, Musician, Author - Andretz

Autore di testi - Arrangiamenti - Compositore - Musicista - Cantante

Session: Guitar, voice, violin - Omar Haddad

Hi! I am a guitarist, singer, and violinist. I do session work and private events. I play jazz, classical, rock/pop, Latin rock/pop, and other styles in bands and solo. I also teach guitar, violin, voice, and music. I am also a songwriter looking to meet people to form a band. I love collaborations, interchanging ideas and co-writing songs.

Musician, Producer, Creative. - C1

My name is Sivan, and music is an integral part of my life. Since childhood I have been playing various instruments. At the age of 12 I was introduced to the digital studio, and since then I began to focus on the production of music. I produce all sorts of genres, and I write original music.

Play music-guitar drum violin - Sound of our Dreams

Performance and recording acoustic or electric guitars from Blues to metal. Gentle or incendiary violin passages. Rocking rhythm or Bossa Nova . I'm at your service Also arrangements of songs. Quickly and tastefully.

Session Singer/Writer - Muzi aka Billy-Ray

Fu wit me you know I got the flavor

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