Wayne Janssen

Acoustic Guitar Mixologist

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I am a melody maker. I truly enjoy creating memorable melodies that evoke, transcend and paint robust and beautiful soundscapes.

A highly talented musical mixologist of sorts, Wayne Janssen Is a Canadian Fingerstyle guitarist from Langley BC, who knows how to mix up a diverse array of musical stylings to create a sound that is infectious, memorable and distinct. Intertwining groovy rhythms and beautiful melodies, Wayne paints a soundscape that is rich in texture and vibrant in tonal colour.

Utilizing a barrage of modern playing techniques flavoured with old school melodic sensibility, he continues to evolve his craft by incorporating an ever growing list of real world inspirations and musical tastes. What truly defines his playing is his ability to connect with the listener and transport them on a musical journey. From whimsical jaunty tunes, bluesy grooves, to thought evoking and introspective harmonies, Wayne continuously changes things up, always keeping it fresh and captivating.

His music has recently created quite a buzz, and he has established himself as a highly anticipated up-and-comer. With invitations to play in Europe, and many Canadian shows in the works, things are truly moving forward for Wayne. In 2018, he will be hitting the studio and recording his first ever, eagerly awaited, solo acoustic album.

Recent partnerships, and endorsements from world class companies such as Stonebridge Guitars International, and Sunburst Gear.

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Gear Highlights
  • Custom Stonebridge Guitar
  • Larrivee-E5
  • Godin Archtop
  • Fender Strat
  • Dyer Harp Guitar
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