Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Wretch 32

Photo of Seb


Vocal Producer
London, UK
9 Reviews
  • Vocal Tuning - $200/Track
  • Time alignment - Quantizing - $200/Track
  • Vocal comping - $150/Track
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I'm a vocal producer and audio engineer - I specialise in vocal editing; tuning, timing and comping. I'd be delighted to find out about your project, and what I can do to help strengthen your tracks by enhancing vocal performances.

Photo of Jamal Kroll

Jamal Kroll

Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Cardiff, UK
  • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
  • Full instrumental productions - $50/Song
  • Producers - $50/Song
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Hello, thank you for checking out my page. I am a up and coming musician and audio engineer. I have been working with digital and analog audio for 5 years, I am currently employed by Golden Boy Records as a Music Producer and Audio engineer. I am well up to date with modern music. I will put 110% effort into every job.

Photo of LIATI @ The Elementz Studios

LIATI @ The Elementz Studios

Producer & Mix Engineer
Nottingham, UK
1 Review
  • Mixing Engineers - $350/Song
  • Producers - $800/Song
  • Recording Studios - $300/Day

I work with major labels & independents alike. Still a real human being.

Photo of Ravenscourt Studios

Ravenscourt Studios

Recording Studio
London, United Kingdom
  • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
  • Recording Studios - $400/Day
  • Editing - $125/Track
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Production and Songwriting studios in West London

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Photo of Butterama Music

Butterama Music

Recording Studio
Berlin, Germany
  • Recording Studios - $250/Day
  • Mixing Engineers - $75/Song
  • Sound Design
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We Care About Music

Photo of Jonathan Jewell

Jonathan Jewell

Dayton, OH
  • Mixing Engineers - $300/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $90/Song
  • Recording Studios - $300/Day
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A graduate from The Conservatory or Recording Arts and Sciences as an Audio Engineer. An accomplished FOH and Monitor Engineer, Studio and Mix Engineer.

Photo of ArtSonica


Music Producer
Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
  • Producers - $600/Song
  • Full instrumental productions - $500/Song
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I'm a music producer & my showcase is in http://www.AgusHardiman.com and http://www.soundcloud.com/agushardiman

Photo of John Hegger Production

John Hegger Production

Producer/Engineer/Sound Design
Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
  • Sound Design
  • Beat Makers - $50/Song
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Hello, I am John Hegger. I'm a valedictorian of a recording and audio college, with training from Carl Nappa, a multiple Grammy nominated engineer known for his work with Nelly, among other greats. The best thing about myself is my ear. If it sounds right, I'll know it. If not, I'll fix it. I can detect even faint flats and sharps.

Photo of Garion Wells

Garion Wells

Mix, Master, and Arrangements
United States

    Hello from the US!! I am a recording and mixing engineer, as well as a guitar player and arranger. I am excited to meet all of you creative minds and start working on some amazing music!

    Photo of Roadlyri Records

    Roadlyri Records

    Remote Mixing & Mastering
    1 Review
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
    • Sound Design
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    I do remote mixing & mastering, music/ audio producer, cover song playbacks, audio for video. The average prices I have listed is indicative and may be negotiable.

    Photo of Dave Cooke

    Dave Cooke

    Session Piano, Keys, Guitars
    Teddington, Greater London, UK

      Media Composer and writer. Piano and Keyboard session player. Guitarist-principally acoustics. Studio manager and producer

      Photo of D. James Tagg

      D. James Tagg

      recording and post-production
      Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
      • Restoration - $75/Hour
      • Dialogue Editing
      • Producers
      • 3 More...

      D. James Tagg (Jamie) is passionate about presenting spatial realism in recordings. Whether it be the perfect capture and a true-to-period presentation of a live classical performance, or constructing depth and space in a pop mix, the artist is always put in the best possible musical space.