ProduceMixWriteSingPlay - Carl

Los Angeles


I produce, engineer, and mix for artists you've actually heard of. I can do the same for you- from the ground up or from a simple idea so you can SoundWAYBetter! Recent Credits: • Champion - Bishop Briggs f. Tom Morello • Lucky One - Tom Morello f. K.Flay • Vigilante Nocturno - Tom Morello f. Carl Restivo • Quiet Voices - Love Ghost

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 Music Producer,Engineer  - Michael


Music Producer,Engineer

A Music professional who's passionate about Art and Music. I am very driven and relentless about getting a great product.


Music Producer  - Hiddeminside


Music Producer

I am a composer and music producer, I make electronic music compositions Trance, EDM, FilmsIntrumental -I can help you achieve that production you dream and pursue.

Vocalist, Topline writer - Claudia

188 London Rd

Vocalist, Topline writer

Currently topline writer for various producers in Guildford and in the process of being submitted to work with Vocal Kitchen (Songwriting Company). Songwriter and co-produce my artist material.


A&R, Producer, Engineer - Barry


A&R, Producer, Engineer

Hi, my name is Barry Maheswara, i am a A&R for Warner Music Indonesia, i'm also a record producer and mixing engineer as well. My philosophy in working on your music is how i can enhance your song with my taste and make your musical vision comes to shape and finally be able to deliver a good piece of music that makes you happy!

Recording Studio, Mixing - Hustle


Recording Studio, Mixing

Get premium quality at a great price. I charge less because I haven't worked with megastar artists, but I can confidently create Platinum sounding records. Get a platinum sounding record at an incredibly low price and let me help you push your song to greatness.

Music Producer - Christian


Music Producer

Hello! My name is Christian Wood. I am a producer, songwriter and session musician located in Nashville, TN. Bringing songs to life is what I love to do. Working along side others and pushing each other to our best work is what makes it all worthwhile! No matter what phase your song is currently in, I would be honored to be apart of the journey.


Standalone Mixing Engineer - Chris


Standalone Mixing Engineer

Hello potential clients, My name is Chris Marshall I'm a relatively young mix engineer with a lot of experience through training and hands on work. I started off as a working musician before making the transition into the more technical side of music. Music is my passion in life and I love helping others to fine tune their passion or hobby.


Project Studio, Music Designer - Cookmusic

04100 Latina LT

Project Studio, Music Designer

My name is Angelo Elle and I'm a Music Designer and a Dj Producer. I like Hiphop, New Reggae, Black Music, Electronic and Pop Music. I'm a Sound engineer too.

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