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Analog-tube mastering services; we give warmth, punch, clarity and strength to your sound, without sacrificing dynamics and depth. We also deliver your music compliant with the Mastered for iTunes guidelines. Send your files form any par of the world through our private web server or any other file sharing service.

Established in 2007, Noise Mastering Studio® has been exhaustively working to bring independent artists the best sound possible without falling into the pursuit of loudness.

Our process ensures that al frequencies are balanced, the dynamic range makes your music enjoyable and the 'colour' of the sound suits your musical genre. We also give your music a natural sense of depth, a natural tonal response and an accurate low-end behaviour.

Our goal is to complement your music with a great sound experience for the listener and that your music performs its best in every playback system, from laptop speakers to large hi-fi players.

And, whoever is your mastering choice, please do not master your music in the recording studio, the equipment and acoustics needed are totally different.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Terms Of Service

You send your music, we master it, you pay through paypal, when the payment is verified you will receive the links to download your music.

Gear Highlights
  • presonus bluetube dp v2 preamp
  • avalon VT-737SP signal path
  • cranesong stc-8 compressor
  • maselec mla2 compressor
  • algorithmix orange linear phase mastering EQ
  • algorithmix k-stereo
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