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Commercial quality productions with unlimited revisions and a quick turnaround time (Often 48 hours tops, sometimes within the hour). For your first job with me you can get 450 dollars per song for a production job, or 600 dollars per song for production, mix and master!

Before being a producer, I started my career as a session guitarist, and through that I was lucky to work with and learn from some of the best producers in the business. The lessons learned from that allowed me to grow my production skills over the years with a strong emphasis on songs and emotion, and with the musical skills of a studio musician to back up that production knowledge gained over many years of producing and playing on sessions with great producers.

I specialize in taking even the most rough phone voice note or demo and turning it into a radio ready production, no matter the genre. So whatever you have, wether it’s really developed, or just an idea or rough beat, I can help you turn it into a fleshed out radio ready track that will meet your artistic vision and goals.

To add to this, I offer unlimited revisions to all my clients – I do not stop working until you’re happy, so no need to worry about being charged for extra revisions. You will not be up-charged. Through all of this, I can promise quick responses to messages, and clear communication, usually resulting in a turnaround time of a rough draft in no more than two to three days, often way quicker.

I also play most instruments, and am adept at programming the ones that I don’t play. So no matter the genre, or the scope of the project, get in touch and lets chat about it!

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

436 Reviews - 77 Repeat Clients

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  1. Review by PJ
    by PJ

    Excellent communication, and overall service. I valued working with Paul because he took the time to not only deliver a great product but an exceptional experience. It's hard to find people that care about your own projects sometimes, and I felt that Paul did very much! Will be working again soon!

  2. Review by Julie M.

    Paul did an amazing job again ! Perfect !

  3. Review by G. L.
    by G. L.

    Always polite, Paul is a professional and will take your project to another level. Recommended.

  4. Review by Joshua K.

    This is the second time I've worked with Paul and the results were beyond expectations

  5. Review by Joshua K.

    Great to work with, results well above my expectations

  6. Review by Jessica S.

    Paul is so easy to work with! This is the second time I’ve worked with him and he is very responsive and accommodating. I will definitely be working with him again!

  7. Review by Steve N.

    First time working with Paul (he came recommended) and I'm sure glad I did!! So easy to work with him. Paul did exactly what I needed him to with my guitar solo and it was such a smooth process. Oh, did I mention he works at lightning speed??

  8. Review by Pierre A.

    another great job with Paul !
    super responsive, super efficient, awesome !

  9. Review by Julie
    by Julie

    Paul did an amazing job again ! I am so happy with the result ! I totally recommend !!!

  10. Review by Daarsyanita

    Incredibly kind and super easy to work with! Will definitely be in touch for further projects:)

  11. Review by martin l.

    Paul was a pleasure to work with. Took direction very well and was very collaborative. Fast to respond! Can't wait to work with him again

  12. Review by Pierre A.

    Paul is really an exceptional artist!
    extremely fast, professional and attentive to your needs and with a great sensibility !

    always impressed with his work !

    thank's !

  13. Review by Dakota Girton

    Always a pleasure. My go-to producer. Thanks Paul!

  14. Review by Julie M.

    Paul did an amazing job in such a short among of time. He helped me brought life to my demo and the final result is beyond my expectations. He was very responsive and so quick to answer. I totally recommend !

  15. Review by RTdiscoo

    A fantastic complete production done with Paul! Not only is he obviously an incredible guitarist, but is an all around superb producer and a true musician. Paul worked with me to quickly understand not just my broader vision for the vibe of the song I wanted made, but all the nuances and details I liked, and incorporated them masterfully.
    Moreover, he is a sincere, genuine, straight shooter and an amazing person to work with, 10/10 will most definitely be a returning customer. Thanks Paul!

  16. Review by Elena L.

    Just super wonderful to work with! :)

  17. Review by Jessica S.

    He was super nice and easy to work with! He was overall very responsive and quick to make changes. I would definitely work with him again!

  18. Review by JuiceBxxx

    Paul is my go to session guitarist. he takes direction extremely well and always delivers exactly what im after.

  19. Review by Angela powis

    Really patient and great on reviews of the project. Good listening at what I wanted within the song. Looking forward to working on more projects !

  20. Review by Angela powis

    Working with Paul has been absolutely magical he saw my vision and brought it to life! In more then one way! He’s very good at communicating, great at being clear on communication and feedback and it feels like you’re right there with him making the song as he keeps you updated every step of the way. I’ve loved working with Paul and I highly recommend him! Absolutely fabulous !

Interview with Paul Kinman

  1. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  2. A: I will always make sure that you leave satisfied; I do not stop working on the song until it is exactly as you want it to be! :)

  3. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  4. A: The creativity. I love having a great song sent to me and getting to write lots of parts to it to try and make it better then when I got it. It's a really fun job, and I love that it's never the same. I find that I never end up using the same guitars or amps the same way on two songs, it is always a little different because every song, and every artist is a little different!

  5. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  6. A: Look for someone who has an emphasis on songs. A lot of guitarists may be great players, but they do not have a strong sense of what needs to happen in each section of a song. You want someone who really focuses on what guitar parts are needed to make the song sound it's best and evolve in the way that it needs to to make the impact that you're looking for. Also, look for someone who asks you what your goals are for your project, because once they know what the goals for the project are, that should vastly change how they approach playing on your song. If they do not ask this at one point, you should re-consider hiring them. Finally, make sure they have the right gear for whatever project you are hiring them for. For example, If you are hiring them to do a high budget project and the only guitars they have are some mid level Ibanez RG's and POD Farm, then they may not be the right person for your job, whereas hiring them to play on a small demo might not be a bad idea as long as they can play well enough.

  7. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  8. A: My signature Prestige Heritage Premier, One of my Tele's, my Apollo Twin, an old Blackface Fender Bassman and my Palmer PDI-03 !!

  9. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  10. A: This changes a lot. But at the moment, a lot of EDM/pop music, Hip Hop/Rap tracks, Funk and R&B, Rock, and a lot of Country music, as well as a decent amount of soundtrack tunes.

  11. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  12. A: I always stay in close contact with the client and listen to what they have to say. There are a lot of professionals who will not respond to emails promptly, or who do not really listen to what a client wants. I make sure that I always respond to emails within twenty four hours (usually far sooner), and that I listen hard to what each client wants from their song. It is the clients song, and I want to do whatever I can in order to make sure that they are as happy as can be with the product, regardless of whether or not it is a choice that I would make myself. I think that the most important part of a strong business is strong relationships, and these are created by making sure that the process of working is super fast and super easy, and that every client, even one that may look at music and songwriting in a completely opposite way to me, leaves with a song that represents the vision that they have for their music.

  13. Q: What's your typical work process?

  14. A: The first thing that I do is a chord take-down, which is where I play through the song once, just to get the chords charted down. After this, I usually start on the chorus of a song and layer it up as much as I can until I feel that it' s super full sounding, then I move on to the Verses, and finally the Bridge. In my opinion, starting on the Chorus is the best way to track guitars for most songs since getting the Chorus done first allows me to get a better handle on what needs to be done with the rest of the song. Throughout this whole process I try different guitars, amps and pedals to make sure that each part has the perfect sound. If I cannot decided between two sounds, or two parts for a certain section, then I will often track both and leave them for the artist/producer to decide between them.

  15. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  16. A: With online session work, I do a lot of sessions where there are no guitars at all and I build everything from the ground up - basic rhythm parts, any and all lead bits, and subtle layers that are meant to build a track dynamically, but not be overly obvious to the ear. However, I also do a lot of overdubbing where I just add the icing on the cake, so to speak, on songs that already have the main guitar parts down, but the artist or producer wants some subtle layering, or more refined solos/ lead phrases to really make the song sound radio ready.

  17. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  18. A: Robert L Smith, Matty Amendola, The Farm Studios, David Glenn Kulp, Jake Antelis, LR Audio

  19. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  20. A: What are your goals for these songs? What songs reflect the (ballpark) style of guitar that you would like to hear for this song? What is your deadline for these songs?

  21. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  22. A: Dynamics are everything. This is something that really good studio musicians are always looking for when they approach recording songs, they are always thinking of little ways that they can add dynamics.

  23. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  24. A: Tim Pierce, J.T Corenflos, Adam Schoenfeld, John 5, Tom Bukovac, Brent Mason, Nile Rodgers, Phil X

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I offer unlimited revisions - I will work on the track until you are happy with it, even if you decide after we have finished the track and closed the job that you want an extra part.

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  • Marshall Superlead
  • PWE Event Horizon 3
  • EVH 5150 III
  • Marshall JCM 800 Cab
  • Wizard 2x12 Cab
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst
  • Fender Broadcaster
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  • Gibson Flying V
  • Early 70s Guild
  • A million pedals
  • Fender Twin Reverb
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For your first job with me you can get 450 dollars per song for a production job, or 600 dollars per song for production, mix and master!

  • Mexican Rock Bands and Movie Scores!Nov 28, 2013

    It's been a great two days tracking guitars for the Mexican rock band Luz-Polilla at the Rockspace Studios which is located within Garth Richardson's Fader Mountain Studios. One of the teachers from Garths Production school, Nimbus School of the Recording Arts, was fantastic enough to allow me to dash in and track the guitars for this record during his class time, having him and his students record me as part of their class! It was fantastic doing a great Rock album with some great people!
    On the evening of the first day of this record I was also fortunate to get a last minute call to track some movie score stuff for an Australian horror movie with a fantastic Engineer/Producer Scott F Thompson! It was a pleasure working with him and a lot of fun playing on that score!! I can't wait to see the finished movie!