Folk / Acoustic Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

MusicXpert and Music Producer - Márcio

Belo Horizonte

MusicXpert and Music Producer

I'm a especialist in music career growth. During my years like music producer, I produce independent artists and great like Ivete Sangalo, Paula Lima, César Menotti & Fabiano, Fernanda Takai and others! Let's talk about how the greatest artist become bigger!


Singer/songwriter/vocalist - Einen,



I have a pure, clear, 3 octave range. I received a "Letter of Accomplishment" from the Billboard Song Contest for my song "Child of the Father". I have composed and produced 3 CDs of original music and I am currently pitching for sync to TV and Film.

Mixing Engineer - Guile


Mixing Engineer

PhD on Sound Arts by the Federal University of Goias (UFG), I teach sound engineering in the Federal Institute of Science and Technology in Goias (IFG). Since 2001 I have been working as a producer, mixing engineer and sound designer for music and films. My studio is based on the countryside of Brazil, in the city of Goias, but I can work remotely.


Session Countryinstrumentalist - Yaşar


Session Countryinstrumentalist

Anatolia Music and Anatolia Instrumentalist -instrument Name: Baglama


Remote Sound Engineer - Sara


Remote Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer


Composer | Remote Mixing  - Ian


Composer | Remote Mixing

Avant-garde Composer, futuristic Mixing Engineering skills for music live instrumentation and Foley artist for Horror Films. Worked on Shungudzo's forthcoming album as co-producer (one track) and musician (two tracks). Composer & Sound Editor on FATE of a MaThoR (2021) Feature Film.


Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter - fabriq


Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter

Former lead singer and founder of Uniform Motion. Over 10 million views on YouTube. Founder of Produced over a dozen records Recording, mixing, sound-design, songwriting, vocals and voice-overs.

Music Production. Sound Design - Studio515


Music Production. Sound Design

I've recorded, mixed, and produced over 150 albums. I've mixed and sound designed films, tv shows, and radio spots. I've had original music in countless films and television shows. I'm also a voice-over guy. You've heard me, you just didn't know it.


Mastering, Mixing, Post-Audio - MarkTulkDigital.Media


Mastering, Mixing, Post-Audio

"Mark Tulk ... performed a miracle on the last project he mastered for me ... he has amazing gear, and refined ears." - Loris Holland, Producer/Composer/Performer (Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Jeff Buckley etc.)


Producer, Mix & Mastering - dinçer


Producer, Mix & Mastering

music producing for documentary stock music sound design mix and mastering engineer

Music Producer/Composer - Tantrum

Buenos Aires

Music Producer/Composer

I'm looking forward to work from my home studio to anywhere in the world making what I do best: Film composing for films, radio, TV, and advertising.


Music Producer, Songwriter,  - Khanindra


Music Producer, Songwriter,

I do music every single, do reach out to me for any help


I make music. - Javen

Los Angeles

I make music.

I'm a Music Composer, Producer, Sound-designer.


Mixing and/or mastering - Sebastian


Mixing and/or mastering

Mixing and mastering engineer based in DK. 3 years of education as an audio engineer from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, along with 8 years of experience as a touring musician and audio engineer. A wide variety of collaborations with Danish and international artists, spanding from classical and folk to electronica and indie.

Edit-Mixing-Digital Mastering  - PiLo


Edit-Mixing-Digital Mastering

Musician with emphasis on sound engineering and Pro Tools HD8 Operator

Producer/Engineer/Musician - Evan

Eau Claire


My goal is to be a trusted sounding-board, team member and creative confidant to help steer records towards the best work of art they can be.


Composer For Films & Brands - Tommy


Composer For Films & Brands

Composer - Bringing Emotion To Media


Producing,Mixing,Composing - Gilly's

Byron Bay NSW 2481


Troy Gilchrist is a new Australian Producer fresh out of his Bachelor Degree in Audio Engineering at SAE,Byron Bay. Now working for Nick Didia at La Cueva Recording as an assistant engineer and with 15 years experience of music production and live sound under his belt. His dedication and passion is worth your time.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Werison


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Based in London UK, I have been Mixing and Mastering for independent Artists and Movies in Europe and South America bringing me in a very multi-cultural workspace with over 5 years of experience and guided for my passion for music and film my focus and commitment are to the highest quality.

Mixing, mastering & music prod - LuisVZ


Mixing, mastering & music prod

I'm a music producer since 2013, so I'm doing excellent mastering, mixing, music production, etc etc.


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