Hi, I'm a freelance mastering/mix engineer, producer and musician working out of my own studio in Bristol, UK. Making good music sound great is my passion and pleasure.
• Professional, personal service from an engineer with over 25 years of technical audio and production/performing experience
• Dance/club mastering a speciality

• Hybrid analogue/digital mastering and mixing - all genres, all styles including dance/rock/hiphop/acoustic/electronic/vocal/instrumental etc.
• Noise reduction, audio restoration and editing
• CD assembly and master production to Red Book standard
• Delivery as DDP v2 or physical CDs
• Manufacturer liason
• Video + sync editing/soundtrack sweetening

• Richard Allan RA8M mk1 infinite-baffle monitors (BBC-spec)
• Adam A7X active monitors
• Crane Song 'Avocet' - discrete class A monitor controller + mastering-grade D/A converter
• A/D/A by RME
• Full acoustic treatment

• Custom mastering chain developed over 10 years (and counting) of intensive listening and process selection
• Analogue compression - Focusrite Platinum Compounder
• Unique mastering process gives:
• loudness and dynamic density without overcompression
• weight and punch without clipping or distortion
• shine and presence without harshness
• increase in clarity, detail and stereo width
• warm, fat and tight bass without boominess or mud

• Mix + master together gives outstanding definition and quality of final result


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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Crane Song Avocet
  • Filtek EQ
  • Richard Allan RA8M mk1
  • Adam A7x
  • Focusrite Compounder

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Reasonable remastering included
Mixes - 2 change cycles
Typical album mastering turn-around - 2 weeks (waiting-list dependant)
Full payment in advance of final delivery
Invoice on request

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