Heavy Metal Programmed drums

Programmed Drums - Horace


Programmed Drums

Hi, My name is Orazio and I have been playing drums from 10 years. I have scored a lots of skills in recording's field, in particular in drums composition and its mixing. I would like to introduce myself to help you in the realization of your songs, with a professional drum sound with the best quality, energy and cleanliness as the main requires.


Music Producer/Session Drummer - Cameron


Music Producer/Session Drummer

Want some epic drums over your music? Need a guitar solo in your song? Do you want me to write a song for you or your band from scratch? Need some keyboards or an orchestral arrangement? Do you need a solid bass guitar recording? I play drums in a metal band called "Born of Osiris" and I can assure you my styles are not limited to just metal.

Drummer, Sheet Transcribing - Andreas


Drummer, Sheet Transcribing

So, I am one of those with perfect pitch.


Session Drummer - Jonas


Session Drummer

Hey there! My name is Jonas Schütz. I am a professional drummer from Germany. I play drums for the metal bands Sapiency (Melodic Death) and Sacrosanct (Progressive Metal) I offer to track live drums for your project! I love to write and record drums for many different projects. I also program drumtracks. Just feel free to message me!

Kick-Ass Multi-Track Drums!!! - Hugo




Kick-Ass Multi-Track Drums!!!

With over 20 years of drumming experience and a full-time studio drummer, I have recorded hundreds of drum tracks for artists around the world from my studio.

Mixing/Mastering and Producer - Sonitus


Mixing/Mastering and Producer

Producer and guitar player for the Italian metal band "Genus Ordinis Dei", recording/mixing/mastering engineer focused on metal. I also compose and produce epic/cinematic soundtracks. I love full and massive sounding music and i want to bring my productions right there!

Hybrid drummer, producer - Amélie


Hybrid drummer, producer

Professional drummer / composer / producer for over 20 years, I specialised in hybrid drumming. From acoustic drums to pure electronic grooves and everything in between, the sound options are infinite. I can help you find the fine balance that best suits your music for a result that will make you happy. Jazz trained, specialised in heavy music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Marc


Remote Mixing & Mastering

The best virtual instruments and mixing techniques to bring your songs to the next level

Session guitarist, Producer - KennySchafer


Session guitarist, Producer

Creative self-taught guitarist. Worked on multiple studio projects from song writing pre-production to final master.

Live recorded Drums - Michael


Live recorded Drums

Hi, my name is Michael Kolar. I´m drummer of the two Bands Almanac and Horseman. You can hear me on many different Albums playing Heavy Metal and Rock drums. I love it to take a Song to the next level a make it sound unique. My work includes producing as well so I can always imagine what you expect from a Song or which grooves a song needs.

Session Drummer - Cameron


Session Drummer

Hey there! My name is Cameron, and i'm a professional drummer from Canada.

Music Production Mix&Mastering - Fungus


Music Production Mix&Mastering

Hello, my name is Ethan with Fungus Bros. Studio Productions. We are a music and art production studio with the soul purpose of achieving artists vision and personal connection to thier art as a Recording , Mixing , and Mastering studio.

Your drummer for modern styles - Phil


Your drummer for modern styles

Hey there, my name is Philipp Höfling and I'm a professional drummer and producer from Germany. I currently play in the bands Asinis (Metal) and VAN:tOM:S (Industrial Rock). I offer smashing drum tracks for your productions. My focus is on Rock/Metal/Pop/Funk, but I'm absolutely open to other genres. Let's talk about your project and get in touch!

Music Production/Performance - JvZ_Music


Music Production/Performance

I want to reach out to other creative minds and create things that make you really feel something. I want to take your suggestions and ideas and learn from them, blending genres and influences from all over the world.


Musician/Composer - AWMP

Veliko Tarnovo


Guitar, drums player, composer

Creative Sound Designer - Shawn

Sydney NSW

Creative Sound Designer


Mixing and mastering - Andy98

Melbourne VIC

Mixing and mastering

I have been mixing and mastering for over 7 years and I mainly do metal and rock but I am willing to do different genres if needed. I can also program good sounding MIDI drums if needed.


Session Drummer - Mitchell


Session Drummer

Played in bands that have performed alongside Born of Osiris, Beyond Creation, Oceano, The Agonist, Battlecross, AND MORE!


Drummer - Educator - Producer - James

West Midlands

Drummer - Educator - Producer

Welcome to all. I am a professional drummer with 25 years of experience as a musician. I've performed and recorded with numerous bands and artists and have helped to produce songs from the ground up. I can provide live and/or programmed drum tracks perfectly catered to your songs to help you achieve your vision for your music.

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