Chill Programmed drums

Producer, Beat Maker, Engineer - Greg


Producer, Beat Maker, Engineer

Producer, drummer, audio engineer and programmer. I work in the box and collaborate well with people. I produce, bands artists and even podcast. I can add a piece into the song, take on the whole thing and or even get my network or Nashville engineers and musicians involved. I work hard and want to get the best possible sounding song or podcast.

Rhythm & ambient guitars - Stevie


Rhythm & ambient guitars

I’ve recorded and toured with Brian Eno, AIR, Bryan Ferry, Florence + The Machine, Craig Armstrong, Imogen Heap & David Holmes amongst others. I bring the sauce.

Music Producer & Songwriter - Comfort


Music Producer & Songwriter

Creative emotion driven music, open concept - Instrumentals for Film, Songs for Artists, Mixing for Clients.


I create and clean up sounds - Penney


I create and clean up sounds

Electronic music combined with live instrumentation is what I like. I work full-time as an recording/mixing engineer, and I make beats in my spare time. I'd like to provide beats and electronic elements to artists or whomever wants it. I am set up and highly experience to edit and do post production for all your audio needs.


Music Producer - Paul


Music Producer

I produce chillout / downtempo / house and other stylish electronic driven musical genres


Music Producer - Contra


Music Producer

I have a creative spin on anything I do. I am experienced with commission work in music and I am willing to go to the end of the earth to make sure you are happy with the final product. I love expanding on an artists idea and one of my favorite experiences is seeing a creative vision come to fruition in a manor that exceeds my clients expectations.

Beatmaker  - BEATNIK





Music Producer - Lucas

State of Rondônia

Music Producer

I'm a lo-fi beatmaker that can also produce fast trap and hip-hop beats.


Music Producer - stoopsancho

New York

Music Producer

I can make reggaeton, drill, chill, house, R and B, Hip Hop, DJ, and music for cartoons/tv.


Multi-instrumentalist Producer - Richard


Multi-instrumentalist Producer

I will add horns (Trumpet, flutes) to any of your tunes to a high level of excellence with a quick turn-around. I will also produce and sell lofi beats using samples and live performed elements (Jazz piano, guitar, drums).

writing, editing - Carol


writing, editing

When you're getting ready for a big test, like a college entrance exam, there's a lot on your mind. There's a lot riding on the test, and you want to do your best. You try to make time to study, and you do everything you can to earn the best score possible on the test. But if you're not careful, test prep can quickly get off track and become count.

Music Production/Engineer - Blue

Antigua W.I.

Music Production/Engineer

Music as a texture in your heart and mind. Beatmaker, producer, songwriter. Making music that connects to you.

Bassist, Producer and Mixer - Antoine

Los Angeles

Bassist, Producer and Mixer

15 years of professional music experience, a full live band, a production team, and a writing team is merely a slice of what I bring to the table. Having perfect pitch, I can deliver the perfect bass lines, top lines and beats on the fly within minutes, which means crazy fast turnover rates, and superb customer service. Let's build!

Remote Mixing, Composition - Mason


Remote Mixing, Composition

I put in a lot of work to help my clients get the sound and vision from inside their head into a final product.

Music Producer / Beatmaker  - Kicktracks


Music Producer / Beatmaker

My name is Evgeny and I produce music as Kicktracks. Kicktracks is a beatmaker and producer from Moscow, Russia. With his single “Midnight Lovers”, released back in 2018, the song gained over 1m streams on Spotify. Kicktracks’ style is unique and chilled out due to his simplicity and languid nature.

Multi-instrument Producer - VicRoseInfinite


Multi-instrument Producer

I support your vocals with multiple instruments and drum sounds. Songwriters and female singers most preferred.


Mix, master & produce. - Roshan


Mix, master & produce.

Young and fresh out of the oven. Well versed with latest production trend as well as it's mix and master. Your track will sound fresh and unique with the newest trend of songs. Be it a classic 80's song or a latest pop song I can produce mix and master it any way you want. So lets get together and cook some music.


Mixing, music and sound design - Tom


Mixing, music and sound design

Hi! I have been busy working at my craft for about 4 years now. Mastering Ableton and diving in the world of music production, mixing and sound design. I love it, and I am always looking for the next step. Let's connect and just talk. I am willing to give you lot's of value! Also willing to do some free work, let's discuss it! Greets, Tom


Music Producer - Anne


Music Producer

Music producer, songwriter, composer.


Audio Mixing and Mastering - Dante


Audio Mixing and Mastering

I can Mix and Master your music, providing the best quality in pre-amps, pitch-tuning, and automation.


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