Producer/Engineer/Beatmaker - Derlis



New York


Hey Guys! Do you need your song mixed and mastered in a short amount of time? Looking for a producer to help take your song to the next level? Or a beat for your next song? Then look no further!

Professional Session Violist - ThatViolaKid

Los Angeles

Professional Session Violist

Juilliard Graduate who performed on Mac Miller's "The Divine Feminine" album. Specializes in virtuosic passages as well as soulful melodies and harmonies.

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Producer/Sound Ninja-neer - T-Grey




Producer/Sound Ninja-neer

Hey! I'm a Producer/Engineer and bass player, currently living in Boston as a Berklee College of Music student. Producing good music is my #1 focus! For me, this would be the 3 M's: Making beats, Mixing and Mastering. I enjoy working on all genres of music, but I really love working on Dancehall, Electronic, Pop, RnB, Rap/Hip-Hop and Soca music.


DJ and Producer - Angelo

São Paulo

DJ and Producer

DJ, producer and an electronic music lover. The music produced by Angelo comes from the experience of DJ, graduated in Electronic Music Production.


Digital Mixing and Mastering - Jeremy


Digital Mixing and Mastering

Ancient Wineskins strives to provide excellent audio production services. This includes recording, mixing, mastering, and producing services for various style of music and arrangements. From podcasts and Nashville songwriter demos to full band album productions and worship team albums, I love all types of projects.


null - Aaron


I'm an upstart independent engineer/producer from Atlanta, GA. I've been quietly honing my skills and am ready to start offering my services. I have a natural and unshakable love for music and have developed a keen ear for many varieties through years of continual consumption and study of recorded audio. I hope to lend my ear to your mix very soon!

Producer-Mixer-Mastering-Arr - Studio



Music producer & sound designer in Frankfurt - Germany making Pop-Rock, EDM, Dance, Latin-American grooves, Melodic House,Deep House.I've been been producing, writing, mixing and recording for over 20 years. I'm comfortable producing many different styles . My passion lies with all of the creative process that's involved with creating a record.

Full Instrumental Productions - Paul


Full Instrumental Productions

Paul is a producer and multi instrumentalist with a long list of clientele and impressive list of releases. He specializes in the areas of Funk / Soul and Reggae and has worked with many vocalists; Claudja Barry, Luciano, Jah Mason, Zareb, Chanter and many others in the Funk, Soul & Reggae Realms.

Producer, Beatmaker, Musician - aericsn


Producer, Beatmaker, Musician

I'm an independent Music-Producer, Songwriter and DJ


Vocals, Back up & Lead, Writer - Ruth




Vocals, Back up & Lead, Writer

If you want strong, unique vocals, hit the contact button.


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