Top Production Sound Mixers for hire

A good production sound mixer or location recordist will capture the highest quality audio on the set of your production

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MC Nemesis

MC Nemesis is an affordable, musician focused, audio recording studio in the mountains. We have combined a professionally designed room, high-quality result driven recording equipment, and a love of all things audio, to provide a creative and comfortable environment for all of your recording needs.

Podcast mixer branching out - LIv Tingey

WFH experienced professional podcast and vocal editor Now studying music production and looking for a variety of experiences.

EDM Music Producer - JRC

JRC is a talented Filipino musician and producer who became a global sensation with his unique blend of electronic dance music and pop. His music was known for its catchy beats, uplifting melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that spoke to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Live/Recording/Mixing Engineer - Kino Alvarez

Live Sound Engineer (FOH/Monitor) - (Bands, Concerts, Theatre Productions, Musicals, Broadway Productions). Sound Designer Recording Engineering Mixing Engineer Entertainment Professional & Consultant Fully cabable of taking any artiste/band/group/production from the studio to the stage.

Mix and Master Engineer  - Henry Audio UK

I am a mix and master engineer graduated from dBs Music in Bristol and I work with any sorts of music. My experiences include Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Doom Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Techno, DnB, Rap, Pop, Trap and Classical music

Hip Hop Producer & Engineer - Frizzy Astro

Hi, I'm Frizzy, a professional music producer and audio engineer with a diploma in Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major) and have been making music for +5 years with many commercial releases mostly in Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Acoustic music.

Sound and Music  - Crazy Chief Production

mixing studio , production , session bass player , composing and arranging. working through the internet all around the world.

Producing, Mixing, & Mastering - Josh Hawley

Songwriter Music Producer Mix Engineer Master Engineer I love food, family, friends, and fun. I'm always doing something!

Composer,Producer,Soundtracker - Aurélien "AUREL" MARINI

I am a french Music Composer and audio producer, I'm used to creating soundtracks for movies, video games, shows and TV. I'm producing every kind of music for artists and projects since 2004 in my own studio.

Ghost Producer - Sunset aka Azzalto

Sunset Aka Azzalto - Producer, Engineer, Remixer and busy EDM artist. supported by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Aly & Fila , Don Diablo , EDX ,

Music Producer  - Wiicked Keyzz

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Mixing & Live Sound - Ricardo Escalante

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I chose to go into the audio industry from my love of music. From a young age I was taken to church since my family is a Christian Family. I started to learn piano when I was about 11 years old and from there, I explored through Audio mixing in The LA Film School.

Music producer and mixer  - Nicolás Coral

Hi! my name is Nico (AKA: TUTTO ROSSO) and I'm a music producer. I studied music production at the National University of Quilmes, and I'm currently studying a degree in composition at the same university. I'm currently looking to start working with other people to gain experience and professionalism.

Ghost Writer  - Haig Bakhtiarian

The best cost to quality service you will ever come across

Producer/Songwriter/Mix and Ma - Bruno Liguori The Producer

I'm a Top Producer/Songwriter/Mix and Mastering Engineer from Uruguay and I work with label artist from Sondor Studios as well as independent artists from all over the world.

Music engineer for Hire - laLaSounds

Looking to use my talents as an engineer to help talented people reach their musical goals.

Producer,mixing engineer. - Horbiivan

I can mix your song how you want! I can make it punchy, i can make it breathe, i can help you with all of your mixing problems you have. If you don't know how to mix, just text me and i would do with your song whatever you want!)

 - D.A.

Atlantic/ Poe Boy / I.M.G./ Strongarm

Producer, Multiinstrumentalist - HAUS Music

Hi! My name Mitchell Haeuszer. I am a professional musician and music producer based out of Los Angeles. I am a Berklee educated musician, with years of hands on experience working in high profile studios such as The Village and East West; and with musicians such as Coldplay, Ziggy Marley, Weezer, John Mayer, etc.

digital recording studio - My Sonic Temple

My Sonic Temple is a premier boutique Los Angeles recording studio, where you can get professional music production, complete mixing, engineering, & high-end sound recording in an intimate setting.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MIXEDBYMON3Y

Perfect sonics ensure that you feel the emotion in music.... I’m here to create that for you.

Sound Designer, Audio Editor - Florian Titus Ardelean

Florian Titus Ardelean is a Romanian sound designer, film editor, field recordist and location sound mixer. He has worked as sound designer on over 40 films, including "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (Jury's award, Rome Film Festival), "Chasing Rainbows" (Gopo nomination for Best Sound), and "Toto and His Sisters" (Cinéma des Étudiants Award, Cannes Film

Music Producer/University Stud - DJ VEKTOR

I believe my music can create an impact to the listener. I always go about asking myself what did i do unique in the track, before release. I can Produce something good that you haven't heard before.

Composer, Producer, Violinist - Lampis

Hire me if you want a person you can trust and who will put in all the needed effort to create exactly what you want.

Producing, Mix & Mastering - Christoffer Mattsson

I´ll give every mix its character needed, and i will never deliver a flat and boring sounding mix. You will be amazed!

Mix e Mastering  - Alysing

I will mix a track for you!

Song Mixing/Enhancing - Radu Alex

The goal is to enhance clarity, depth, and dynamics while maintaining the artist's intended vision.

Urban Songwriter - Slowline

A skilled reggaeton composer, with a knack for crafting infectious choruses and an exceptional ear for bringing out the best in artists' vocals.

 - LzR Audio Engineering

Freelance studio and live sound engineer/producer. Mixing/Mastering/Editing studio plus 16 track location recording. Production packages available.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Lukas Kuba

Freelance Audio Engineer currently living in Perth, United Kingdom.

. - Trutalife Mixing n Mastering Ent

Greetings to all, I started off as an artist myself, who moved to production, and now in mixing and mastering. I am in and out of many indie studios across the US. I've mixed and mastered countless albums. Now its time for me to put that magical touch on your project.

Baker - Garrett "EPIC" Gross

Mixing Engineer/Producer from New York. AVID Pro Tools HD Certified.

Music Production - Natan Music Production

NATAN (28) - singer/songwriter , producer, mixer, arranger, author of lyrics in romanian , english and russian, currently owner @ Natan Music Production label.

Recording-Mixing-Production - illEagleSound

I am a versatile Audio Engineer and Producer who over the past 10 years has toured with some of the biggest names in the industry; Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Hot Chip, Good Charlotte... My studio and live work have given me a broad knowledge base to help anyone achieve the sound they are looking for.

beat maker, productor - Reijav Drums

Especialista en drumspads, trabajo rápido y con eficiencia he trabajado con artistas de España, Italia, Estados Unidos, Perú y Argentina

Composer, Mix&Master engineer - Infire Studio by Javi Casas

Free Sample of your track so you can see the quality of my work. Listen first to what you would sound like by working with Infire Studio. You will never sound better!

Mixing, Music producer - DF85

hi, i'm DF85 music producer and mixing engineer for more than 10 years for many majors artiste in france.

mixing mastering engineeer - Robert Harder

I mix and master for you online. Countless successful productions in USA and Europe, I combine the knowledge of the old analog and very current methods of engineering. People who know my mixes and masters say they have an edgy but warm, punchy but natural style.

House Sound Producer, Mixing - Rayn

Sound Producer, Audio Engineer, Major label credits like Warner Music, Sony Music. Turn your dreams into sound!

Sound Designer  - Blare Vidal

As a Sound Designer I possess the extraordinary ability to shape the very fabric of reality through the magic of sound, prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other! I've worked successfully in the electronic music scene around the world, opening for Steve Aoki, Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn) and many others.

Hip Hop Producer, Mix & Master - Paranoid Audio Records

I'm my own producer, so I can understand another artists that needs beats with an especial sauce, an own sound. I know how to help you to get your own sound.

I make things sound good. - Deepest Sea

I'm an asshole with a fetish for sounds


Music/sound design for media - Christopher Carter

High-quality music composition, production, sound design, and voiceover work, with a focus on the film and advertising industries. Run by a lifelong musician, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer with classical and contemporary training and international experience.

Music Producer / Mixer - Kevin Abadie

I am a perfectionist and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're satisfied.

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Bwalya Robert Musonda

A Multi-talented Artist , Inspired by Many artists such as xxxtentacion , Livingstoner Cj , Chuck Van dusty , Eris Emo and J.cole , etc .

Freelance Live Sound Engineer, - Nikhil V. Pai

I am a freelance live sound engineer with over 25 years of experience mixing live concerts. I have also served as Technical Director of various large scale music festivals and have been also been involved in design and consultancy for audio installations.

Singer, Remote Mixing Engineer - Sulivan Ribeiro

SR Home Studio. Music Production, Mixing and Mastering


We're GRO MUSIC STUDIOS, we got more than 15 years producing music for artist of all genres. We are a music studio specialized on mastering services for clients around the world. As we are new in SoundBetter WE'RE OFFERING A LIMITED DISCOUNT FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY. Let us know your idea and we will work hard to bring the best master for your project

ingeniero en mezcla  - kael serrano (minores)

Soy un profesional , amante y fan del sonido , experimento con varios métodos para llegar a distintos resultados y obtener el que sea mejor

Instrumentalist, Mixer - Alixx

Instrumentalist, mixer and sometimes writter of metal songs

I produce, mix and master  - Stanmusica

Im a music freak, talk to me in music

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Tirzah Music

What's up guys? My name is Justin aka Montgomery Beats. I am a music producer and audio engineer. I started producing in 2009 and have worked hard to get where I am today. I currently am working with Pro Tools 11 and Native Instruments Maschine with Komplete 9 Ultimate Instruments.

Music producer, Mixer - Victorm

I am a 29 year old french producer & sound engineer (studio & live FOH).

Mixing in studio and live - Riccardo Parravicini

Sound Engineer & Producer in studio and live for many artists with over 20 years of experience. Mixing is my life, Produce is my passion and Live music is my love.

Producer, Artist Development - Daniel Silveira

My expertise is the development and creation of projects for artists who aspire to success in the music entertainment segment. I'm A&R, producer, sound designer and I developed several successful projects awarded with billions of streaming views.

Music producer, Arranger - Juan Moran

Hi, I'm Juan Moran a topliner and music artist from Durango, México. I'm currently writing music for artists and for sync. I can make your musical ideas come to life easy!

Mix Engineer Songwriter - Len Sharman

Mix engineer-songwriter looking for collaboration with like minded creatives

Producer, Songwriter, Mixing - Igor Nikitin

There is a project "Nick Hades", which has more than 5,000,000 auditions (100,000 per month). For a couple of years of writing music, he managed to work together with producers of artists Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, The Weekend and many others. The main types of genres in which I work are House (Tech/Deep/Melodic/Slap), Pop.

Producer, Musician, Mixer - Dapo Torimiro

(Justin Bieber, John Legend, Miley Cyrus, Toni Braxton, Demi Lovato, Little Mix) Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Mixer, Engineer

producer, arranger, sound eng - Juan De Dios

Producer, arranger and sound engineer of all your audio projects

Post Production, Sound Design  - Alex Raschack

Alex Raschack was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Since he received his first drum set when he was 8, his dream was to make a living in the music world. Learning more and more about music as he grew up, he shifted his views to the world of Post Production and Sound Design. Since attending Pinnacle College, he has enhanced his sk

Songwriter, composer, producer - Eduard Glumov

Songwriting, composing, arranging, producing, mixing

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