Indie Pop Post Mixing

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Music ~ Sound Design ~ Mix - Calvin


Music ~ Sound Design ~ Mix

Emmy-nominated mixer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, NY.

Remote Mixing - Chad


Remote Mixing

I am a Grammy-nominated mixer based in Nashville. I will help you reach your song’s emotional and sonic potential. Find out what you’ve been missing.


PR manager, Writer - Lessie


PR manager, Writer

Lessie Rodriquez is from Austin, Texas. Her main job - PR manager at She likes classical music and classical literature. She prefers to spend her free time at pool playing waterpolo or learning Italian. Also, her hobby is sewing clothes.


Mix Engineer + Mentor - Jesse


Mix Engineer + Mentor

From an artists perspective, the mix can not only make or break a song but it can also make or break the entire experience. It's my job to be a relatable mixer who understands what's going on from the artist perspective. It's a big decision to HAND OFF your music. Let me take you through MY process and get you the product you desire.

Make clients happy - David


Make clients happy

I'm an audio engineer with more than eight years of experience on both sides, recording and mixing. Clients are the most important thing for me of any process, they have to be really happy at the end of every stage and I would work pretty hard for that goal. I've work with lots of different king of music genres. I can do a test mix if you like!

Audio Post-Prod + Jazz Vocals - Art

San Francisco

Audio Post-Prod + Jazz Vocals

From singing the sweetest melodies, to MIDI composing, arranging, editing, and/or sweetening your recording tracks, Art of Pop is positioned to make your tracks shine, with power, Love, and Presence.


remote mixing and mastering - Otto


remote mixing and mastering

Platinum award winning producer/engineer and Emmy award winning songwriter, here to make your life easier and your music tracks sound better than they ever have before.


Session Drummer - Basil


Session Drummer

Hi. I'm Basil. I am a session drummer & producer based in London. I love the challenge of adding drums to new music. Let's get your track forward together.

Mixing Engineer  - Cameron

Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

Mixing and Recording engineer, Grammy nomination.

Remote Mixing and Producing - Recording/Mixing


Remote Mixing and Producing

Experienced mixing and recording engineer who's been working professionally for almost 10 years! My studio and sound is all about vibe, I love gear that imparts color, and have stocked my studio full of pieces that scratch that particular itch, things like outboard gear full of transformers and tubes, and a huge collection of vintage instruments.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Joshua


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have been Mixing and Mastering for the past 10 years. I use a hybrid approach with both Analog and Digital Processing. I like to think of what I do as highlighting emotions; Shiny and Glossy is not always the right choice. I want to make the music have the most impact that it can.

producer mixing mastering - StéLouse/StayLoose


producer mixing mastering

I've been producing and engineering since 2007 and professionally since 2014. Have worked on multiple successful records across genres. Whatever you're looking for engineering or production wise I can get the job done quickly, affordably and most importantly done right.

Songwriter, Producer, Mixing - Griffin_Louis


Songwriter, Producer, Mixing

Songwriter and producer in Nashville who specializes in off-the-wall Pop and Hip Hop. Hit me up, let's work!


Mixing/Mastering/Production - Trevor

Los Angeles


20+ years of experience producing and mixing audio.

musical jack of all trades  - Marcel

Alphen aan den Rijn

musical jack of all trades

songwriter, arranger, remote post production engineer & mixer, singer, rhythm guitar, piano, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, ukelele, melodica, home studio freak and stage performing addict.


Production, Recording, Mixing - JacopoPenzo


Production, Recording, Mixing

I will produce, record, edit and mix your song, podcast, or motion picture audio. I look forward to working together!

Producer, Mixer, Musician - Theo


Producer, Mixer, Musician

Experienced multi-genre producer/mixer. Love working on projects ranging from lo-fi indie or acoustic to polished pop and hip hop.

recording engineer and studio  - Eric

Dundee Township

recording engineer and studio

Recording and mixing engineer with pretty nifty home studio and keys to others...


Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Kenneth


Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Clean editing, ballanced mixing and thick mastering to professionalise your recordings according to your vision and my sound expertise.

Mixing and Mastering - Devang


Mixing and Mastering

I like to get the Artist's vision come through in a song/album and believe in Tone work. Dont Repair that aint broken.

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