Chill Post Mixing

These professional audio post production mixers will masterfully bring together your production's dialog, SFX, music, and foley into a finished soundtrack

Production, Mix, Sound Design - Assi


Production, Mix, Sound Design

I am an experienced Music Producer, Sound Engineer and Sound Designer. I have worked on a vast range of projects, producing and composing music for artists and visual content, as well as post production and sound design for TV and Film (Adidas).

32-Track Summing $25 per SONG - Stem

Boca Raton

32-Track Summing $25 per SONG

Achieve new level of depth, punch and superior quality by having your mix stems summed on our exclusive pristine analog summing system. Only $25.00 USD per SONG - 3 different Pre-amp versions. Supervision by Latin Grammy Nominated Music Producer

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United States




Multi-instrumentalist Producer - Richard


Multi-instrumentalist Producer

I will add horns (Trumpet, flutes) to any of your tunes to a high level of excellence with a quick turn-around. I will also produce and sell lofi beats using samples and live performed elements (Jazz piano, guitar, drums).

Production & Post Audio - Hear


Production & Post Audio

21 years in the industry from national commercial to indie film and industrial markets.


I am a music / beat producer - Realx


I am a music / beat producer

My impressive acomplishment is that I managed to become a professional music producer with a very good amount of knowledge and experience!

Music Creator  - David

New York

Music Creator

Music Maker


Collaborative Editor - Adam

Kansas City

Collaborative Editor

Bring your audio to life! Whether it's a multi-track album, podcast, or audio book narration, I will help take your audio to the next level with professional mixing and mastering of your tracks. With experience in my own creative projects, I know just what it takes to make your project perfect.


writing, editing - Doris


writing, editing

Students today have a variety of means available for getting an education. From tablets to laptops to eBooks, going digital could help facilitate learning in ways many could have never imagined.


Sound designer/Mixing Engineer - droweaudio


Sound designer/Mixing Engineer

Sound designer and mixing engineer working to clarify audio for artists and visual media platforms. I have worked as the sole audio lead on numerous albums, animations, and a video game. If the job can't be done by myself I can guarantee my clients I'll find someone who can help get things done.


Electric Bass + Ambience  - Lives

Salt Lake City

Electric Bass + Ambience

I'm here to fill in that low end and add deep space to your track.

Beat Maker, Music Producer - EdiKey20


Beat Maker, Music Producer

Beat Maker HipHop, Trap, RnB


Home of "The Lip Servicers"  - Trbarac


Home of "The Lip Servicers"

Chart success with "The Lip Servicers". Artist development with Melanie Redic. Cooperation with The Prime (Amsterdam) for "Havana", Album and Single releases. Speciality (Xmas) compilation album.

Mixing/Mastering  - John



I am a music producer/mix engineer out of Denver, CO. I have been a mix engineer for the past 3 years helping local DJs get their tracks radio ready. I have also gotten tracks I have produced supported by Two Friends, Win and Woo, Kaivon, and Justin Caruso.


mixing and mastering engineer  - Ahmet


mixing and mastering engineer

music technology undergraduate and graduate degree sound engineer


Vocal Artist & Remote Mixing - CHRISTLO.

Los Angeles

Vocal Artist & Remote Mixing

If you're looking for a unique vocalist/rapper then I'm definitely your trapper :)


Music Mixer/Producer - Bobby

New York

Music Mixer/Producer

I'm a professional mixer/sound designer and multi-instrumentalist and former touring musician. I've worked with members of Wilco, The Raconteurs, and played live with Jenny Lewis, Brendan Benson, and more.


music producer, sound design - Pleasure

New Orleans

music producer, sound design

Over a decades worth of experience in Logic Pro, and double that in writing and composing music. Accountable, enthusiastic sound designer with a passion for music and all things audio.


Mastering, Mixing - Fabian


Mastering, Mixing

As a studied Tonmeister (sound engineer) working from my own studio I have all the knowledge about mixing and mastering your song to make it shine on every playlist!

Music Producer, Mix Engineer,  - Swami

New York

Music Producer, Mix Engineer,

Bronx born, New York based producer-songwriter Swami Sound offers perspectives of sound that derive from multiple points of inspiration. Widely known for his mixing credits, his multi-genre debut EP titled: In The Morning demonstrates his potential for beat-making and songwriting backed by his knack for mixing and mastering music

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