Classical Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

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Composer - Amy Summers

British composer based in London. Experiences in a wide range of creative settings, including sound design, choral music, dance and film.

Pianist, Keyboardist, Synths - Juan Agustín Tíscar

I am a musician, pianist, keyboardist, composer, sessionist, arrangement. I have training in classical and jazz music, but I´ve worked with several music genres like rock, blues, pop and neo-soul. Also, I produce electronic music and I am piano teacher. I want you to be 100% happy with your music, because of this, I offer UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

Religious goods store - Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolat

Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolate Inc has been operating for 19 years.

recording, mix and mastering  - Adeline Simon

speciliized in recording and mix and mastering a song.

a designer - Peter Patel

I myself have been a full time trader for quite sometime now and i believe my success really comes from knowing what software to rely on.

Violinist - Dave Walterman

Professional violinist. Undergraduate degree in Music & Masters Degree in Conducting from Azusa Pacific University.

music baby - Catmandu

let me get to this later

21st Century Modern Composer - Jelani Surpris

I enjoy working with my clientele, getting to know their interests, and seeing what their problems might be and addressing the situation with the knowledge given to me and all around me. As a composer, I am flexible and ALWAYS listening and responding to feedback. LET US MAKE GAME CHANGING MUSIC!

Pianist, keyboardist, producer - Matt Grossman

Classically trained pianist who has branched out into jazz, pop, and rock. I can provide anything from neo-soul chord voicings, lush synth textures, shreddy leads, or ballad accompaniment.

Tuba playing and recording - Yoora

Recording all genres and stilles on different equipment and instruments.

Creating lyrics,  - Lyrics by mandri

Long lasting love We admire who we are We admire believes We admire....admire....admire.. We are fooling in love For both of us We admire....admire...admire.. We just don’t know How will gone our love We do it when we admire....admire.... Our souls will go on through... Never stop this love..admire for this spirit..

Composer, arranger, violinist - Moxam Studios

I can do everything from recording violin solos, for your tracks, to full-on orchestral arrangements. And, I can do this in a wide variety of genres. I've studied classical, jazz, flamenco, and other ethnic sounds from Ireland to Greece, through to China. I know how to blend and hybridize, and how to bring unique flavours to your style.

Essay Writer - Harvey Davison

I have been writing for more than 12 years now.

Music producer - Samil Hossain

Samil Hossain is a Bangladeshi Journalist & Musical Artist. Who is mostly known as a Journalist rather than Musical Artist.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - tommyspurgeon

World class engineering at a budget price.

Pianist - Morice Corstanje

A Pianist for all your Projects!

Violin and Viola - Nicole McKenzie

Concertmaster of Folk Orchestra of Santa Barbara, I have been playing for almost 40 years. Classically trained at Oberlin Conservatory and Florida State University, but fluent in many styles, and able to improvise.

Producer, Orchestral arranger - Sasha

I'm classically trained musician with strong background in string instruments and composition.

Composer for Film and Theater - Arman-Music

Can M. Arman is 27 years old composer for classical orchestral film music as well as for classical autonomous music. He specialised to combine elements of the orient and the occident into a classical symphonic orchestra sound, also is also specialised in writing music for film and theatre.

Accordionist - Andrej Kos

Professional accordion player spezialized in classical (barock and renesanse) and contemporary music.

Film Composer | Music Producer - David Scheler

Let's make this world a better place with music.

Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer - Luca de Sensi

Sound designer, audio editor, dubbing director and mixing engineer. 30 years in advertising, tv, cinema, radio and music production.

Session Violist - Lorenna Garcia

It's not everyday you find a good violist, and it's not everyday that you find a violist of Mexican and Filipino descent!

Remote Recording Engineer - MacK Booth

Specializing in remote recording, engineering, and mixing. Classical music is my forte. Jazz, rock, and bluegrass are my mezzo. Beats and rap are my piano.

Pianist / (Classical) Musician - Fingal Grünbauer

I have a versatile repertoire, and I'd love to work on something new with you! Let's great a masterwork!

Audio Recording Mix/Mastering - WIH STUDIO

WIH STUDIO is an audio and video production to produce all types of content. eg We Deal in Audio Recording, Console Mixing, Movies, Dramas Dubbing, Video Songs ,Naat, Nuhy, Qawali, Documentaries, Commercial etc.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Aeterna Records

Sensación de concierto real: mezclas cristalinas

Session Guitarist - Sean Samimi

I am a classical guitarist with a bachelor in performance from Cleveland Institute of Music and Masters degree from University of Southern California. I have recorded for sessions and movies in the past as well as acting. I can compose also for commercials and short films

Audio Engineer/Music Producer - James Hoebeke

I am a well rounded freelance audio engineer that can help with any musical, podcast, video, or anything else you may need. I’ve studied and worked around the world and would love to help you on your next project.

Piano, Mixing - Elliussen

I'm a classically trained 16 year old pianist, and I have about 9 years of experience with the instrument. I am looking for experience, and your wallet has nothing to fear. I'm interested in all genres.

Audio Engineer, Songwriter - Carey Goodspeed Audio Engineer

I'm a Professional Audio Engineer recording, writing, and creating professional mixes for the Indianapolis community. I'm a singer/songwriter at heart and have won large songwriting contests in Indianapolis. I'm an all in or nothing kind of person so I approach any musical project with everything I have. Music gives me life.

Orchestra Composer  - Ben Gibbs


Orchestral score for audio & visual media. I produce everything in my own studio. Place your order and I will deliver.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Dev Malviya

Mixing and Mastering and Live sound Engineer Feel free to ask me anything

Fashion Designer/Blogger - Siya Gupta

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. So always be stylish.

Violin/Viola sessions and arr  - Ellery Street

Melodies, harmonies, fills, solos and arrangements for rock, funk, folk, country and blues.

Live performance - Sonoegliseconnect

Gospel live performance

String arranging and recording - Simmy Singh


With Sim's String Sessions you get the whole package. I can record, write and arrange strings for you! From solo string lines to full lush string sections, I'm here to help you find the perfect string sound to add to your work. I'm a professional violinist/violist who loves to bring performance into the studio and provides a sound like no other.

Mixing & Mastering - Brianna

Just trying to make some music from home!

Music Production - Arkham Studios

Highly qualified professional with extensive experience in acoustic design and production. Hands-on knowledge of digital recording, editing, and mixing equipment. Comprehensive knowledge of various music genres. Proficient in studio techniques. Organized, professional, excellent project managers.

Singer (Opera/Jazz/World) - Nathan Granner

NATHAN GRANNER is a world-renowned leading tenor, headliner, solo and collaborative artist. Specializing in Contemporary & Classic Opera, Vocal Jazz, Authentic Flamenco and Tango, Soul, Pop, Crossover and even Tuvan Throat Singing, Mr. Granner keeps a varied and interesting variety of projects on his schedule.

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Tom Brazier

Specialising in Neo-Classical music. I can mix your music or am open to discussions if you want enhancement to your tracks. I also offer mastering to transform your track into a piece of art of professional quality.

Recording studio - 專業錄音師 - Morgan Belle

My name is Morgan Belle, born in 1992, i am from Germany and study Tonmeister (Musikübertragung) in Detmold. It is a unique course which includes both very profund musical and technical study. I spend a lot of time playing music (percussion and piano) and recording since more than 16 years and i do this with a lot of passion.

Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist - Magdalena Tate

Professional Singer/ Songwriter/ Lyricist out of London, GB. Pop and classically trained, available for session work and live performances. I specialize in writing lyrics, melodies, and harmonies for your track. Tell me your story, I will write song about it.

Mixing & Mastering - Duy Anh Nguyen

I'll professionally mix and master your songs less than 24~48 hours

Music Porducer, Music Arranger - George Kolta

George Kolta is an Egyptian Conductor, Composer. Graduated with excellence from the Cairo Conservatoire’s “Conducting and Composition” department. He also studied with Robert Anderson in London where he got a certificate from 'The Elgar Society Edition'.

Composer, Audio Design, Guitar - Obadiah Brown-Beach

I have a well-varied background in music composition, production, performance, songwriting, and sound design for games, film, and television. Music and audio examples at:

vocal tuning - cave man

vocal tuning - pitch correction for singers

Harpist - CalleySunshine

I am a professional, classically trained harpist with 19 years experience. I have worked with artists such as Willow Smith, and performed at Carnegie Hall.

Live and Post Engineering - Tim Reid

I have been running live shows for the last 9 years - theatrical, concert, and corporate. Additionally, I have been mixing, editing, and mastering tracks for the last 4 years. I specialize in a capella, choral, and orchestral. I also arrange for choir, band, and orchestra.

Recording, Video, SessionCello - Aaron Gottl - Atlas Arts

Engineered projects for the top orchestras/ensembles in Chicago, including engineering for Naxos.

Sound Engineer & Designer - Seda Demirel

Sound Engineer, Sound mixer, Audio Operator Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer Composer Video Editor

Session Flutist - Daniel Richardson

Classically trained, world music grown. Hear the sound and you won't search anymore

Violinist, Violist, Arranger - Emer Kinsella


I've been featured as a solo violinist on such productions as the Netflix show Sense8, the Daniel Radcliffe film 'Jungle', the Chinese feature film 'In Full Bloom' and the PBS documentary 'T-Rex-Her Fight For Gold'. I provide an intimate and poignant sound, can improvise, read midi or sheet music, create textures and soundscapes.

Composer for 🎬 & contemporary - Marko Cirkovic

I will take you in a very Special world of Music.

Backing tracks BSB - Rafae Yoo

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I love LIVE music and great pr - Damián Riobó

Graduated in the Interpretation of Brass instruments, Professor, Sound and Lighting Technician and very creative in the production of Live Shows, both direct and Livestreams

21 yo Professional Clarinetist - Massimo Restifo Clarinet

I'm a young clarinetist full of experience in opera and symphonic repertoire and I would be very enthusiastic to start new collaborations with creators from around the world!

 - Sankalp Srivastava

Music has always been my life as Indian classical music. The conducting bug bit when I was ten years old and from that moment on, I knew what I wanted to be. Today, there isn't a day of my life when I am not grateful for being able to pursue my dream and do what I've always wanted.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering - John Bologni

Your music is in good hands.

Remote Piano, Skilled Composer - Jools Scott

My name is Jools, I have a lovely little studio where I record with a Bluthner piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer EP & Juno 6 Synth. Had my 70 min orchestral piece played in St. Paul's Cathedral. I've composed for 30 years, can write & record keys, string or brass parts for your tracks. Add that special something.. the magic touch to finish your song.

Classical Singer ,Opera Singer - Chinatsu Ringo

Classical and Opera Singer for your project!

Solo Violinist (Any genre) - Hana Kim

With music, or without music, I can do whatever you ask me to play Can play fiddle if you need me to play in country music, if need classical violinist, I also can do that, and I can be jazz musician if you want me to be so :) I am a current student of Southern Methodist University, studying music.

Pianist & composer - Hugo Selles

Always open to create new things.

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