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In our first Recording sessions recorded the Sound track of FAITHLESS a short video film produced at El Paso, Texas, by Weley Ward and music and orchestration by Enrique Ponce. We also recorded the main theme for Rachun Digital Production a Thailand Fil Producer

We are stablishing a new recording service in Caracas, Venezuela . Offering Strings, Woodwinds, Brass , percussion or Choir recordings fro Film Soundtracks and video game music, or any musical producction that needs our services.
We began our Recordings on Ocruber 2020, We Recorded the Sound Track of "Faithless" a short Film by Weley Ward, music composed and orchestrated by Enrique Ponce a Composer from el Paso, Texas, U.S.A., we recorded three pieces by the Kuwait Composer Abdul Al Raghman, Romantic Sky for strings, A Betrayed King for complete Orchestra and Chorus, and Desert Waltz for complete Orchestra. We recorded a viveo game music by Allan Bronwn a composer from Clevelan, U.S.A.
We recorded a woodwind piece called "Scherzo for woodwinds" by Enrique Ponce
On February 2021 we have the opportiunity to record the virtual Concert for the Kuwait Chamber Chorale that will be relased at the ende of March 2021.

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